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HTR Free Agents Pool: UPDATE

Come inside for an update on the HTR Free Agents Pool…

Habs back on list for Selanne?

I’m not sure if this can be considered legit or just vague speculation as it was reported on Eklund and Nonetheless it states that Teemu Selanne might be back in the picture for the Habs because he was waiting to see what happened in the Koivu contract negotiation process. Now that he is under contract for at least the coming year, he thinks it’s ok to negotiate with the club. Mojoradio is saying that he’s negotiating “exclusively” with Gainey but Eklund states that Atlanta and St-Louis are also in the picture.

Lecavalier re-signs with TB

According to, Vincent Lecavalier has been re-signed to a long-term deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

More details to follow…

Malkin to remain in Russia?

When the deadline for the Czechs and the Russians to sign the IHL Player Transfer agreement passed the prospects of NHL teams signing their Czech and Russian prospects who are still under contract to their respective teams, dimmed considerably.

Gomez inks deal with Devils

TFP Reports:

The New Jersey Devils have reportedly agreed to terms on a new contract with young forward Scott Gomez.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, Gomez has inked a new one-year deal worth $2.2 million.

It's Our Game!: Road Hockey Edition

For a long time Canadians have chanted the slogan “It’s our game.” It was even in the hockey version of the song “Canadian Man” by Paul Brandt. The exact quote is “Sorry eh, we put the hurt on you team USA, and showed the world that it’s still our game, thank you to team Canada.” So I’m here to tell everyone why it’s our game, starting with something most of you have played as kids my age, road hockey.

Now For Your Feature Presentation

If anyone can recall, some approximately 9 games of the NHL regular 2003-04 season were to be broadcast on the big screens of “Famous Players Cinema” all around North America. Well one lockout later this doesn’t appear to be something we can look forward to.

Russian Rocket's Playing Days are Over

According to a report by Fox, Pavel Bure’s playing days are now officially over. Agent Mike Gillis commented on the NHL future of his client Pavel Bure, stating that there doesn’t seem to be a future for him in the league.

Goaltending Problems?

Imagine a young goalie, just about to enter his prime, entering his first postseason in a league of the best hockey players in the world. In the first round, he makes the opponents goalie, considered among the world’s best, look mediocre. In the second round, he matches the feat and defeats another of the world’s greatest. In the third round, he is able to carry his team to a decisive game seven, in which his team loses a low-scoring game by one goal…

Rumors, Rumors… and More Rumors!

Another big name linked with Toronto…

Roenick heading back to Philly??

Are the Flyers luring another star to Philly?

Plenty of teams interested in Curtis Leschyshyn.

Korolyuk to Remain In Russia?

SPORT-EXPRESS.RU: reports “29-years-old ex-San Jose Sharks” forward Alexander Korolyuk signed a one year contract with near-Moscow team “Vitiaz”. It was officially declared by the vice-president of a board of guardians of a situated near Moscow team Valery Vasiljev.

We will stay at home!

On some forums that I have participated on I have gotten a question that I would have to answer like a hundred times now…

Various Signings Throughout

Various low key signings throughout the league and the sources: