Aucoin gets much deserved raise….Niinimaa gone??

Adrian Aucoin got awarded 4.25 million by an arbirtator and while the Isles aren’t walking away from that, they might walk away from Janne Niinimaa’s, leaving the Finn as a free-agentAucoin, who is undoubtly comming off the best season of his career, where he earned a trip to the all-star game, is finally getting recognized for his work ethic, rocket shot and defensive abilities. Last year, Aucoin made roughly 2.5 million up from the 1.34 million contract that he came over from Tampa with. He was traded to the Islanders the same day the club got Alexei Yashin, a move overshadowing probably the more significant aquisition. However while Mad Mike will not go ”Roberto Luongo” mad, he will accept the decision because of how valuable Adrian is, Janne Niinimaa may have played his last game in Uniondale.

As I have said in any aritcle I posted, I beleive that should Aucoin be awarded over 4 million and Niinimaa over 3.75 million that the Islanders will walk away from the decision. Only twice in NHL history has that been done and both times by the Boston Bruins. And never count Millbury out of anything. Peter Botte, a beat writter for the New York Post said at the end of the season that Niinimaa may not be released, but a sign and trade for a lesser defensman. One name that rings to mind has got to be the Habs’ Mike Komisarek: A Long Island native, a young prospect that the Canadiens have really lost alot of hopes for due to poor performances durring call-ups would replace Niinimma nicely.

Buts thats just pure speculation. What do you think will happen? Will Niinimaa be number 3? Sign and Trade? Or keep him?