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''It's been alot of fun, but it's time to move on!''

One of the most coveted UFA center and Stanley Cup finalist, Craig Conroy, agreed to a contract with the Los Angeles Kings today.

Off-Season Shopping list…

During this off-season the New York Islanders should show interest in:

Renney to coach NYR, Weinrich stays in St.Louis and O'donnell goes to Phoenix!

The Score is reporting that the Rangers next head coach will be Tom Renney.

Also, the St.Louis Blues have signed veteran defensemen Eric Weinrich and the Phoenix Coyotes agreed to terms with defensemen Sean O’Donnell.

Murray to Leafs a Done Deal?

Before I start to speculate I want to let everyone know that this rumor is 100% legitimate!

Lamoriello fails NJ again

Turner Stevenson just signed with the Philadelphia Flyers for 3 years. Now, If you’re a Flyers fan… rejoice, and if youre a Devils fan… get the picket signs ready.

Thornton wants out?!?

Many sources out of Boston have said that captain Joe Thornton is upset with management and he wants out. The front runners are believed to be the Los Angeles and Florida Panthers…

Will Keenan make the Panthers, or break them?

Since Mike Keenan has taken over as GM of the Florida Panthers, many rumors have come up. However, I can’t help but notice that nothing has happened yet…

Let's get the party started!

Free Agent frenzy, one of my favorite time of the year, has begun and some notable signings already took place so far…

Could the Leafs be done? Maybe. Can the Leafs win? I doubt it

Great work by JFJ to resign Klee, Nieuwendyk, Belfour and Roberts. I say why not give these guys one last shot at it. With all those one year deals and Mogilny, Leetch, Nolan, Domi on their last deals next year, it would give the Leafs a chance to be competitive in a short year perhaps next year and a team that isnt tied to many contracts the following year when the new CBA is in place.

Sources question to everyone?

I am just wondering if anyone has any good hockey info websites?

I am just a hockey junky like most of you! Help.

Draper resigned, Palffy received qualifying offer?

According to RDS, Kris Draper would’ve been resigned by the Detroit Red Wings, and the Los Angeles Kings would’ve made a qualifying offer to Zigmund Palffy.

Also check inside for more NHL news and an interesting website I just found out…

Take Over Your Team

July 1st is tomorrow. Take over your team now and do what you want for next year. Trade, drop, sign, hire… whatever.

Just remember you’re the Coach and GM not the owner… Don’t forget a cap may be in place soon and let’s try and make these some realistic moves.

Palffy to Become an Islander? / The ''Ministry of Offense'' to be Re-United?

The Los Angeles Kings have offered the talented Zigmund Palffy many contracts but Palffy keeps declining. Ziggy obviously wants to test the UFA market since he will become a free agent on July 1st.

Lindros OUT, Daddy gets mad.

This is the truth on Eric Lindros. Flyer fans sit and say that he is a baby and this that and the other thing. Being a Ranger fan and watching him play and hearing the rumors…. you’re about to hear the real truth.

According to the NY Post. Carl Lindros (Eric’s Dad) ripped into the New York Ranger Organization and Sather which ended the chance of Eric ever playing in New York again.

Turn Around of a Franchise?

With recent developments it appears as though the Pittsburgh Penguins could be a successful team in the near future even without a CBA that includes a salary cap.

Columbus Claims Sanderson Off Waivers

June 28th, 2004 — The Vancouver Sun reported that the Columbus Blue Jackets have claimed Geoff Sanderson off waivers today fulfilling an agreement the two teams made at the Trade Deadline.

It's Official… Hasek Going to Sens

Sportsnet is reporting that the Dominator is going to Ottawa and will sign a multi-year deal worth $2 million per year with incentive clauses.

Canadiens draft preview

A look ahead to the Habs draft.

Signings, Trades…

A couple of signings and a trade to report. Jason Arnott was given a qualifying offer, and he quickly accepted it. A one year deal woth about $3.8 million. Also, Jon Klemm re-signed with the club for two years, with a club option for a third year. He will make $1.5 million a year, a $1 million decrease from last year. Also, Dallas traded goalie prospect Jason Bacashihua to the St. Louis Blues for the rights to defensemen Shawn Belle.

The Canucks are Dead! Long Live the Canucks

There are three things I find disturbing:

1. Watching porn in the morning. Maybe the “Victoria’s Secret” catalogue or that blond girl who does aerobics on ESPN but definitely not girl on girl or midgets or anything like that.

2. Single guys with cats. These are the same guys who are talking about cutting “carbs” or giving other guys cards for their birthdays. Weird.

3. The Canucks window for winning the Stanley Cup is quickly being slammed closed and nailed shut unless they follow my advice….