Aubin to stay around?

With the exceptional play of Jean-Sebastien Aubin as of late is there a significant chance of him returning as a starting/sharing goalie with Tellqvist?Both Goaltenders are similar ages at 29 (Aubin) and 27 (Tellqvist) and could build on each other. With competition for the number one spot from two younger, goaltenders there could be room for much improvement for both players.

There is no doubt that the play of Aubin has been in part because of the extra hustle that the Leafs defense men have put fourth and the desperate play of the team, but at the same time he has come up big. What are the chances of each goalie playing 40 games, or have one emerge as the number one after the first 40?

Aubin has had bad luck playing for a terrible team at the start of his career (Pittsburgh) , but now has a chance to turn it around. What do you think? Is there room for him on the roster?