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Jouisey calls conference

The New Jersey Devils have called a conference to report that their eldest defenceman Ken Daneyko will retire after completing his last goal and to retire after winning Lord Stanley’s Cup.

Take Back Time

Ever regret an outcome of a trade?, or been yelling at the TV when that player who used to be on your team returns and scores a goal on you? Take your favourite team and take back all those mistakes your franchise has made and put those players back on your team. Either if it is a trade, waiver, inability to resign you have the power to take back time. This was posted awhile back, but more trades have occured, and many new wow members have come.

Dallas TRYING to fill gap left by Hatcher.

Sports radio 850 WEEI in Boston is reporting that the Dallas stars will sign Don Sweeney.

Joseph waives no trade clause

CuJo and his agent officially waived the no-trade clause, as detailed in this article:

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The thing I found the most revealing, was that the New York Post has cited that Mike Dunham is being shopped to Boston, in a possible move to precurse a trade for CuJo. Are we seeing a possible truth come out of the Lindros rumors?

A Darker Evil Looms

In about a year we will all be sitting around waiting to see what kind or battles are fought in the impending labor war that will take place in the NHL. While small market teams are relishing the idea of getting the help they need to be more competetive, the league offices are allowing greater disservices to happen that could potentially affect all teams. We can look back to the Jaromir Jagr trade of a few years ago when Pittsburgh dealt him for peanuts just to save money. Or more recently the Kovalev trade. But I prefer to look at the doings of the day. Colorado just signed two premier free agents for a combined salary that would barely buy you an overrated defenseman

Arvedsson to become a Leaf…does he play defense?? de Vries to Leafs?

It was reported on the Fan 590 radio in Toronto this morning that Magnus Arvedson may be signed by the Leafs as early as today, to a multi-year deal.

New HTR Addition ***COMING SOON***

It is time for the HTR Staff to make a new addition to the site. It has been a while since did not add anything new, and now that we have received a whole lot more visitors and especially new members, who greatfully contribute, it is time we do more for the hockey fans who are a part of Remember, allows a hockey fan to express his/her views on certain topics in an article or comment, and we are a site that has done extremely well posting updates (*March 11 Trade Deadline was a huge hit*).

So, click to find out more on our new addition

Wesley Re-signs with Carolina. What the Hell


“Free agent defenceman Glen Wesley has signed a one-year deal with the Carolina Hurricanes, TSN has learned.

Sources say the deal is worth $2.75 million plus bonuses.”

Blues wish list

On columnist Larry Wigge was talking about all the FA signings so far. Wigge gave some names of players who might either sign with the Blues or, be traded to the Blues.

Marchment Getting A Second Chance

It was just reported on the Fan 590 in Toronto that the Leafs have now “turned they’re attention” from signing Greg de Vires to Marchment. It seems that maybe the Leafs have realized that someone is making a better offer than they are willing to make for de Vires and that Marchment must be the next best choice. Now this report maybe be blown out of perportion by the Toronto media, as they are well known for doing, but if it does turn out to be true, and they can’t aquire de Vires, then I say definitley sign Marchment. If the guy is willing to sign for $900,000(give or take) for a one year contract then you’re getting him as a steal. He isn’t as good as de Vires but still is a soild, hard hitting defencemen with alot of experience and can only boost a deplenished Leafs blueline.