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The Next Top Dynamic Duo in Hockey

In the last quarter century we fans have been spoiled by getting to see the likes of Gretzky and Kurri, Hull and Oates and Kariya and Selanne play together. These duos were nothing short of magical. Not only did they show us their amazing skill and talent on the ice, they proved to us what great chemistry on the ice will do.

St. Louis Will Be Singing the Blues

The St. Louis Blues are going to be singing the blues when they get back to playing hockey again. The reason being is that they will likely have to rid themselves of their best player in Chris Pronger for financial reasons. A new CBA will put the pinch on payroll for all teams and the Blues are one of the teams that is in bad shape.

P.R. Advice

A scandal has hit pro sports in the form of steroid abuse. Major League Baseball is just starting to thrive again after going through some dark days of its own ten years ago. A purportedly “juiced” baseball player helped jack enough home runs out of the park to surpass Roger Maris’ age-old home run record while re-energizing the fan base of America’s pastime.

Why They Will Continue To Choke

I have been yelled at many times before for calling the Sens ”chokers”. Here is why they will continue…

Time is up for Bertuzzi in Vancouver

It has been a very tough last 18 months for Todd Bertuzzi. He has gone from being one of the top players in the game to a dirty cheap shot. Because of his fall from grace, it may be best for him and the Canucks to part ways.

My 10 pt. plan for the NHL when play is resumed

Some suggestions for the nhl when play is resumed. Excitement needs to be re-introduced to the nhl version of the game.

Free Agent Signing out of Montreal!

I’m sure that the news has leaked out already and maybe none of us care, but I think that the biggest news during the lockout to come of Montreal was the signing of an unrestricted 38 year old free-agent by the name of Youppi.

As the Rangers Go, So Goes the NHL

I am not a Rangers fan. In fact I hate the Rangers and their free spending ways. I place part of the blame on the out of whack finances of the NHL on the Rangers.

Top Five Worst First Picks In History

I like the topic button I used for this article.

Big Meeting, Bigger Nets.


This Monday the PA and league will meet yet again. With an impasse looming we may actually see something happen this time.

Yzerman declines Canada. Lecavalier, Richards, St. Louis to follow…

Steve Yzerman is definately not going to the World Hockey Championships. Vincent Lecavalier may not come because of an injury and Martin St. Louis is not expected to show because his wife is expecting a second child.


Go inside to see the Final Standings of the HTR Hockey Quiz along with all the answers!

Bettman Files Complaint Over

Gary Bettman is not messing around after having mud thrown in his face by the NHLPA.