Aucoin out 4-6 weeks with dislocated shoulder

Chicago Blackhawks defenceman Adrian Aucoin has a dislocated right shoulder and will be out of the lineup for four to six weeks, the team announced Tuesday.

Aucoin suffered the injury during Sunday’s game against Calgary when he fell with his right arm extended as he hit the ice. (according to

The blackhawks picked up Aucoin in order to boost their offence, however has not been the offensive production they were looking for. the blackhawks have arguably been one of the biggest bust for signing players this year, as goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin has not lived up to his reputation as well

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  1. morrissey says:

    Question is does anyone still actually care? The Hawks are such a total embarrasment, a big market team that has been icing absolute garbage for years. With or without Aucoin they still stink. I’m trying real hard to think of the last good Hawks team and honestly nothing comes to mind since the days of Denis Savard!

  2. deuceswild says:

    True man, totally agree. That team is garbage right now and they had no chance for a playoff berth so this does not due much for the team negatively or positively. But, if they were planing on to unload some more vets, looks like aucoin will be outta the picture b/c no one wants an injured guy who hasnt done anything this year.

  3. Canadiangold316 says:

    what in the blazes is wrong with this team ?? just by looking up and down the roster you’d think this team would be doing at least “well” for a change but obviousley this isn’t the case… I feel bad for you Chicago (fans), honesltey my heart goes out for you all

    Fire the management, they are digging a hole so far you can’t even see daylight no more!

  4. NemiNA says:

    Do they have to give him his entire salary for this season? i think this is the fourth time he’s bee injured. how does the disabled salary work? anybody know? i haven’t been able to read the new CBA yet. I’ve been lazy. ALSO anyone have a link to read the new CBA? I’M NEEDY!

  5. NemiNA says:

    I agree with you. Chicago’s management is a morale buster. I have family in Chicago and they say its extremely depressing being hockey fans. BASEBALL they say is great. But they have nothing to look forward too in hockey.

  6. wingerxxx says:

    I don’t think that anyone expected as many injury troubles as Aucoin has had this year, as he was pretty durable with the Islanders. This should kill any trade rumors out there involving Aucoin now, as now GM in their right mind would trade for this guy with the injury issues he has had this year, and he is overpaid besides.

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