Au Revoir Patrick Roy!

The winningest goalie of the NHL has made his decision.

Patrick Roy apparently has made his decision.

Citing sources outside of the organization, the Boulder Daily Camera reported Tuesday that the Colorado Avalanche netminder has decided to retire after 18 seasons in the NHL.

Roy, the winningest goalie in NHL history, could make his announcement as early as Tuesday, but the Avalanche announced a news conference for Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET to “make a special announcement regarding (Roy’s) hockey career.”

KUSA-TV in Denver is reporting that it has confirmed Roy’s decision.

The 37-year-old, who holds the record for most career NHL wins with 551, said recently he would likely make his final decision by the end of the Cup playoffs. Jacques Demers, a hockey analyst for RDS television in Montreal and Roy’s former coach with the Montreal Canadiens, has said he believes Roy will retire.

The Avalanche have not commented on the reports.

Colorado was upset by the Minnesota Wild in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Since then, Roy had said he would contemplate his future and not announce his final decision until the end of the postseason. The Ducks and Devils open the Stanley Cup finals Tuesday in New Jersey.

“Every year I come in, I don’t know how many more I have,” Roy at the end of the regular season. “The last three, four years, I say, ‘That could be the last one.'”

Roy has one year left on his contract, at the team’s option, worth $8.5 million. The Avs want him to return, but if he retires, Roy will receivea $1 million bonus from the club. Colorado’s backup goaltenders are David Aebischer and Hershey Bears prospect Phil Sauve.

Roy has had a history of hip problems, suffering pain in the area for the past four seasons. Roy underwent surgery on his right hip before the 1999-2000 season, and missed two games this season to relieve fluid buildup in his left hip.

According to a report in The Canadian Press, Roy’s eldest son, Jonathan, a budding goalie, will play hockey in Quebec starting this fall, and Roy has made no secret of his desire to follow his son’s career closely.

Roy is a three-time winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy, awarded to the most valuable player of the playoffs. He has also won four Stanley Cup rings: two with Montreal and two with Colorado.

He told The Associated Press last week that he was 90 percent sure of his decision, but wanted to wait until he’s absolutely certain. He did put his home in Littleton, Colo., up for sale a few months ago.

“I think it’s important when you’ve played for 18 years, you have to take your time, you have to be patient and you have to make sure it’s the right decision,” Roy told The AP.

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    “Strength is restored through wounding”……..

  2. defenestrate says:

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  3. ORIGINAL-6 says:

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  5. defenestrate says:

    That’s Sam Kinison wanna-be to you, bucko. And I’m not a Colorado native. Guess where I was born? You may have heard of it – it’s called Montreal.

    And you may be “original” (and probably smell like it), but your material is not. And who is this “we”? Are you counting the turd you carry in your pocket? If you want to use swear words and play that way, let me know.


  6. canucklehead says:

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  7. defenestrate says:

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  8. Blakey_Blue says:

    Maybe the bitterness comes from the fact that after the Bruins, Patty had more wins against the Canucks than any other team.

  9. defenestrate says:

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  10. defenestrate says:

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  11. ORIGINAL-6 says:

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  12. Kashin says:

    Roy believes that Aebasher should be ready to go now. The only disatvantage of having a dominant guy like Roy is that when a time like thi comes, they panic. If Forsberg leaves it is over. The only question is who does he represent Montreal or Colorado in the HOF.

  13. Blakey_Blue says:

    thus far all indications from the organization are that aebischer/sauve will be given a chance. of course knowing lacroix, this may not mean jack. Roy was actually asked about the hall of fame today during the press conference. of course he did not give a definitive answer, sighting a conversation he had with Michel Goulet. Something along the lines of not going into the hall with a team sweater, but as himself…basically he side stepped the question. it will be interesting to see what he chooses to do though. his number will be retired in Colorado at the start of the season, and possibly with the habs as well.

  14. OldNord says:

    Hey you’re a former Quebecker! Shall we separate from the rest of the country?

    The fourth country in North America…Québec…sound good!

  15. defenestrate says:

    That’s it – I’m nominating you for SCTP membership!

  16. Primis says:

    Hey now, you owe the Red Wings a debt of serious gratitude regarding Patrick Roy.

    If it hadn’t been for the 9-0 pasting the Wings gave him in Montreal he may have never walked over to the owner, demanded a trade, and ended up of all places with the Avs. And with no Roy I doubt the Avs ever would have been able to seriously contend for the Cup, let alone win it.

