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Pens fans, your ''Stanley Cup finals'' is April 6…

The NHL draft drawing lottery will take place tuesday, april 6 at noon in New York.

Go inside to know how exactly the lottery works…

Part 2 Of The NHL Playoff Tournament Pool!

For whoever is in the NHL Playoff Tournament Pool, take a look at this to know when your team is playing and who your opponent is……

Hockey Night in the State of New York

After tommorow night the Eastern Conference playoff race could become a little bit clearer.

Alfredsson and Sens Reach Deal

The Ottawa Senators and Daniel Alfredsson have reached a deal that will keep the captain in a Senators’ uniform for the rest of his career.

Let's Go Pens… For Player of the Month!

The Pittsburgh Penguins continue their strong play, and it looks like they just might have some big time recognition, at least one individual might.

HTR Survey: NHL Awards

Ok folks, here’s how it works:

I am doing a survey to determine, according to HTR members, who should win some of this year’s NHL trophies.

Click “read more” for details…

The Long Awaited Debut

Ok, I couldn’t wait any longer to write this one.

3 vs 3 Buffalo, LA, Edmonton NOT OUT YET!

It’s up to these 3 teams to stay hot from now on and time for the Islanders, Nashville, and St. Louis to not stay or become cold. 8th spot is still not a lock as Buffalo, LA, and Edmonton race for a playoff shot to sneak in and make some noise.

Who will make it? Well, let’s look at the stats…..

Could the Islanders be a big player in the Playoffs this year?

You hear a lot of talk about the Isles being the weakest team in the playoffs this season–the only team who should go down without a fight. But as we near the postseason, it appears more and more likely that the Lightning could be in trouble in the first round this year.

Playoff Eye for Y's Guys

Unhealthy the bulk of the regular season, the Detroit Red Wings appear on the verge of a healthy beginning to the post season, with the exception of Curtis Joseph. How will they fair, possible goalie “controversy”, and an in depth look at what the keys are to win another cup for Motown.

Has Naslund given up on the current Canucks season?

Has Markus Naslund of the Vancouver Canucks given up on the current Canucks season? Furtermore, has he given up on the team and the NHL as well???

Examining the Playoff Goalies

First a look at the playoff and possibly playoff bound goalies.

Marty Turco Suspended

Ever since The Bertuzzi/Moore incident, the league has been handing out suspensions left and right. 10 players have been suspended, the latest being Marty Turco (4 games) and Jody Shelley (3 games).

Come on people, it's 2 weeks until the Playoffs!!!

Where the heck is the article about this!?!?!? I did my Oilers article the other night, and I’m not going to lie, it’s because I’m pumped that they look like they’ll make it (knock on wood).

For All The Doubters

Ed Moran writes: “No more doctors, no more symptoms, and no more waiting and wondering: Jeremy Roenick will miss just two more games and then it’s back to work next Saturday.”

Everyone continue to write them off because it's the only way they win!

The title says it all. I can’t figure out how these guys think, nor how their coach thinks.

Forcing a Real Business Model Upon Pro Sports

defenestrate and cwthrash got me thinking about the current economic model of today’s NHL in d-strate’s latest article. During the thread the topic slightly veered from the Problems in the league right now, to the Business portion and how it’s all-dominant, all-consuming, and really just a big mess. And the more I got to thinking about this area of the NHL and pro sports in general, the more I realized something.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

I am well aware that the season is far from over, but now that the regular season is coming to an end I thought I’d write an article on the good Stroies, the bad stories and the ugly incidents that have occured during this season.


Sometimes I read things, and, like “Stir of Echoes”, they keep bouncing around in what passes for my brain until I either have to write something or implode. Things have been pretty slow on here, especially since the trade deadline only lived up to part of its name (the “dead” part), so……

Who's Laughing Now?

I’m sure there are more than a few people out there who are a bit surprised or even a bit annoyed that the Habs are where they are.

Too bad! They’re for real, and everyone better think twice if they think the Canadiens will be easy pickings in round one.

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