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It's Over!!! Overview of ALL TRADES, My Opinion, and Share yours

First of all, I really appreciate all the messages and compliments I received for posting the trades. But, I would like to give credit to, they did an awesome job. TFP was very useful, helpful, and I would like to congratulate them for getting the Gilmour story up first. Also, was helpful.

However, no one deserves bigger credit than Trademan. Never forget that he created this masterpiece of a site. Where would you be without it? Don’t thank me, thank him!

Also, HTR hit a record today. At one point, 1200 people were on the site all at once. Also, I kept this stat: 5308 members on 3.4.03 and on 3.11.03, HTR has 5432, and counting. Awesome!

Anyway, let’s take a look at this D-Day.

Shawn McEarchen Re-Signs with the Thrash reports that Shawn McEarchen has signed a multi year extension. Click for more…

Osgood to the Blues, *continuously updated, refresh the site*

Isle’s trade Chris Osgood and an 03 3rd round pick to the St. Louis Blues for Justin Papineau and 03 2nd round pick.

Capitals acquire Berezin for a 03 4th rounder.

Rob Neidermeyer to the Duck for prospect Commodore, and JF Damphousse (both former Devs).

Dan McGillis traded from the San Jose Sharks to the Boston Bruins for a 2nd round pick. (He is not even worth that).

MacAmmond back to the Flames for a 5th rounder.

I am traded to the Penguins. No, Micki Dupont and Mattias Johansson are Penguins now, and going to the Flames is Shean Donovan.

Brad May traded to the Canucks for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

Phil Housely a Leaf, Mr. Moran a Bruin

The Penguins traded Ian Moran to the Boston Bruins for a 4th round pick in 2003.

The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Blackhawks defenseman Phil Housely for a 4th and 9th round pick.

Penguins trade Marc Bergevin to the Lightning for Brian Holzinger.

Gilmour to the Leafs, Thomas to the Ducks, Isbister Gone. confirm that Doug Gilmour is a Maple Leaf for a conditional pick. reports that Steve Thomas was acquired from the Mighty Ducks in exchange for a 5th rounder. reports that the Oilers have traded Janne Niinima, a 2nd, and 4th round pick to the New York Islanders for Brad Isbister and Raffi Torres.

Hrdina to the Grand Canyon

The Penguins have traded Jan Hrdina and Francois Leroux to the Phonix Coyotes for former Flyer Gullieme Lefebvre, Ramzi Abid, and Dan Focht.

Now the Amonte trade looks better.

Senators acquire Smolinski

The Senators acquired Smolinski from the LA Kings for undisclosed player, more details to follow but i am out to lunch right now. Trademan, take over if you can.

Slats makes another steal

Nw York Rangers acquired Anson Carter and Ales Pisa from the Edmonton Oilers for Radek Dvorak and Cory Cross.


Val Bure Singing Blues, so should the Blues fans!

Florida Panthers traded Valeri Bure for highly touted prospect Mike Van Ryn.

Battaglia to the Avalanche

Avalanche traded Radim Vrbata to the Carolian Hurricanes for Bates Battaglia.

Wayne Primeau to Sharks for Bradley

Wayne Primeau of the Pittsburgh Penguins traded to the San Jose Sharks for Matt Bradley.

No biggie, but it could be a start for a bigger deal from the Sharks.

Schneider to Red Wings

Red Wings acquired LA Kings defenseman Metthieu Schneider for Sean Avery and Maxim Kuznetsov, a 2003 1st rounder draft pick and 2nd round pick in 2004.

My take: Horrible trade for the Red Wings, horrible. I wouldn’t even trade a 1st round pick for Schneider.

It's Deadline Day, and the Panthers looking to Sign UFA?

With the trade deadline today at 3 p.m., Panthers General Manager Rick Dudley spent most of Monday on the phone.