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Nagy Awarded 3 Million

TSN is reporting ‘An NHL arbitrator has awarded Phoenix Coyotes forward Ladislav Nagy a one-year $3 million contract for the 2006-07 season. ‘

Philly's defence is scary… and not in a good way.

Why hasn’t Clarke done anything to address the most obvious of problems for the Flyers? I remember feeling good about the signing of Hatcher and Rathje. Ahhh those were the good ole days. The blissful ignorance of what the new NHL would turn into. As it turns out, paying Hatcher and Rathje a combined 7 million is not a good thing!

Sabres cap troubles

TSN reported yesterday an arbitrator has awarded forward Adam Mair a one-year, $675K contract. the terms of the CBA state that the Sabres have to accept the award because it is less than $1 million.The Sabres payroll is now at $38 million, and Ryan Miller and Dmitri Kalinin are still not re-signed.

Luongo gets a chance to prove his skills.

Roberto Luongo is considered the busiest goalie in the NHL, now that was in Florida where he faced more shots than anyone else in the league and still, managed to put up some of the best stats in the league.

Malkin Fires Agent – Again

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Evgeni Malkin has fired his agent, again. What does this mean for his status this fall? Hopefully he’ll still be in a Pens uni!