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New Rules Hurting the Game

I was watching the Bruins-Leafs game last night and I really gotta say, the rules are really starting to piss me off.

Thinking outside of the box!

Pat Quinn I am calling you out, sir. JFJ, don’t sit there trying to look pretty either. I personally am making a wish on a shooting star that this damn article ends up on both your bulletin boards. It’s about time you two started listening as opposed to just hearing.

B's and Hawks trade

The Chicago Blackhawks continued their search for offense Sunday, acquiring center Andy Hilbert from the Boston Bruins for a 2006 fifth-round pick.

Who's going to pull the trigger first?

Now that we are a month through the “new” NHL and teams are getting a better look of the new system, I’m curious which GM is going to have the balls to make the first trade? With many teams overachieving, and many more underachieving how long do they hold off?

Demers says he can't write and read

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Jacques Demers, a coach and later a general manager in the National Hockey League for 15 years, admits he is illiterate.

That and other revelations about the life of one of the NHL’s more colourful coaches is revealed in a biography in French released Wednesday called ‘Jacques Demers En Toutes Lettres’, which roughly translates as ‘Jacques Demers From A To Z’.

B's sign Boynton!

As speculated by, the Boston Bruins have signed one of their top defensemen, Nick Boynton, to a one year contract.

It is my opinion that the injuries to Bruins centers had caused some urgency in the front office prompting them to get this done.

Big Hit To Oil Town

The Edmonton Oilers may be undefeated, but they are not impenetrable.

TexCan's Weekly Slap Shots

The New NHL Season…

When I was 12 I had a huge argument with my brother over this kickass secret lighty-uppy (a technical term) ring that came in our box of FrankenBerry (which only turns the milk pink and not Strawberryish… those bastards!!!) which eventually led me to write a letter to General Mills about putting 2 prizes in each cereal box for families with kids. Thinking back on that moment has reminded me of 3 things….



Marcel Hossa now a RANGER!

According to, Marcel Hossa has been traded to the New York Rangers for Garth Murray.

Garth Murray is a Left Winger that has played 20 games in the NHL, notching 1 point.

The ULTIMATE POOL PREVIEW 2005-06 (Beta Version)

Here it is, finally!


NHL ads

So guys, I’m sure plenty of you have seen the my NHL ad that was on the other day.

Some like it, some hate it. But I highly doubt those of you that hate it were saying to yourself, “man, I can’t believe it, that woman is a sex object, I’m calling my local government represenative! I’m steemed!”

Well, here we are.

Sabres shopping Biron

Sabres look to move Martin Biron before season opener.