    Yes and the irony of all that is not lost on us Wings fans who were around when it happened (Like I said our dislike of Roy predates the Avs anyhow). :-p

    — Primis. “Now with 48% more acacia!!!”

  17. Primis says:

    He’ll be back. Someone will try a pull him out of retirement for sure. He’s not that old, and has a few more quality years left.

    Enh, if he’s gone he’s GONE. I don’t see him being the kind of guy to pull a Jordan or Lemieux or antyhing. I think it has more to do with him losing interest than just plain not being able to play anymore.

    — Primis.

  18. defenestrate says:

    Well now…. you’ve either added 20 years to my age, or subtracted 6, depending on who I am.

    As an Ethiopian, I am most assuredly not overweight. As a government agent, i am not allowed to be overweight. As a “normal” person, I am just a tad over my “target weight”.

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  19. defenestrate says:

    I can always count on you to add a little sanity and a sardonic viewpoint to the proceedings.

    Btw, you won the last contest hands-down. You have your choice of SCTP membership, or a card good for one free personal “shot” at me without retribution (I bet you NHLPA / CBA boys wish you had contributed now, eh?).

    Neither of those prizes really seems in keeping with your erudite style, so if you wish an alternate prize, you need but ask and your boon will be granted.

  20. defenestrate says:

    All sources here indicate he will eventually be a general manager for someone. He has paranthetically ruled out a coaching career.

  21. OldNord says:

    I’m not sure what thats mean but I have a little idea about this. Thanx for the nomination.

    But if its a kind of OTS sect or something like that, then I’ll pass.

  22. Forsberg21 says:

    Actally I agree with everything you just said except that you guys should get rid of Federov(rather ironic) I jsut think he’s too dynamic, and there aren’t too many players like him, even with the baggage he brings, at least it’s not as much as Jagr or Lindros brings.

    Sadly for me and other Avs fans you are right about the other stuff. But things can look bad for the future now, and through trades they can have a new core in the next few years who knows. Its jsut sad to me how great this team could have been, and wish it hadn’t been wasted. THey were the best dynasty that never was. Look at their 2000 cup team. Forsberg, Sakic, Hejduk, Tanguay, Drury, Bourque, Blake, Foote, Klemm, DeVries, Skoula, Yelle, Podein, Hinote, Messier, and with Roy in net, Abby as backup, Hartley as coach(my vote as best in NHL right now) and even Trottier as an assitant(who was great in Colorado even though his stint with NYR would say otherwise. Thats one hell of a team. Now like you said look at them. Sakic’s is approaching the end of his prime, and can see retirement on the horizan, Foote is getting up there too as is Blake, and Foppa will probably only play one more year at best. Shit now I’m depressed. I’ve never agreed this much with aWIngs fan before. Things can still change, I still think Pierre is one of the best GM’s despite the Battaglia trade, and the inclusion of Drury. The Avs do have $7.5 million to play around with this summer.

  23. defenestrate says:

    No – it’s more like the fraternity from “Animal House”. Ask Bender, he’s the president – I’m just the Secretary of Defense

  24. Primis says:

    He has paranthetically ruled out a coaching career.

    Good, he’d make a lousy coach I think. He doesn’t have the patience, and I also think he’d be worse than Keenan in yanking goalies…

    He might fit in quite well in the front-office though, to where he can’t blow his top and throw chairs onto the ice…

  25. OldNord says:

    Animal House??? What’s this? a TV program in the states or something else? I’m not familiarized with your quotes in most cases. Different language, different culture I guess.

  26. AVS4NYR says:

    Aebischer kind of reminds me of Cechmanek. He can be unreal at times but also very unstable/unconsistent at other times. Is he ready to be the AVS #1??? Not yet. But its worth a try.

    Lacroix wants to give David a shot at #1 position, that would be a great idea considering the fact that if Aebischer doesant do well he could be traded or a #1 could be brought in at the trade deadline. But at least he could get a shot at it.

    A Biron and a 3-4 Million dollar forward would be the best option for the AVS right now.

  27. Forsberg21 says:

    Actually the Hall doesn’t require players to designate a team when going into the HOF. Patrick said this was fortunate when asked the same question, as he noted it would be a very tough choice between two great teams.

  28. o_harefullerton says:

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