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Questions In Need of Answers

Been too long my fellow hockey fans, but I am currently halfway through my MBA; so cut me some slack. Every time I think I have more time to dedicate on here, it never happens. I guess I jinx it.

Anyway, we are pretty much a month away from the Trade Deadline. Oooooo, so excited! There are some questions that need to be answered. Here is my new approach. No longer will it be “Challenging Mikster”, but something else which I will try to think of by the end of this column. All while listening to my Zune playlist. And yeah, it rocks.

Today’s topics! …… My cousin Vinny. Jay Bo. Coaching, and the such….

All to your liking. So, speak your mind out. Let’s see what you have to respond to what I have to say.

Great One Has Coyotes Howling

The Phoenix Coyotes are one of the many franchises in financial trouble in the NHL. However that has not stopped them from building a quality hockey team soon ready to compete for a playoff spot in the Western Conference.

If I Could Marry It, I Would

Every morning I wake up to what is becoming a gorgeous weather here in South Florida. Season is changing and no, we do not see leaves falling off trees, but we have the wind getting sliced by the palm trees. The sky is so blue that it leaves you starring at it for some time only to then notice how stupid you look as you are also getting blinded by the sun.

So how did I feel hockey in the air here in Florida? Traveling just about half hour from my house to Coral Springs where the Panthers hold their training camp at Incredible Ice, I finally stepped out of my father’s car and put on a Panthers sweatshirt in 85 degrees (F) weather, walking about 15 yards, only to have sliding doors open before me releasing a gust of freezing wind.

I finally smelled hockey as a shark smells blood. My heart filled with excitement, passion, and love, I thought to myself….. “If I could marry this game, I would”.

Forever Rivals

The Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. One of the greatest rivalries in sport. While some of their battles are legendary, sometimes you just have to question that wisdom considering the talent (or lack thereof) that have come through both organizations.

For fun, lets take a look at what we Habs and Leaf fans are all ashamed about.

Can the Leafs make the playoffs?

Let’s cut to the chase.  The question every Maple Leafs fan (and hater) wants to know is, can this year’s version of the buds make the Stanley Cup playoffs?