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If The Pens Become Sellers, Who's Gettin Dealt?

Well I’m not giving up, but the consensus seems to be that after a 2-3 5 game home stand the Pens playoffs hopes have vanished. After all, the remaining schedule includes Philadelphia (4) (which to me begs the question why do you make a schedule where you play the same team in your division 4 times in 15 days and 4 out of your last 11 games), Ottawa (2), Dallas, Colorado, Detroit, NJ all once. That’s 10 out of the last 19 against elite clubs. But I feel that as a fan you have to have Ian Moran’s attitude! “If anybody thinks we can’t make it, they shouldn’t bother playing the rest of the games, you have to have a never-say-die attitude, go and claw and believe that we’re going to be in it.”

Sabres Finally Bought

According to the sabres have been bought by Tom Golisano. Does this mean that Satan and Zhitnik will be moving soon…..who knows?

Rumors according to TSN.COM

Numminen going to Detroit and Gomez going to the Blue Jackets are some of the trade rumors discussed on TSN.COM

Although Numminen has been talked about for a while now, Scott Gomez is sure enough a surprise.

Trade Rumors around the NHL

With all of the rumors going around as we get closer to the deadline I have compiled some rumors from various sources to present them in one article – team by team.

Varada Traded to Sens for Prospect Reports:

The Ottawa Senators toughened up for the playoffs Tuesday by acquiring hard-nosed right-winger Vaclav Varada and a fifth-round pick in the 2003 draft from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for Jakub Klepis.

So What Was Wrong With the Red Wings?

Not recently, of course, as they’re something like 6-0-0-1 in their past 7 games, w/ the one OTL being a complete fluke.

Devils are Cheap

There have been multiple reports that the devils are chasing highly paid and highly touted snipers, checkers, and finesse players. I’m here to put these rumors to sleep. The Star-ledger dedicated a page to the Palffy rumor, and half to the Nolan rumors. These simply aren’t true.

Rheaume to Devils

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Thrashers traded veteran forward Pascal Rheaume to the New Jersey Devils on Monday for a conditional choice in the 2004 NHL entry draft.

Rheaume, who began his seven-year NHL career with New Jersey, has four goals, nine assists and 24 penalty minutes in 56 games this season. For his career, he has 34 goals and 48 assists in 242 games with New Jersey, St. Louis and Atlanta.

Not big, I’ll grant you. But at least a real trade to report.

Gratton to Colorado

The Denver Post reported today that the Avalanche are ‘mulling’ a trade for Gratton. No mention of who they would part with to obtain Gratton, although he was mentioned as taking Serge Aubin’s spot in the lineup. The Avs are apparently trying to fill a gap they perceive in third line scoring (and second line too most likely).

New York Islanders News:

In Sunday’s (February 24th) sports section in New York’s Newsday there was some speculation about some Islanders trade rumors. Reporter Alan Hahn reports that while it was mascot day at Nassau Coliseum that there may have been more then just the Calgary Flames mascot in attendance. Two Calgary Flames scouts were in the stands observing the Isles and were also spotted in the sky box with Islanders General Manger Mike Milbury. Before the game Fox Sports announcer Howie Rose interviewed Milbury in a segment called ”Behind the Bench” and Mad-Mike suggested that the Islanders may not just sit back come the March 11th trade deadline. He also went on to add that he thinks with some added depth the Islanders could be a “dominate force” in the playoffs. The names that are most likely on all of your minds is Mr. Iginla. While that would be an amazing aquisition for not just the New York Islanders but any team, I would tend to say that it’s more about a player like Chris Drury….Should be fun to see who get’s dealt and who doesn’t…..GO ISLANDERS!!!

Borque next Bruins Head Coach???

O.K. this is from The Fourth (the same “source” that broke the Thrasher hiring Hartley story). Here’s the article than I’ll give you my take.

MantaRay PowerRankings for 2/23/03

Here we go again the MantaRay PR’s for games ending 2/22/03.

With an emphasis on playoff aspirations and picking the bones of the non-playoff teams carcass.

Manta Match up:

STARS vs SENS Thursday, Feb 27th


Top ten:

-Sens ascend again

-Strong team effort finds Leafs higher

-St. Louis singing the Blues

Middle of the Pack:

-Snow season good for Isles

-Bruins still hibernating

-Caps allow Lighting opportunity for playoffs

Bottom of the Barrel:

-Rangers and Pred’s contending or pretending?

-Jackets and Flames finished

-Sabres still claim the dishonor of #30

NHL's Top 20 Goalies

I am sure this story will be controversial, however I have decided to rank the NHL’s top 20 goaltenders for this season. I am sure not everyone will agree with my choices, but I believe these to be the fairest choices.