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So now it's Forsberg…

Yet another Leaf rumor is going around, this time surrounding Peter Forsberg…

TheCoach's 2005 Mock Draft

This draft seems like it is only about Sidney Crosby, but there are going to be other future stars picked in Ottawa on the 30th. Where do I think they will, or should end up? Check out my mock draft.

Timeline for NHL

Here is the timeline for signings in the NHL just in case anyone was curious:

Rocks Report: Flyers Buyout BOTH Leclair and Amonte! Nolan to stay in Toronto?

The Flyers have bought out both John LeClair and Amonte out of their contracts, which makes them the first buyout victims of the new CBA.

Muckler Reveals Plan

John Muckler was on the Team1200 in Ottawa after the draft, and he pretty much revealed Ottawa’s plan for this offseason. I was surprised at how honest he really was.

List of NHL rule changes

Here’s the complete list of the new rules that will be implemented next season…

Rumor on Saku Koivu! / News On José Théodore

There is a rumor running in Montreal right now that Canadiens GM Bob Gainey is looking for a centerman in the unrestricted free agent market.

Ovechkin, O'Neill, OTR — Latest News

Some more news from the NHL has come out, concerning a phenom, a producer, and a talk show. Here is the latest news:

It's Not Done After Number One

Although there are 30 teams in the National Hockey League clamouring for the first pick in the projected entry draft on July 30th in Ottawa, only one team can get it, and therefore Sidney Crosby. But Sid the Kid is not alone in this draft.

Lindros getting attention

For a long time it’s been figured that at the end of the 2004 season Eric Lindros would become a Leaf. A summer went by, and though more and more rumors came out, nothing was official, but that could be because of three other teams possibly courting “The Big E”.

Do You Feel Lucky?

Here’s according to TSN how will the draft lottery work and how many balls each team will get.

Deal done.. for real…no I'm serious this time!

TSN is reporting that the deal will be done today, siting sources from the meetings. They also say that they are still in a meeting that started yesturday at noon.

What's the right move for the Habs?

During this extended lock-out, it is impossible not to think about changes that could be made to your favorite team. It is almost certain that all 30 teams will go through a minimum amount of changes, because: