Audette And Koivu To Be Back Soon!

According to, source that is very close to Montréal Canadiens organization, Donald Audette and Saku Koivu WILL be both back this season AND EARLIER than first thought… Audette and Koivu has both taken part of their first full practice with the team on monday.

Donald Audette should be back as soon as next week, probably the 4th of april when Montréal will face the Philadelphia Flyers. But don’t be surprised if he’s back even earlier than that, next monday against Pittsburgh…

On the other hand, Saku Koivu has received the “OK” he needed from the team doctors and now has the power to take the decision of when he’ll be back. Many people are talking about the first round of the playoffs, but again, don’t be surprised if our little captain is back sooner considering is courage and the Montréal Canadiens position in a fight for the 8th spot.

Finally, Gino Odjick will be back on the lineup tuesday against the Florida Panthers.

I personnally think that with the injury list almost empty now, Montréal chances to make the playoffs are now better than ever.

I will also make a prediction: If we finish 8th (or 7) and we face the Boston Bruins in the first round, it will make a great matchup and I truly believe it is a strong possibility that we could be the first surprise of the playoffs by beating Boston. I don’t think we have the ressources to compete with the Flyers though but again, we never know…



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