Aubin to stay around?

With the exceptional play of Jean-Sebastien Aubin as of late is there a significant chance of him returning as a starting/sharing goalie with Tellqvist?Both Goaltenders are similar ages at 29 (Aubin) and 27 (Tellqvist) and could build on each other. With competition for the number one spot from two younger, goaltenders there could be room for much improvement for both players.

There is no doubt that the play of Aubin has been in part because of the extra hustle that the Leafs defense men have put fourth and the desperate play of the team, but at the same time he has come up big. What are the chances of each goalie playing 40 games, or have one emerge as the number one after the first 40?

Aubin has had bad luck playing for a terrible team at the start of his career (Pittsburgh) , but now has a chance to turn it around. What do you think? Is there room for him on the roster?

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  1. 92-93 says:

    there were two positive scenarios that could have unfolded after the montreal losses:

    1) the leafs load up their roster with young guys that will be around for next year

    2) the leafs miraculously made the playoffs.

    of course, a combination of the two scenarios would be the best – that the leafs make it with guys like White, etc. playing. but we have to qualify the presence of all of these young kids with one single fact: if Allison and Khavanov were not injured, then these kids wouldn’t be getting a shot. the fact that the leafs have not waived or demoted guys like Berg and Belak and brought up Harrison and Kronvall to the Leafs is evidence that they are still making poor decisions.

    i have been saying this over and over again: if the leafs were to dump the vets that weren’t contributing and brought up the young guys, they would have a better shot at making the playoffs and would be more competitive night-in and night-out. these past 3 games prove my point. problem is – its too little, too late.

    as for the goaltending situation, Aubin looks good now, but Tellqvist was not given an adequate shot at the #1 spot. he played very well before montreal and it was only in games like montreal and against the NYR that he looked really bad because those were games when the Leafs were terrible on the PK and played absolutely the worst hockey i have seen them play since the late-1980s. not very fair to telly.

    i think the offseason they will have to choose between these 2 goalies. getting a vet like Cujo seems inevitable. if the leafs can trade Telly for something valuable in return then I say go for it and have Aubin back up whichever free agent goalie is in net next season. If the leafs want to keep telly, that’s good too, but it means that they have to let go of Aubin.

    either way, what is important here is that the leafs have Pogge in net for the Marlies with Racine next season and have Rask coming over in the next couple of years.

  2. Guero says:

    I have little to no hope of the Leafs making the playoffs, however they have look great. Its funny to think that it takes have half of the Marlies to put the Leafs on this streak…

    I agree that Tellqvist could be trade bait, however, if this is the case they need to showcase him. He has not exactly looked great latly manly to do with the Leafs poor defensive play during his last two or three games. So if he is traded it should be after another chance at the number one spot. I think that he still may make the cut.

    Pogge should be the Marlies goaltender for sure this next year, but I think that Rask should stay in Europe for a couple of years. It seems to work out well that way, and he will get more play time not having to compete with Pogge.

  3. Turnbull says:

    Whatever happens,…..Aubin will not be the starter for the maple leafs next year. The leafs will aquire an experienced goalie via trades this summer (Raycroft comes to mind,…maybe Biron), and Aubin will most likely be stuck in the backup role. Tellqvist will be used in a trade this summer since he has again failed to prove that he’s capable of being a reliable #1 goaltender in the NHL,..but has certainly played well enough to draw interest from teams looking for a solid, cheap, young backup. I honestly hope the Leafs will bring back Cujo,…he’s an experienced goalie who’d be cheap and could fill in nicely for the next 1 or 2 seasons until Rask and/or Pogge are ready for the big league, freeing up valuable cash to sign some good UFA’s.

  4. the_canadian_game says:

    i think the leafs will get either biron or raycroft, preferably biron because he has actually done well this year. But im not sure who id choose for my backup: Aubin or Tellqvist?

  5. the_canadian_game says:

    i think the leafs will get either biron or raycroft, preferably biron because he has actually done well this year. But im not sure who id choose for my backup: Aubin or Tellqvist?

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Buddy, hate to break it to you, Harrison, Bell, Colaiacovo, Wozniewsky, and KronWall are all hurt, that’s why they haven’t been playing at all.

  7. 92-93 says:

    yes i KNOW that.

    but Harrison is not hurt anymore. neither is Kronvall. they are both playing RIGHT NOW for the Marlies.

  8. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    who happen to be going for THEIR playoff run as well, the marlies need d-men too. besides the defence core is working for the leafs NOW, (talk about too little too late)

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