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RFA – Signing

The Pheonix Coyotes have re-signed restricted FA Landon Wilson to a 1 year contract.

Press Conference

Apparently the Detroit Red Wings have called a press conference for 10:30 am est. tommorow. Murky waters are ahead for the Wings as they might be faced with some really tough decisions. Who will go??? Cujo or the Dominator. Alot of people are saying it’s a no brainer but what it Cujo decides not to waive his no trade clause?? Guess will have to wait and see. There may be no truth to this press conference being called at all because I only seen it posted on


Talking Out Loud!

Gosh darn it, he’s back…

In trying to play “catch-up” after my little vacation, I noticed the inevitable torrential deluge of “The %$#@^ Avalanche are buying the Stanley Cup” comments in the wake of Kariya / Selanne. You didn’t think I was going to let this continue unchecked, did you?

UFA Signing

It appears the LA Kings have made a little splash in the FA market. They have gone and signed former Canuck Trent Klatt. Details of the contract have not been determined yet.


Dominik Hasek Saga Continues

Detroit free press, and, report that Dominik Hasek is said to make his decision today or tomorrow.

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