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Calgary/Phoenix make a swap

The Calgary Flames traded centre Steven Reinprecht and backup goaltender Philippe Sauve to Phoenix for goaltender Brian Boucher and left wing Mike Leclerc.


It's The Mikster Talking Hockey

I could not come up with a title. Of course I talk hockey on here, duh. Anyway, the Olympic break is approaching and so is the deadline. Anything more to expect?

Penguins are once again tanking a season.

Oilers, this year’s Calgary Flames? Maybe…

Canucks in bad shape?

Will Leafs hockey end its playoffs era?

Canadiens…big time trouble.

Bruins Raycroft not making trip to philly trade?

Raycroft stays home

Decision not to take goalie to Philly fuels speculation

By Kevin Paul Dupont, Globe Staff | January 18, 2006

Goalie Andrew Raycroft won’t be with the Bruins tomorrow night in Philadelphia, fueling speculation that the club might be looking to deal the 2003-’04 Rookie of the Year.

Latest News and Rumors members report:

Beer Edition: It's #11 All Over in Manhattan, Media Plays GM, New CBA Issues, Pe

Welcome to Challenging Mikster Beer Edition. Some good beer talk is needed on

It’s Mark Messier night in the Big Apple….. but are Rangers fans really glad to see #11 hanging from the ceiling in the world’s most famous arena?

The media once again thinks it can play general manager….. that’s a no-no for me.

The Penguins soap opera continues.

Barnaby to the Senators?……..And More

Chicago and Ottawa have reportedly (Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun) been in talks……

Pittsburgh Penguins Mid-Season Report

TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins


Place in Conference: 15th

The Montreal Canadiens Mid-Season Report…

The Montreal Canadiens are pretty much where everybody thought they would be after 40 games, however, the path they followed to get there took a lot of fans by surprise.


19-15-06 (44pts)

Division Rank

29-09-03 – Ottawa Senators

27-13-02 – Buffalo Sabres

24-15-03 – Toronto Maple Leafs

19-15-06 – Montreal Canadiens

16-20-06 – Boston Bruins

Conference Rank

Currently ranked 10th in the Eastern Conference, 1 point away from the 8th spot, with 3 games in hands on Tampa Bay (8th) and New Jersey (9th).

New York Islanders Mid Season Report

Team: New York Islanders

Record: 18-22-2

Place in Conference: 12th

NHL Bargain Players (Part 1)

In the new NHL, bargain players can make or break a team. Who is the best bargain player today?

Here is a list of who, in my opinion is each team’s bargain player up to the mid-way point of the NHL season…

The Crosby Show, My Calder Picks, Sykora Trade, and More

The Crosby Show is becoming quite a soap opera.

My Calder picks of the first half of the season and who won….

Petr Sykora is finally dealt to the team he wanted to play for back in December.

Does that trade open the doors for other ones? Most likely.

Also… hope you all had a happy Hockey Day up there in Canada, but I’d like to share one quote from Larry Brooks with the Canadians on here.

Roster Freeze Not Freezing the GM's of the League

The roster freeze is on, but the minds of NHL general managers are still functioning.

Penguins Find Arena Funds

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ partner in a proposed $1 billion development at the site of Mellon Arena is willing to put up $290 million to pay for a new, 18,000-seat home for the National Hockey League team.

Roberto Not So Luongone, Are Teams Tanking? More on the Devs and… HTR Mid-Seas

It is the season to be jolly. How depressing was last year’s Christmas without NHL hockey. But, we got it this year and the Holiday and Christmas season have felt so good thus far.

Will Luongo’s 53 saves finally silence the media? I keep hearing and reading journalist say Luongo is gone and that the Panthers are trying to deal him. But, that ain’t true. Panthers hockey needs to be discussed so all of you HTR members and readers will know what exactly is going on here in Sunrise, Florida.

Are teams tanking the season? Frankly I am getting sick of it and I will revisit a point I made during the 2005 Draft Lottery.

The Devils are in a state of emergency. Is this the beginning of the end? will have Mid-Season Reviews.

Around the NHL in 80 Minutes

No, not really 80 minutes. But, I liked the title so I used it.

It’s all the latest talk that is going around the NHL….. All for you to read and comment on.

Games Goalies Play

After paying close attention to Luongo’s play this year, it is obvious that he is trying to force a trade.

Sykora closer to being voted off the pond

A story in the Mercury News and in many other papers has made it clear that Petr Sykora was left out of last night’s game against the Sabres because a deal was close with “multiple teams.” Rumors have Sykora being a “perfect fit” in New York with the Rangers but no teams have been mentioned as of yet. The Ducks play Saturday in Montreal then Monday in Toronto. Brian Burke declined to comment on the rumors, but Sykora is VERY unhappy the way he is being treated and I am very unhappy having him in my Yahoo Fantasy Pool. TRADE HIM ALREADY!

An Embarassment to Bruins Hockey, Sharks Not Done Dealing, Same with Other Teams

GM Mike O’Connell should be fired.

A forward and an “offensive” defenseman missing in San Jose.

More trades to come?

Rookie Watch, Free Agents Progress, Fedorov Trade, GM's Panic?

It is all about the Sid Kid, the next Russian Star, two solid defensemen and the next wave of young goalies.

How have the 2005 Summer free agents performed thus far in the Eastern Conference?

The Fedorov trade, plus Scatchard…. more trades to come?

Leading to…… general managers panicking?

Doug Weight Available…. Any Takers?

Although he has a no-trade clause, with the Blues in last place Doug Weight may be willing to waive it to go to a better team… but at $5.7 million per season….