Auld in the Desert, Ekman in Russia

According to TSN, Alex Auld has signed a 1-year contract with the Phoenix Coyotes.

According to Kukla’s Korner, ex-Pens Nils Ekman has signed a contract in Russia.

Finally, according to Spector’s defensemen Jamie Heward has signed with Ska St. Pettersburg I personally thik that the Auld signing is a pretty good move by the ‘Yotes considering David Aebischer and Mikael Tellqvist aren’t exactly big time #1 goaltenders. So they are betting on an healthy competition between the three of them and hope one will take the lead and carry the team for a good part of the season.

Alex Auld being a big and in my opinion good goaltender still has some upside and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him outplay Aebischer and Tellqvist next season.

One of those goaltenders can also be used come trade deadline when Phoenix are out of the Playoffs picture so they don’t have much to lose signing a 26 year old goalie.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    So the goaltender market is likely closed. Only LA and Tampa might make moves. Brysgalov might go to tampa, but its unlikely, and Raycroft or Gerber might go to LA, but LA GM Lombardi has said he will NOT go after either.

  2. Desertdog17 says:

    Im not liking these moves by the coyotes. they now have tellqvist, abasheir, and auld, all goalies that are questionable starters, meant more for backups. unless healthy competition between them pushes somebody to be a star, not very smart.

  3. tancred says:

    Yeah, that makes for an interesting situation in Phoenix with three somewhat capable starting goalies.  I wonder who will win the starting and the backup positions.  I'm going to guess it will go Auld, Aebischer, and with Tellqvist only being called up in case of injury or if one of the other two falls on a terrible cold streak.  

  4. kamullia says:

    Anything can still happen, but I tend to agree with your view that at least for now, the market for Goaltenders should be going cold.

    Looks like the Sens might be stuck with Gerber for a while longer, and I know they were trying a lot of creative moves to find him a new home. I tend to think that the only way Gerber leaves Ottawa is if several long-term injuries to Goaltenders materialize, but the team to pick him would likely be one that does not depend explicitly on their net-minder and are a shoe-in for the playoffs.

  5. mojo19 says:

    Aebisher has the ability to get hot and maybe get into a good groove once in a while, but I think you're right about Auld. He was decent in Vancouver a couple years ago and not so bad in Florida.

    My guess is Auld plays close to 50 games (45ish), and Aebisher close to 40(35ish). Tellqvist in the minors.

  6. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    I feel for Telly, he played ok on a horrible coyotes team last year and this is his re-payment, to be drubbed down to the minors again. I better go and trade him from my keeper team 🙂

    Oh and anyone looking for a great Hockey Keeper league thats about to start up soon, join up here.

    We are going to do a fantasy draft when we get the league filled up.

    cheers and give me a pm, I am the habs gm 🙂

  7. malkin_71 says:

    Hey, just wondering Whatever happend to Bru? Lol,

  8. leaffansareajoke says:

    His name is forbidden on this board…

    But i'm sure Crosby's security caught him peeping one night, and they pressed charges.  So in jail i'll assume.

  9. flamingsenator says:

    bru got banned for sumthing…and he didnt really feel like comming back cuz of the crosby jokes…i think….juiceman knows fo sho

  10. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    I thought he got reincarnated into Kamuilla

  11. Hadarsh says:


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