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Capitals Retain Witt

The Washington Capitals have re-signed: Brendan Witt, Brian Sutherby, Jeff Halpern, Brian Wilsie, Graham Mink, Maxime Ouellet, Steve Eminger, Shaon Morrisson, and Nolan Yonkman.

More Detroit Rumors?

Datsyuk on the block..again?(But not to the Leafs)s


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Stevie Thomas was contacted last week by leafs gm ferguson and is seriously considering capping off his career in a leafs uniform.

Re-signings, Updated

Today’s resignings:

Should the format of the schedule be changed?

There should really be a change in the NHL schedule. This season every team has to play every team in their own division like 7 times and the other teams in their conference 4 times, so out of 82 games that is already 68 played by teams in their own conference and that leaves 14 games to play against teams in the opposite conference and there is 15 teams so automatically there will be one team that will not be played against.