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Andrei Markov Agrees to a new Two-Year Deal With the Habs

The Montreal Canadiens have announced the re-signing of Andrei Markov to a two-year contract. General Manager Bob Gainey did not disclose the salary figures of the contract.

Holes That Need Filling Pt.3

It’s time yet again, for the seris of “Holes That Need Filling” articles. The atlantic is up.

Possible Holdouts?

According to WayMoreSports the following 18 players may be holdouts

Hedberg On The Way Out??

Is Craig Patrick slowly preparing the departure of is #1 goalie??

The Predators, Or The Prey?

Unlike The Minnesota Wild, or the Columbus Blue Jackets, The Nashville Predators have not made steps to improve their team since becoming part of the NHL. Things do not seem to be getting any better in the town nicknamed “Smashville”. Nashville fans wont be able to count on their team doing any smashing this year. No notable big off-season moves were made, and when looking at their roster I wondered how this team would make it this year.

Czech Players thanks’s member Coat for the following update on Jaromir Jagr, Rucinsky, Hlavac, and Dopita.


All right well just as I did with the Lindros rumors … when I put those to rest, I’m putting a few more rumors to a stop.

Some of the rumors have gotten so out of hand and so bad that I need to end them now.

HTR Member Awards

I got this idea from Wowhockey with the best admin and such. Enter and vote for Members!

The Future of the Wild

Alright, well I have noticed that no one ever talks about the Wild, and I do not understand why. I believe that they have a good young team and have some good young prospects that will one day make this team a winner, and this article will show what the Wild have looking forward to, in years to come.

Arvedson doesn't like what he's getting

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Magnus Arvedson, has been contacted by over 10 teams