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Palffy heads to Steel City

According to the Pittsburgh Penguins have signed UFA Zigmund Palffy to a three year $13.5 million deal.


Leafs Hockey, What's Goin on in the Big Apple, and more…

Well, some of you asked me “why not the Rangers?”, so alright. I’ll give you my take on them.

How about some Leafs hockey? Hey, it’s the hot topic in the NHL world on here, and this time it’s not about who the Leafs should get and other things that have been talked about. I’m taking the discussions in a different direction in regards to John Ferguson Jr.

Plus, extra tid bits on another team, and my other attack on another media outlet.

Stars add Johan Hedberg

The Star Telegram reports that the Stars have just signed goalie Johan Hedberg to a one year deal.

Umm, Yeah…

So, yeah…. I could not come up with a headline title, so……..just deal with it.

Pretty much it’s all hockey talk in here as so many moves were made, fantesticles moves! From Edmonton to Philadelphia, then to Pittsburgh, then to China….

….. yeah….. China…. forget it….. just read.

Cujo? Zetterberg?

The latest rumor flying around Toronto (as usual) is JFJ shipping goaltender Eddie Belfour and Wade Belak to Detroit, in return they recieve the rights to Hendrik Zetterberg.

The rumor comes from am 640 mojo radio

(link pasted below)

The deal would work droping some salary in the Toronto Books and also adding an up and coming left wing/center, detroit also needs a goalie… with Belfour gone, Cujo maybe signed for less. But again, a Toronto rumor… your thoughts?

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