Aubin to L.A.

According to Eklund on HockeyBuzz, goaltender J.S. Aubin has signed a contract with the L.A. Kings.

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14 Responses to Aubin to L.A.

  1. senators_choke says:

    They should have traded Raycrap!

  2. bleedingblu says:

    Good luck J.S.! He was a good back up. Too bad Maurice didn't want to play him.

  3. allTheKINGSmen says:

    as if humans are idiots to be willing to trade in order to land someone with the name RAYCRAP…oh wait…ya the idiots are in TO.

  4. wingerxxx says:

    That would interesting if Berard returned to Long Island.  I still believe that Mike Milbury's Berard-for-Potvin trade about 8 years ago was one of the dumber (but never talked about) trades he made.  In the right situation, I still think that Berard is one of the better offensive defensemen in the league…as long as he isn't asked to play 23-24 minutes a night and is leaned on too much. 

  5. riseagainst says:

    2 crap goalies don't make one good goalie.  This team needs at least a goalie that has potential to be a number 1 goalie, they might have that in CLoutier but defenitily not in Aubin.

  6. RIP_Dimebag says:

    They should've taken a chance on Belfour, even at his age he's an improvement on the injury riddled Cloutier, Aubin, or Labarerra.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Well I wouldn't be too confident in a goalie either if his first start he blew a 6-3 lead heading into the third by kicking out bad rebounds and letting in easy shit down low.

    And then theres the game vs. Boston early on where he purpousfully kicked a rebound off to the side cuz he thought no one was there in OT and we lost that one.

    Aubin was good 2 years ago. Last year he was shakey, and his saves look more spectacular some nights because he kicks out big rebounds and is forced to make big saves, where as some goalies make it look easy by holding onto the first one (JS Giguere, prime example).

    But yeah, he should be a decent back up.

  8. allTheKINGSmen says:

    To people who do not understand how hockey business and transactions work…

    Labarbera played most games in the AHL ,
    LA brings Labarbera to the NHL
    AHL Manchester team needs to fill the void…
    Lombardi signs Aubin…

    GET IT !?

  9. allTheKINGSmen says:

    oh and BTW  to all you LEAFERS

    ive got a trade proposal for u (in response to ur annoying cammalleri for raycroft) trade "rumours"

    how about this…

    To Toronto:
    JS Aubin
    4th rd pic in '08

    To LosAngeles:
    A. Raycroft
    2nd rd pick in '08


    now how does it feel ? HOW DOES IT FEEL LEAFERS…it's autumn season soon…we'll see alot of LEAFS falling 🙂

  10. sundin_500 says:

    Pfft maybe Aubin and a 1st

  11. Shorts_Pimp says:

    Although Aubin isn't the answer to the LA King's problems, I believe he is an underrated goaltender. In Toronto, even when he did produce near the end of the 2005-2006 season (at the end of the season), he was not given a fair shot the subsequent year, most likely because of internal strife within the organization (coaching, etc.). I hope he is given more than a hand full of games to play, and succeeds. Good luck.

  12. TheDonkey says:

    Cloutier a potential no. 1?  Number one impersonation of swiss cheese maybe.   I thought that this makes four or five goalies in LA now, all of whom potentially suck.  They may as well have tryouts open to the public.  Perhaps they can find an "Invincible" guy tending bar in town somewhere.

  13. TheDonkey says:

    Hate to be insensitive, but the guy is half blind.  That is a tough obstacle to overcome.  

    He will make an excellent referee someday.
  14. MR40 says:

    No i would rather have Aubin and a 4th then Raycrap and 2nd. Aubin for 1 season at a cheap price, or Raycrap for 2 years for way too much?

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