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Goalies: skating billboards?

If you thought there was too much advertising already at NHL arenas, there may be a little more.

Sources have told Sportsnet that the NHL is considering placing advertising on goalies’ jerseys. They would wear a different coloured jersey than the rest of the team to further stand out on the ice.

Damphousse to announce retirement

According to, After 18 NHL seasons, Vincent Damphousse is ready to call it a career.

The veteran forward has called a news conference for Wednesday morning at which time he will announce his retirement from the game.Damphousse signed a one-year contract with the Colorado Avalanche in 2004, but didn’t play a single game with the club because of the lockout.

Stevens Sitting Out Season reports New Jersey Devils defenceman Scott Stevens will sit out this season, although general manager Lou Lamoriello said health was not the reason the star would miss the year. No official announcement that Stevens was retiring from hockey. He confirmed he wants to spend time with family.

Mad Mike gone… Mad!

New York Newsday reports that Mike Milbury might have offered a 15 year contract (yes 15, not 5) worth 67,5 million dollars to his goalie Rick DiPietro. Insurances coverage (The NHL covers up to 5 years on a contract, longer than that is the player responsability) made the deal too much of a risk for goaltender DiPietro to accept it, though.

Tried to stay serious while reporting this news, tried.

The HTR Member Awards: Lockout Edition

On HTR during the lockout, there were several members keeping us alive over the winter. Now here it is, the HTR Member Awards: Lockout Edition

How not to look stupid in a hockey discussion

Hey, don’t laugh… I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately, and some people out there really need to read this!

Is Now the Time to Deal Sundin?

As a Leaf fan I have watched Mats Sundin roar up and down the ice for almost 11 years. Hard to believe that it has actually been that long, but in that time, time and time again I have had to defend Sundin to a wide range of critics.

Unbiased opinions

Reading an article by tacitus regarding his perception of hockey fan stereotypes gave me an idea for this article. I realized that there is one thing all fans have in common – we all think our team is the best. Whether we feel they are underrated, robbed because of injuries, or whatever. We feel we are the best – and rightfully so (we should feel this way).


According to, Goaltender Jose Theodore just agreed on a 3-year deal with the Canadiens.

Details to come.

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Odelein Signs With Pittsburgh

TSN and are both reporting that UFA Lyle Odelien has signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins

Deadline for Datsyuk

According to, Pavel Datsyuk and his agent has set a deadline for Ken Holland and the Detroit Red Wings.

Hockey team gets involved.

The Dallas Stars have made a donation of $10,000 through their Stars Foundation to aid hurricane Katrina victims. The organization is also encoraging its fans to contribute to this effort by making donations.

Details can be found at