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Who are you?

I’ve been a participant at HTR for a while now. I’m not sure exactly when I joined. Anyway, I’ve gotten to know a lot a folks by their “handle.” We’ve got DJ, Mikster, Aaron, Jonathane, Titans, CaptainSteve, etc, etc, etc…… There’s a real long list.

Richter Out For Season?

“New York Rangers goaltender Mike Richter will miss the remainder of the season with a slight fracture of his skull, according to broadcast reports.”

Trade Rumors Rules

The Rumour Rule

1. All trade rumours MUST have a source.

2. If you think up a trade, say so and defend you stance legitimately.

3. Sources have to be named, not “I heard this yesterday”. You can say your source is “anonymous” if the source doesn’t want to give out their name (like team officials), but you can’t post without permission. Radio, newspapers and T.V. automatically assume permission because they are reporting “for all to hear and see”.

4. Opinions are OKAY as long as you legitimately back them up, and you can ask for others’ opinions as long as you back up your own.



Micki Peroni (mikster)

p.s. This message will be posted every month as a reminder, and also for new comers.

Audette And Koivu To Be Back Soon!

According to, source that is very close to MontrĂ©al Canadiens organization, Donald Audette and Saku Koivu WILL be both back this season AND EARLIER than first thought…

Rangers Chances of Playoffs Could Drop Down to Slim

Rangers goaltender Mike Richter suffered a concussion during Friday’s game against the Atlanta Thrashers. Mike Richter will not play tonight against the New York Islanders, and it is unknown when Richter will start playing.

Dan Blackburn will get his chance to carry the Rangers until Richter comes back. God Bless this kid if the Rangers win tonight against the Islanders.

Micki Peroni

Key Deals. Devils Reach Out to the Stars. Flyers Desperation Move

I was away for a more of a business trip than vacation, and watching ESPN with the college basketball is not that easy. I am late for this but I just want to express some key points for mostly the Rangers (my specialty), Flyers, and Devils.

You don’t have to read the Rangers section, but I want the Flyers fans to write what they see in Oates. How does Oates fit in?

Can the Rangers Get Any Luckier?

Now it seems as if the Rucinsky and Lyashenko deal seems like it was a must do for the Rangers. Tonight, the Rangers are playing against the Boston Bruins and Radek Dvorak is injured with a torn MCL and/or ACL. He will have reconstructive knee surgery, much like Mike Richter and Tomas Kloucek had. It happened when Dvorak was crossing the blueline and stupidly and pretty useless, old veteran Gord Murphy stuck his hip out on Dvorak.

…more mentioned in Mercury News

Thought you might like o read this:

Hockey trades are motivated almost as much by contract status and salary as play on the ice. That means certain players — Selanne and other unrestricted free agents, for example — become automatic fodder for trade talk.

And all that talk is magnified by the Internet.

“It’s gotten to this point because of the Internet,” Sharks General Manager Dean Lombardi said. “If one newspaper has it, everybody has it. That’s different than five years ago when you might see it in one paper, but it wouldn’t have a life of its own.”

Many major hockey sites have a link to trade rumors. Some, like www.hockeytrade, are even more direct.

All of which poses a problem for general managers: how to respond to the player — and to the public.

Here is the full article:


Media Tricks Once Again

The media falsified their trade rumors of New York Rangers veteran netminder Mike Richter. Today, radio station 660 WFAN interviewed Rangers GM Glen Sather. Radio announcer Sal Mussina asked Sather about his involvement in the trade deadline, mentioning Richter. Sather responded that he has not talked to any teams about Richter. Sather said he will trade only if the offers will be right for the Rangers, not to just make a trade.

In my opinion, the Rangers should just fire Low.

Peroni on Spector's Trade Rumors

My opinions on Trade Rumors from Spector:


*** Since the trade deadline is coming closer, HTR REQUIRES ALL submitted trade rumors to have a source. Trade rumors that are “thoughts” or “i heard somewhere” will NOT be posted, unless the trade rumor could happen or sounds realistic.***

Thank you,
HTR Staff

Flyers make a trade

The Flyers have aquired forward Jarrod Skalde from the Thrashers for minor leaguer Joe DiPenta.

Stan Fischler says

The Isles would love to land either Geoff Sanderson or Shawn McEachern to play alongside Alexei Yashin. Bait could be Mariusz Czerkawski-plus

Ducks Bruins trade

The Anaheim Mighty Ducks traded right wing Marty McInnis to the Boston Bruins for a third-round NHL entry draft pick.

Richter To Be DEALT If Sather Gets The Right Offer

Larry Brooks from the NY Post reports:

Flyers problems=trade is likely

Today’s game against the Rangers exposed many of the flyers problems, as well as some additional ones.

Outrageous Ref Makes Kings Lose Game, Kings Fans Rightfully React

Next Head Coach to call a time-out will be thrown out of the game?

Where Poti is going

Everybody is wondering what the Oilers are going to do with Tom Poti. Even our local sports man, Brian Hall, who usually sticks up for every Oiler on the roster, said that he would never want Poti on his team. So I think Kevin Lowe knows he has to trade this guy while his value is high, and besides that the defense is just fine, the second line needs somebody the centre it.

Devils Worship to Satan for Help?

In Courtesy of Spector’s Rumors.

A source out of New York says the New Jersey Devils have contacted the Buffalo Sabres regarding the trade status of forward Miroslav Satan.

-After watching the Devils lose to the Thrashers, they need something. Their defense seems to be getting weaker, Rafalski is injured, and the Devils’ offense can’t put the puck in the net. Satan is a goal scorer, and is capable to score 30 goals a season, how much will the Devils have to give in order to aqcuire Miroslav Satan? Arnott, Gomez, or______?-

Sabres, Flames deal

The Sabres and Flames have worked out a mutual aggreement to make a trade but…it hasn’t happened yet because the teams are working out draft picks and future considerations. The trade should go down within the next week or so like this:

Buffalo gets-Marc Savard and Bob Boughner

Calgary gets-Chris Gratton, Richard Smehlik, and future considerations

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