Atlanta to miss the playoffs?

After a very strong start, the Thrashers looked like they would make the playoffs for the first time in their history, and leave Columbus as the only franchise to never have reached the playoffs, but after a recent struggle were they have had trouble winning, and have gone 3-6-1 in there last ten, there playoff position is in BIG jeopardy!

The Thrashers seemed not only to be making there first playoff appearance, they were also looking to win there division, but now nothing is sure, they are third in the East but also 7 points away from the Isles and the leafs each standing at 62 points. Add to that these 2 teams have 3 games at hand, if they win lets say 2 of these they are within 3 points. Tampa Bay is 3 points behind with 2 games on hand. All teams behind Atlanta Have atleast 1 game on hand, most have 2.

So with all these troubles there could very well be 2 teams looking for a first playoff birth next season. Also a surprising move was made not too long ago by the Thrashers when they dealt Vishnevski to Nasville for Belanger (By the way, why didnt they make it a 3 way deal between NAS-ATL-CAR, would of been easier on Belanger), while the Thrashers do need help at center, the back end now also needs help, its a deal that makes the offense better and the defense worse shortterm, and I’m not sold on Belanger, will this deal help them? Well Belanger did score in his first game, but they lost it…

I think they should make a trade, I think they should trade Goaltending prospect Ondrej Pavelec, with Lehtonen he is dispensable and could bring in something decent. They should go after a decent center with some upside, maybe the Blues Cajanek.

What started as a great season for Atlanta has fadded into darkness, will they make the playoffs? Only time will tell, but I’m guessing not….

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  1. BieksaForMVP says:

    I say they do, but since they honestly aren't a very good team they wil get knocked out in the 1st round. Also I don't think Carolina will catch them in the division only because Carolina is struggling even more (well i unno, may point is there not as good).

  2. shifterdarkwolf says:

    I think it is kind of silly to think atlanta is going to miss the playoffs. For them to be in any danger of the Islanders or Leafs, they have to fall out of 1st in their division. I don't think that will happen, Carolina is playing pretty awful, and Tampa does't have the goaltending strength to keep up the pace they are going at. If they fall out of the 3rd spot, they will still make it in before Carolina or Tampa.

  3. polastem says:

    Atlanta won't miss it.

  4. flyer_fly says:

    because you play so many divisional games the top two teams from every division are almosts guarenteed to make it so the way i see it


    New Jersey


    so that leaves
    New York Rangers
    New York Islanders
    and Tampa all battling for thelast two spots

    so Atlanta has to fall out of the lead and fall out of second then be behind two of those teams…I think Atlanta is pretty safe barring a disaster

    (i excluded Boston, Philly and Florida because they have a snow balls chance in hell at making it)

  5. I_hate_LA says:

    I'm going to have to agree with you on this. The East has more young stars and veteran superstars than the west does. However, the West is more well-balanced and seems to have a little more of everything and more depth, with the exception of the Sabres.

  6. I_hate_LA says:

    My bad, this goes for blog below this one.

    Anyways, I think Atlanta will pull through and make it this year. I mean c'mon….Hossa & Kovalchuck!!!

  7. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    As long as they hold on to the Southeast, which I imagine they will, they'll be fine. With that being said, I'm sure the likes of Pittsburgh, Montreal, Long Island, Toronto, Tampa Bay, New York, and Carolina would salivate at the prospects of a 1st round match-up with the Thrashers, because without a doubt, these guys are the one top 4 seed that I can see getting upset in the opening round. The experience just isn't there.

  8. Fightinghellfish says:

    It confuses the hell out of hell that most of you guys are all high and mighty on Pitt and they way they are playing but when Tampa is brought up they just don't have it???  The Lightning are the on the 2nd best role right now having gone 14-4 in their past 18 games. Everybody talks about the goaltending weakness where it should be seen as a strength. Holmqvist is playing very solid hockey and if he falls they have Denis to back him up(you can't take away is talent because of his bad season, everybody knows he can play the game)

    So will Atl miss the playoffs? I don't know but its chances have greatly increased the past few weeks. some of you said they couldn't miss cause they have Hossa, and Kovy. Well I would put up those two against Richards,St Louis,Vinny any day and how would win?? my money goes to Tampa. And just to let you know this week the Lightning have 2 games left 1 with FLA and 1 with WAS, ATL has one game left this week against OTT. So the if TPA wins both games(good chance for that to happen) and ATL loses(good chance of that happening) TPA will be leading the Division and ATL will drop to at least sixth!!

  9. shifterdarkwolf says:

    Hmm, so Atlanta is 3 'if's away from being out of first in their division this week? I can sleep comfortably with that. Don't discount Washington and think it is a gimmie game, they can beat any team any night. Don't forget Florida already won a 1-0 decision this week. As I said, too many 'if's for you to be so confident. If my Coyotes win the rest of their games, they will make the playoffs. Haha.

  10. Fightinghellfish says:

    to many if's if it's the last week of the season and yes both was and fla can win games on any given night(although i'm sure WAS would love to have Kolzig in net right now) but its not the last week of the season and the Lightning have 2 games at hand on ATL so the chances of the Lightning being 1st in the division this week are slim but a real possibility and the chances of them catching ATL in the comming weeks(given eeach team current trends) are even better

  11. nyrhockey094 says:

    Please, do you know anything about the thrashers, besides the fact that they have gone into a slump?

    The Thrashers have something few teams in the NHL has. 2 Franchise players in Marian Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk. Both of whom I would take over any two fowards in the league right now. They dominate the games the way other players cant.

    Their defense is what needs to be secured. Not for them to make the playoffs, but make a cup run. They cant keep letting kari get shelled with shots and wonder why he lets up 4 and 5 goals against Calgary and Edm.

    This is a very good thrashers team, with a very experienced coach in Bob Hartley. If the Thrashers for some reason do slump, they will go out and get either A Tkachuk, B Guerin, or C Forseberg. And IMO if they get floppa they will be unstoppable. Hossa Floppa Kovalchuk? No team could stop that. So yes they will make the playoffs, and NO it will not be a first round exit, Waddel will not allow it.

  12. Fightinghellfish says:

    Waddel thats funny. How did that playoff gaurantee work out for him a couple years ago? the Hossa and Kovy are bad asses but as two many teams have shown including the Lightning even 3 superstars(which are beater than your precious 2) won't win you a cup if they don't have a supporting cast which ATL most certainly does NOT!! and as for your Hartley I've seen alot of ATL games and a good coach doesn't have his team GOON IT UP when his team is losing

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