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Leaf jersey's forbidden in Ottawa?

The Ottawa Senators have officially become the lamest team in sports. Apparently they have passed a bylaw which forbides anyone from wearing Leaf jersey’s at the Correl centre. Anyone wearing a Leaf jersey will be made to pay small fee, which is a donation to the local food bank.

…Just when you thought the rumors were over.

According to ex-NHL referee and now radio analyst Ron Fournier, Todd Bertuzzi better hope his team goes far into the playoffs…

Here’s what his ”NHL source” told him today:

It's official: No Playoffs for Bert.

Todd Bertuzzi’s suspension have been made official by the National Hockey League this morning…

Lacroix Found His Goalie!!

According to, the Colorado Avalanche received goaltender Tommy Salo from the Edmonton Oilers this morning. No word yet on who’s going the other way.

Leafs after Rucinsky? Lindros wants out? Daze in Colorado?

I hope this gets posted because this is big news for Toronto and Colorado fans. Close sources are saying JFJ is in big talks with the Rangers and Rucinsky is the one they’re after….

Bobby Clarke: ''Heads – I buy; Tails – I sell''

After having to part with a young prospect and a 2nd rounder in 2005 to acquire a defensemen, Bobby Clarke apparently decided he suddenly had too many d-men on his team…

Take It For What It's Worth…

Everybody is going nuts with rumors at this time of year…especially when you work in a “Sport” bar in Montreal. Tonight was really quiet night, so I had the chance to talk a lot with one of our customers…

Here’s what he had to say…

Breaking News: E-Train likely out for season

Sportsnet has learned that an MRI on Wednesday uncovered a tear around Lindros’ rotator cuff that could cut his year far shorter than he was hoping.

What a day! So what's next for the Rangers?

Kovalev, Nedved and Leetch within 24 hours. Wow! Who would have thought the RANGERS would be sellers. It’s about time!

Islanders Trade TBA???

WFAN sports radio in New York is reporting that the Islanders have completed a deal with the Washington Capitals for Brendan Witt, a press conference will follow within the hour…

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