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Svatos Re-signed posted that the Avalanche have re-signed forward Marek Svatos to a 1 year deal.

Was this 1-year deal only to trade him away or you think he’ll stick with them?

Nashville shopping wingers?

With the signing of J.P. Dumont, the Nashville Predators may be forced to trade a forward. Scott Hartnell’s name has been mentioned due to his UFA status next summer. Other possibilities include Martin Erat and Scottie Upshall, who play the same position (right wing) as Dumont.

Dangerous Dion

Scouting defenseman is one of the most difficult tasks a fantasy hockey manager has each season. The reasoning is pretty simple: an average defenseman will never be as productive for your fantasy squad as the typical forward in terms of goals and assists. Does one risk a high draft pick on a blueliner who might score 70 points or take a forward instead who will likely score 90? I don’t know the answer to this question (and even if I did I probably wouldn’t post it) but I do know that Dion Phaneuf is possibly the top fantasy defenseman in hockey, after only playing 1 season in the NHL.

Habs Movie reports that the Montreal Canadiens organisation will be making a movie for the team’s 100th anniversary, in co-operation with the National Hockey League and Cité-Amérique productions.

What will be a 5 million$ production will be hitting theaters sometime during Fall 2008.

Update. Malkin's parents now fleeing Russia!

I thought since we haven’t had any Malkin news in a while and since this story brings more evidence to light about the shady ongoings in Russia, that I may as well post it, in hopes to silence some critics who thought we were exagerating about (some aspects of) Russia’s corruptness. One of the speculations was that there was immense pressure being put on his family, that forced him to sign the 3am contract reworking.

Fatal Crash..

I just wanted to post something for Stefan Blaho, who died in a fatal car accident tuesday night at age 21.

He was drafted by the Islanders, i just find it really sad, he could have been a big star. I am posting this in memory of Stefan Blaho..

Pronger & Staios Do Wrestling Interview?

Ever witness a hockey interview that makes you want to reach in and choke the athlete? If interviews are going to be fake and somewhat scripted, then they should be done just like in wrestling.

Zherdev's demands too high? Or just not happy in Columbus?

I just read that Zherdev may play in Russia next year (on TSN’s site) and I started thinking about his real intentions. Is this about money or the market? He is russian and some people say they are only after the money, but he does have some great talent. He is still going to play hockey so it’s not like he is just holding out and practicing. So, I think that maybe he is not happy in the Columbus market and might be seeking out somehow. By holding out with a contract dispute rather than asking for a trade (which would seem REALLY selfish from a extremely young player who isn’t the likes of Crosby or Alex the Great).

Steve Shields a Canuck?

Rumor has it that Steve Shields is going to go to the Canucks’ training and if he makes the team he will recieve an NHL contract.

Who would you trade for Malkin

If you were the GM of your favourite team, wich player(s) would you trade for Russian superstar Evgeni Malkin?

Ottawa (my favourite team)

I’d offer a package of Antoine Vermette, Ray Emery and Anton Volchenkov.

Boguniecki signs with Jackets


Note:also according to spectors trade rumors:reports former Edmonton Oilers forward Rem Murray has signed a contract with HIFK Helsinki. reports Radoslav Suchy has signed with ZSC Lions of Switzerland.

What are your team's lines?

After a poorly researched post about the best lines in hockey and the trashing aftermath, I thought it would be best if everyone submitted what they thought their team’s lines will look like. In other words, what is your team’s depth chart?

Bergeron nearing a deal

According to the web site listed below, Patrice Bergeron is nearing a long term contract of 4-5 years with the Boston Bruins. His Agent confirms that the deal should be completed within 7 days.