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Flyers Injury Update

Intersting update on both Vladimir Malakhov & Robert Esche mysterious ”upper-body injuries”…

Leafs/Flyers Game 5 : The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As the title says, the GOOD/BAD/UGLY for both teams in game 5…

The NEW York Rangers; What is on the Horizon?

Well last season was almost perfect, except Mr. Sather still remains in the office. But this offseason, there is a lot that can be talked about with this team.

It's back… The WHA I mean.

Nobody said this site only has to be about the NHL so I decided to post this!

The WHA is back for another try this year. Starting with the 2004/2005 season the WHA will ice seven teams including Toronto, Quebec City, Detroit, Miami, Halifax, Hamilton and either Vancouver or Dallas.

Alexander Perezhogin In BIG Troubles?

Montreal Canadiens’ prospect Alexander Perezhogin has been suspended indefinitely without pay by the American Hockey League after a stick swinging incident in Hamilton on Friday night. The league will likey hand down a more definitive punishment on Monday after further reviewing the incident.

Criminal charges are also a possibility…

Leafs tie it up thanks to officiating

The Flyers dropped their second in a row due in small part to some of the worst playoff officiating ever seen!

Dispelling the goaltending myth

Now that we have made it to mid-second round, are you guys ready to finaly admit experienced goaltending is NOT make or break?

A Leaf fan's opinion of the Senators problems

This is not about trashing the Sens. This is not about the Leafs own problems. This is about what’s wrong with the Senators.

Yashin on Broadway?

Spectors hockey carried a report from Bucky Gleason of the Buffalo news suggesting that the Rangers could provide a new home for underachiever Alexei Yashin.

Martin fired. Step one complete

Jacques Martin was fired today by the Ottawa Senators.

Bring On Philly!!

Now that the sens fans have shutup, for the 4th time in 5 years, we can look forward to an even better Toronto/Philadelphia matchup!

PART II – Who on HTR knows the most about Playoff hockey?

Well, the results are in, We have 2 winners for the first round.

Out of 140 comments we have 2 winners….. That’s a little sad for us HTR Fans, but Your winners for the first round are….. Kill_Yourself and Brigand picking 8 of 8 and Kill_Yourself changing his answer right before the rounds started saved his life.

Let’s see if anyone can do a better job in the second Round……….. And I will follow Kill_Yourself and Brigand to see if one of them or both can go all the way. Here are the match ups. Let’s hear some guessing for the second round. Once again I’ll start it…………

Season In Review

“I’m sorry it went down like this. Someone had to lose.”
–Glen Frey, “Smuggler’s Blues”

With many exciting matchups for Round 2 of the playoffs about to begin, I’m having a hard time getting excited about any of them because the Bruins were not invited to this dance. Sitting home, I figured I’d cheer myself up by remembering the good things that happened this season. There will also be self pity, looks into the past, projections about the future (if there is one) and ice cream.

HTR & WOW Playoff Pool – Standings After 1st Round

The 1st round is over, go inside to catch the rankings of the HTR & WOWhockey Official Playoff Pool…

Sens lose. Who gave their all? Who's to blame? What needs to be changed?

Now that the Leafs have finished off the Sens, it’s time call for the head cutting.

You have GOT to be kidding me!

That was my reaction when I read this morning that Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Kim Johnsson has a broken hand, and could miss two weeks of playoff action.

An Odd Play

Yes, the flames won. Bring it Detroit, see ya thursday, yadda yadda yadda. That’s all well and good, but it’s also not what I’m here to tell you about right now.


Upset, version 2.0

I am speechless…

Flyers send Devils to early Tee Times on the Golf Course

The Flyers closed out their playoff series with the Devils in game 5 with a 3-1 win. This is great for the Flyers for multiple reasons…

Mogilny Hints At Retirement

Apparently, this could be Alexander Mogilny’s last season in the NHL…