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Busy summer for Bob + ''Interesting Fact''

Yes it’s all over for the Habs…in a disapointing way! They got what they deserved.

However while players are in vacation, GM Bob Gainey should be about to enter his busy time at work…

HTR POOL: Season Winners + Playoffs!

Come inside to see the winners of the regular season pool.


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Games 4 & 5 Open Thread

Saturday, April 29th

New Jersey 4 Vs. NYRangers 2 (4-0 New Jersey – SERIES OVER)

Edmonton 3 Vs. Detroit 2 (3-2 Edmonton)

Tampa Bay 2 Vs. Ottawa 3 (4-1 Ottawa – SERIES OVER)

Anaheim 2 Vs. Calgary 3 (3-2 Calgary)

Friday, April 28th

Carolina 3 Montreal 2 (2-2)

Buffalo 4 Philadelphia 5 (2-2)

Dallas 4 Colorado 1 (3-1 Colorado)

It's All Up In the Air, But…

After two games there are surely a few surprised hockey fans, and I am happy to say I am not really one of them. Carolina’s loss of Whitney is overlooked, and Cole is for sure gone. So, goaltending is to be a huge factor, and I’d bet the farm on Montreal’s duo over Carolina’s anyday. It’s only two games, but it was fairly demonstrative of the potential that this series has for an “upset”.

Primeau in for Game 3??

I think Captain Keith Primeau is feeling the presure and wants to try and help the Flyers before its too late. Actually, I think it may be already too late.

2006 Entry draft

THe Draft lottery was held today and here is the order.


It’s now time for the Official HTR PLAYOFFS POOL.

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Habs/Lightning Clinch

It is official, the Habs and the Lighting are in the playoffs. Hartley and the Thrashers lost a heart breaker tonight to the Caps who were completely out played but due to poor goaltending by Dunham were beat where it counts.

Uh Oh Ottawa

Things arent looking good in the nations capital. The dominator may not dominate.

Rangers, Devils, Flyers… One last shot.

Here it is… Rangers have one last shot to lock up the Atlantic and prove that they are as good of a team as any and will be a contender.

Rangers Fans for the first time maybe ever, became Devils fans this Easter afternoon.

Dynamo710 was right… “It all comes down to Tuesday…” Here’s what Each team needs to win the Atlantic…. Take a look.