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Will the WHA Get Off The Ground?

The nascent WHA was dealt a considerable setback today when the owner of the South East Hockey League’s Jacksonville Barracudas and Orlando Seals, David Waronker, did not transfer his teams to Calgary businessman Max Chambers, who would have put them in the WHA.

Let's get ready to… Drop the gloves!

What is your take on this one? On August 20 and 21 at the Target Center in Minneapolis there will be a pay per view program involving hockey fighters.

Klee and Konowalchuck get extensions

According to TSN Toronto Maple Leafs defence man Ken Klee and Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Knowalchuck have both signed contract extensions.

A Gainey Shopping Spree? reports Alex Kovalev wishes to test the free agency market. Montreal fans wanted the Russian sniper back in a Habs uniform and he still might sign but likely, he will move on. Now Bob Gainey has to decide how to build on this surprise team of youth.


Now that the playoffs are over, time to check out who won the HTR/WOW Hockey Pool…

Martin St. Louis a Toronto Toro??

A Toronto Toro?? What in the world is that?

Coming next fall, it could very well be one of the WHA teams challenging to win the Cup with a $15 million payroll.

New WHA Could Be Just What The NHL Needs To Get A New CBA

This week Bobby Hull, the commissioner of the new WHA, announced his plans for

the first 6 teams for the new league.

Martin Brodeur to play in SWITZERLAND?!?

Most people living in Québec are aware that Martin Brodeur had his own monthly column in a popular newspaper this season. In his last column printed today, there were some very interesting things that I thought I might translate for everyone here to see.

Check out inside to see Brodeur’s opinions and news on the Finals, the Lightning & the Flames, Dave Andreychuk, the Trophies, where he might end up next year, and Pat Burns…

Brian Burke Offered a GM Postion?

According to CTV Sportsnet, Brian Burke would’ve been offered a new GM job in the NHL.

Tampa forces game 7

On Saturday the Lightning put down hopes of flames fans by winning game 6 and forcing game 7.

Roenick Scamming Pennsylvania?

Sorry to trick you with the title… just needed something that sounded interesting.

''Who's going where?'': Colorado Avalanche edition

Here’s the Colorado Avalanche edition of the ”Who’s going where?” articles…

Busy Off-Season in Hab Land??

This off-season could bring many changes in Hab land and according to CKAC some deals are likely to happen…

''Who's going where?'': Toronto Maple Leafs' edition

This is the first of 30 posts on where players are going this summer and, who the team might get to replace them. The first team is Toronto since they could be the team with the most changes this year and, it is my favorite team.

Way too young to die…

A sad story from the Western Hockey League, as it was announced in various media outlets including the Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun the passing of 17 years old Prince George Cougar’s Michael Fogolin. If the name sound familiar he is the son of former Edmonton Oilers captain Lee Fogolin.

Comparing Finals…

Everybody is comparing the Flames to burn-outs of the past. Anaheim, Minnesota… flukes.

It Hurts!

Not all sports fans can understand us Philly fans, we are as passionate about our teams as you can get. We demand 110% effort and dedication from our athletes, hard work will never go unappreciated in our eyes. We are simply misunderstood.

Russian Roulette?

This topic could also be associated with the Boston Bruins but I thought the timing relates it closer to the World Cup. Another player is in trouble…

Jacques and Iron Mike Reunited in Florida.

As initially reported by Sportsnet, the Florida Panthers have hired Mike Keenan to be their new GM and Jacques Martin to be the new head coach of the Panthers.

HTR/WOW PLAYOFF POOL – 3rd Round Rankings

Round 3 is over, time to ckeck out the HTR/WOW Playoff Pool rankings!!