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Pominville stays in Buffalo

Jason Pominville has just agreed to a 5 year contract extension with the Sabres. The deal is believed worth 5.3 millions per season, for a total of 26.5 millions. Pominville set career-high last year in assists and points, with 53 and 80 respectively. He’s also the front-runner for wearing the C next year in Buffalo. He’s linked to the Sabres through 2013/2014.

This may be the beginning of a new era in Buffalo, as the owner seems to be willing to give pay raises to his star players in order to keep them. After seeing McKee, Drury, Briere and Campbell leaving, Buffalo couldn’t afford seeing Pominville packing his bags too. With Vanek and Roy, he’ll be the cornerstone of this franchise for years to come. Good signing by Darcy Regier.

Schneider to be bought out; Sens eyeing him?

Bryan Murray may have been interested in Schneider, but just could not afford him financially for cap reasons. Now with rumors saying he is going to be bought out, Ottawa may be able to afford him and get their puck moving defeseman they have been looking for.

*NHL Awards: The Top Defensive Forward, Who Can Also Contribute Offensively

Reigning Champ:

Pavel Datsyuk is possibly the best ALL AROUND player in the NHL. I’m not calling Crosby or Ovechkin one dimensional players, but Dastyuk is as strong defensively as he is offensively, and still is one of the best producing players in the game.

Schneider on Waivers

Various reports are saying that the Anaheim Mighty Ducks have placed Mathieu Schneider on waivers.

Devils Still Good But Not Quite A Contender

Despite the fact the New Jersey Devils have been regular playoff participants the last decade or so, it’s not automatic anymore to put the team among the top contenders for the Stanley Cup.

The 15 Teams in the WC, Sundin Next Week? And More…

Hello my fellow hockey fans. We’re just about to enter mid-way through September, which only means…..closing in on the puck drop. It is unfortunate that I will miss BOTH games between the Rangers and the Lightning. The teams will face off in the Czech Republic on October 4, and 5 at 12-pm et. But, I will finally get to see Washington DC as I’ve only passed by it going back and forth between New Jersey and South Florida. Nothing wrong with missing your favorite hockey team play twice after going through months and months without watching hockey. After all, I am adding more culture to my knowledge. Yep….., nothing wrong……. (insert a lot of cussing).

SO! Ok, I am going to briefly look at the 15 teams in the Western Conference.

Will we know what happens to Mats Sundin next week? Probably something new will come up.

I will further explain the HTR Experts idea, and in addition I will just give some off-topic talks.

Puck Drops Soon, 15 Teams, Hockey to Be Top Sport in US? HTR's New Plan

The puck drops on October 4. We’re under a month to go and this Sunday will mark 21 days before the show.

What will happen between now and then?

A quick view of the Eastern Confernce.

Will hockey finally regain popularity in the US? How?

HTR’s new plan, and the reason why there will not be an official HTR Season Preview. This plan involves the likes of great HTR members such as nordiques100. So, you ought to read this.

McCabe a Panther

As to be expected, the Leafs trade Bryan McCabe and a 4th rounder to the Florida Panthers for Mike Van Ryn.

Canes Out To Prove Championship Was No Fluke

This is a big season for the Carolina Hurricanes. After winning the Stanley Cup in 2006, many considered the Canes to be very fortunate, a fluke if you will. Since their win, they have only enforced that notion by being playoff spectators the last two years.

Who's The Next HTR Poster Boy?

Now That It’s Confirmed Bryan McCabe and a late round pick  Is Headed to the Panthers For Mike Van Ryn WHO will be the Poster Boy for HTR???