Aucoin gets much deserved raise….Niinimaa gone??

Adrian Aucoin got awarded 4.25 million by an arbirtator and while the Isles aren’t walking away from that, they might walk away from Janne Niinimaa’s, leaving the Finn as a free-agentAucoin, who is undoubtly comming off the best season of his career, where he earned a trip to the all-star game, is finally getting recognized for his work ethic, rocket shot and defensive abilities. Last year, Aucoin made roughly 2.5 million up from the 1.34 million contract that he came over from Tampa with. He was traded to the Islanders the same day the club got Alexei Yashin, a move overshadowing probably the more significant aquisition. However while Mad Mike will not go ”Roberto Luongo” mad, he will accept the decision because of how valuable Adrian is, Janne Niinimaa may have played his last game in Uniondale.

As I have said in any aritcle I posted, I beleive that should Aucoin be awarded over 4 million and Niinimaa over 3.75 million that the Islanders will walk away from the decision. Only twice in NHL history has that been done and both times by the Boston Bruins. And never count Millbury out of anything. Peter Botte, a beat writter for the New York Post said at the end of the season that Niinimaa may not be released, but a sign and trade for a lesser defensman. One name that rings to mind has got to be the Habs’ Mike Komisarek: A Long Island native, a young prospect that the Canadiens have really lost alot of hopes for due to poor performances durring call-ups would replace Niinimma nicely.

Buts thats just pure speculation. What do you think will happen? Will Niinimaa be number 3? Sign and Trade? Or keep him?

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  1. Lint07 says:

    One name that rings to mind has got to be the Habs’ Mike Komisarek: A Long Island native, a young prospect that the Canadiens have really lost alot of hopes for due to poor performances durring call-ups[…]

    Whoa there! We obviously didn’t watch the same hockey games last year it seems.

    Now you probably didn’t have the chance to see Komisarek play much, but I have. And let me tell you that if anything, we are even more pumped about his potential, and I tell you right now that to acquire him it will cost the Isles (or any other team for that matter) an arm and a leg… We’re talking about star players here.

    Mike Komisarek is expected to become a ”Scott Stevens with more offensive upside” in the near future, you usually don’t let that kind of prospect slip away…

  2. rydified says:

    I absolutly agree.

    Komisaraus is Exactly the player the habs needed in that position. he is a Physical monster that plays good defensive hockey, now as most rookies he made afew bad choices with the puck so im assuming thats what you are talking about when you say poor performance. But after this years playoffs (where IMO he was our #2 defensemen) I honestly don’t see him being moved. And this guy hasn’t even tapped into his offensive upside yet.

    I would be extremely bitter and upset if he got moved to say the least.

  3. TheCoach says:

    There is absolutely no way that the Montreal Canadiens will let Mike Komisarek go, especially for Janne Niinima. Komisarek is Montreal’s best defensive prospect, and I actually thought he played quite well in the playoffs last year.

    Also, if they walk from Niinima, I could see him go back to the West and play for Dallas.

  4. Habfan1234 says:

    The only way I see that trade happening is if Bob Gainey spent his summer here, in Vancouver, smoking some of BC’s finest.

    Komi isn’t going nowhere, and especially not for a lesser player like Niinimaa. Admittedly, he did have poor performances in his first couple of games this season (needlessly giving the puck away to Antropov earlier in the season for a T.O. goal that cost the Habs the game) but his play in playoffs made up for that in a big way with his rock solid hits (i.e., Thornton) and his admirable defensive play latter on in the series. He will be a stalwart on the Habs blueline for years to come and a potential captain of the team. So he is not going to be traded away by the Habs. Remember, Houle is no longer with the organization.

  5. Kashin says:

    If they can trade him I would let him go. They need a star foward for Yashin and maybe another defensemen. They can get by with Martinek as the 4th defensemen as he has played well with Hamrlik. Or they can trade him for a young defensmen. They need to free up money so they can get the money to sign a foward for Yashin

  6. rojoke says:

    One name that rings to mind has got to be the Habs’ Mike Komisarek: A Long Island native, a young prospect that the Canadiens have really lost alot of hopes for due to poor performances durring call-ups would replace Niinimma nicely.

    Komisarek got called up once. And he never went back to Hamilton. Hell, he’s the reason why they traded Quintal to LA. If you’re looking for a blueliner who’s disappointed the team, and its fans, then you’re looking at Ron Hainsey. He’s got all the tools, but not the mindset. He’s signed for two years. Maybe he’s the guy you were actually thinking of.

  7. NYRules says:

    Yea being that we played at the same home rink for years ive seen him play for years and he has very good offensive talent, but it will probably be a while before he shows it in the NHL. He is great on the PP

  8. greengiant says:

    Niinimaa is a left-shot, but does he play the right side? If so, the Sens might be interested if he becomes a free agent. They’ve been looking for a partner for Redden for a long time, and Melnyk even said that they may sign a defenseman and/or a winger this summer.

    But I do hope that the Isles can fit him into their budget. He’s a good player, and their fans have seen enough good players leave the Isle.

  9. NYRules says:

    Honestly, that is worse than any leaf fans suggestion. There is no way the isles could get Komisarek. The only way i would even think of a deal happening if it was like Komisarek for Aucoin, Hunter, and a 3rd round pick or somethin.

  10. HaliHab says:

    Hey guy I think you’re confused… Komisarek is treated like a future captain in Montreal- and rightly so! The organization feels he started to come into his own last year in the playoffs resulting in the benching and ousting of Quintal. Young, prospect defencemen often need more time adjusting to the NHL, Komi is poised for a breakout season with Montreal. I think the Habs prospect you’re thinking of is Hainsey.

  11. Lapointefan says:

    Isles were worried that Aucoin(who made $3.2m,not $2.5m last yr),would be awarded over $5m and they’d be forced to trade Niinimaa.Aucoin’s award is $750,000 less then expected and the isles front office is already saying they want their big 4 d-men:AucoinJonsson,Niinimaa and Hamrlik together next yr.If the Sens want Niinimaa,they’ll have to trade for him.

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