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Roberts Close to be Traded **UPDATED** reports that Gary Roberts may be traded today if he waives his no-trade clause. The team acquiring him is neither Toronto or Ottawa. Details to follow; TSN is suggesting the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Reviewing the Situation || Updated (2/25)

Hello hockey fans. Our time has come! The Trade Deadline is three full days away and what are we exactly looking at now? Have things changed? Find out! Trade Deadline Guide

It’s all here, the Guide to the Trade Deadline. All that you can possibly imagine.

Roberts and Bertuzzi to Toronto?

According to Eklund on both Bertuzzi and Roberts may be headed to Toronto sooner than later.

Nagy Sees Stars

The Phoenix Coyotes have joined the sellers club as they traded winger Ladislav Nagy to the Dallas Stars for a 1st round pick and Matthias Tjarnqvist.

Sean Avery Ready to the Big Apple (Unbiased version)

The New York Rangers acquired one of the most hated players in the NHL, Sean Avery, and prospect John Seymour for hard working fourth liner Jason Ward, Czech prospect Jan Marek, and another prospect in Marc Andre Cliche`.

Forsberg Story, Defending Bettman, What Could've Been (Crosby), Conroy

The Forsberg story, no longer an interesting one since it has become a soap opera. Once again the Flyers organization creates these dramas that just annoy me. GM Holmgren, I hope that if you are surfing the net you come across this article. Rangers may possibly get Forsberg, but hesitation takes place for Rangers fans; maybe they need some persuasion? By the way, how much can Forsberg really give to the Flyers if traded?

In defense of Gary Bettman. Sounds crazy, does it not? That’s why you must read!

I recall Darren Dreger titling one of his pieces on “What Could Have Been”; in regards to Sidney Crosby possibly breaking (or was it tying?) a record had coach Therrien kept him on the ice. Whatever the heck it was, I have a bigger picture with the same title of “What Could Have Been”. What is it about? Crosby is involved, but with the horrific ratings of the All-Star, the NHL keeps losing popularity. Now, this segment may stir up some heat as some hockey fans may call it “controversial”, but maybe not. I don’t know. We have had this discussion once before, but it’s been over a year since and I feel it is important to look back and say “what could have been (had Crosby ___________)”. Find out what I filled in the blank.

The Craig Conroy trade, will it finally get teams to speed up things and make trades?

Where Teams Stand for February Trades

The latest commentary on trade rumors and teams; where do they stand?

Rangers Trade Imminent? Officials Are Rude, Trade Deadline a Biggie?

The New York Rangers had better expectations this season, but have failed to meet them. Inconsistency is a disease for this franchise, will Slats, Maloney, and Renney deal with it now or later? By the way, anyone have some Prozac for Renney?

Another 1st round bust? But, not all is lost as he could actually be used effectively for the ….. (find out who)

Still related to the Rangers, last night’s loss to the Ottawa Senators was a major disappointment, not just for the team, but for the officials. It’s one thing if officials make bad calls, but it is quite something else when they are just rude and unprofessional; find out why.

People have been feeling bored with this season as far as trades, but with the way the season has gone thus far, the Trade Deadline could be a fun week/day.

Mid-Term Grades Set 2, KC and the Sunshine Band, Panthers Hockey, Flames Hockey

More mid-term on other
teams that reached the halfway point of the season. A pretty good set of teams to talk about.

KC and the Sunshine Band! Should Mario dance to the rythm and move to KC City for real? My answer to that is (censored).

Florida Panthers Hockey, who could the Sunshine Jacques go after? It’s a big name, could be a long shot, but never rule out anything that is bizarre in hockey.

Calgary Flames may lose Iginla for a little bit of time, so is their hockey any good?

By the way, check out the biggest bust in the NHL and no, it’s not Alex Daigle.