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Defensive blow for Philly

Flyers D-man Marcus Ragnarsson will miss the remainder of the playoffs, with a broken index finger. Rags was injured in Philly’s 4-1 loss on Thurday evening.

Martin entertaining offers

Let’s Guess how long it’ll take till Jacques Martin is a new head coach… Could this happen very soon?

According to the Ottawa Sun, his agent, Rob Campbell, has fielded a couple of calls from NHL teams interested in hiring Martin.

Niedermayer to Vancouver?

Spectors and the Toronto Star are linking all-star defenseman Scott Niedermayer to the Vancouver Canucks.

Canucks Year in Review…The Lament

On April 19, 2004 at 12:33 AM I came to 3 stark realizations….

1. Cereals that claim to turn your milk “chocolatey” (you know who you are Count Chocula) are lying bastards.

2. No matter how you spin it, a grown man in a Fantastic 4 T-Shirt is not cool. He is indeed a nerd, a 33 yr. old nerd.

3. It’s over; the Canucks season is over.

Rules for predicting the playoffs

This article heavily borrows from Mr. Bill Simmons article on betting on the NFL playoffs. I highly recommend you all check out that article and all of his other stuff, he’s hilarious.