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Can the Pens still make a run?

Ok so now that camp is a week away lets dissect the Penguins and see if they truly can make a Cup run or not.

Who will win the Jack Adams?

I recently wrote an article on who will win the Norris, but now the question poses as who will be the best coach this season?

Two Trade Rumors, One Just a Thought

Titles of Articles:

1)”Amonte To Leafs?”

written by: Anonymous

2)”Could Barnett Get Nedved if He Doanates to Sather?”

written by: Micki Peroni

General Managers Reviews

Previously, I wrote an article of NHL TEAM REVIEWS. This time it is General Managers Reviews. Read about how well or how poor every GM did his job. All of the GMs are letter graded, like A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s, and F’s. See what your team’s GM got and why.

Al Iafrate's Come Back

Another report of The Sporting News, in Slover’s mailbag, says that Al Iafrate might make a come back to the NHL. It must be Mario’s come back that inspired him. Iafrate contacted GM Rutherford of the Hurricanes that he will attend training camp as a try out, similar to Richer. Is this a good idea for the Hurricanes, Iafrate, and the NHL? It sure is, Iafrate is still 35 and is 6’3 weighing 235 lbs, but it has been 3 years since Iafrate last skated in the NHL. If Iafrate can resume his supershot, that held the record for the hardest slapshot, then he will make a great come back. Opinions are requested.

Amonte Could Be Dealt, Back to The Big Apple?

An addition to the Ray Slover “mailbag” of The Sporting News is a rumor of Blackhawks star RW Tony Amonte getting traded, possibly the New York Rangers.

Osgood, Richter, & the Blues

I just read a rumor from Ray Slover of The Sporting News that the Rangers, Blues, and Wings may make a deal involving Richter and Osgood, sending Ricther to the Blues. Can anyone provide any more info? Thanks.

Pens News

Titles of Articles:

1) “Pens Sign Primeau”

written by: Anonymous

2) “Kaspiritis Must Go Now”

written by: hockeynut

Two Red Wings Articles

Titles of articles:

1) “Are the Wings 2 OLD”

written by avsfan

2) “Lidstrom New Contract”

written by ronnie73

Peca lands deal

Mike Peca has reportedly accepted a five year deal with the Islanders for approx. 20 million dollars. Also the Lightning are working on a deal with Lecavalier. Lightning want a five year deal, while Lecavalier is looking for a three deal.


Predicting stats, trades, or standings is guessing, unless you can read the future. Here are the reviews of every team for the 2001-2002 season.

Hull Signs With Red Wings

The Red Wings agreed to a two-year deal with RW Brett Hull. The deal could be worth $9 to $10 million dollars. A conference is taken place this afternoon to make the deal official.

Rangers Team Report

The New York Rangers have been known to always sign or trade for marquee players. With GM Glen Sather, the Rangers seemed to go a totally different direction. What made Sather trade for Lindros? How are Sather’s moves different from Neil Smith’s past moves? How will Lindros change the Rangers? What did the Flyers get? Will the Rangers sign Hull? Take a look and see how the 2001-2002 New York Rangers will look like.

NHL Approved Lindros to Rangers Deal

The deal has been approved by the NHL late Friday night. The Philadelphia Flyers send Eric Lindros to the New York Rangers for LW Jan Hlavac, D Kim Johnsson, proscpect Pavel Brendl, and a draft pick. Lindros signed a contract with the Rangers that is worth 37$ million dollars worth for over 4 years. The Rangers will hold a press conference on Monday.

Lindros Deal Finalized; Waiting for League Approval

The Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers have finalized the Lindros deal. The Flyers will aquire Jan Hlavac, Kim Johnsson, Pavel Brendl and a mid-round draft pick, and the Rangers get Lindros and a conditional first-round draft pick if he doesn’t play enough games. The Rangers also reached a deal with Lindros reportedly worth $37 million over four years.

Sources say the final sticking point of the deal was insurance, was solved Friday. TSN reports that if Lindros suffers a concussion during the 2001-02 season, he will not be insured for the first year.

“I expect it to be resolved on Monday,” Clarke said.

The waiting game continues for 88.

The Rangers have now sent Eric to a neurolagist in Montreal.It’s certainly starting to look like the Lindros to NY.may not happen.

Lindros Arrived at LaGuardia Airport

ESPN reported that Eric Lindros has arrived at LaGuardia airport. Lindros’ lawyer, Gordon Kirke, has told sources that the deal has come through, but Lindros would have to pass a physical, and will have to agree terms on a contract with the Rangers. Expect the deal to happen Friday.

Lindros Articles

Titles of Articles:

1) “Trade Done, Lindros Camp to Negotiate”

2) “Trade Could Put Flyers Over The Top”

3) “Lindros vs. Jagr”

4) “Good Move???????”

5) “Is Sather Planning On Dealing Lindros to Toronto?”

Authors of Articles:

1) aafiv

2) flyerfan9710

3) neophool

4) Cynar

5) pat

Lindros Close to Become a Ranger

Many hockey sources have reported that the Rangers are close to trade for Eric Lindros. The Rangers players mentioned in the trade are Jan Hlavac, Pavel Brendl, and Kim Johnsson. The deal could happen tommorow, Wednesday, when GM Glen Sather should return from his vacation.

NOTE: I received many submitted articles on this topic, so I posted one with the main point. I’m very pleased with HTR members that are submitting immidiate news.

Sather: Smart or Cheap?

With many rich teams adding big name free agents this off-season, the Rangers ended up dumping a lot of salary and not signing and big name players.

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