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''Kasparaitis Hit a Cheap Shot'' says Ruff

Lindy Ruff and the Sabres are accusing Darius Kasparitis of attempting to injure Tim Connolly, tied for the team lead in points, last game they met.

The trials and tribulations of Tyler Arnason

In retrospect, the 1998 draft is one of the most loaded in recent memory; Levacalier, Gagne, Regehr, Brad Stuart, Tanguay, Mark Bell, Cheechoo, Ribeiro, Gomez… Brad Richards wasn’t drafted til the third round (that’s right, all your teams missed him), and Michael Ryder not til the 8th. (And, sadly relevant, Steve Moore and Jiri Fischer)

Leafs Jump Into the Rivers?

Talk640 Toronto radio personality Bill Watters of Leafs Lunch is reporting that the Toronto Maple Leafs in a minor move have acquired defenseman Jamie Rivers from the Detroit Red Wings for future considerations.

Two Minor Moves

The Flyers, Panthers, Blues & Habs were involved in two minor deals today…

Atlanta takes steps to increase its home ice advantage

The Atlanta Thrashers began a program at their home game on Saturday in which they gave fans a replica jersey in exchange for an opposing team’s jersey…

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