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NHL in TV trouble

Things that need to get higher…

1. Britney Spears jeans.. I know what you’re thinking. What !!! Who doesn’t love that little dime slot butt crack look when you see her on TV or from at least 300 ft (so says the restraining order) away. But the consequences are this: every girl in America will try and duplicate that look. Head down to Costco one afternoon and try to imagine some of those gals lifting the 100lb vat of Hagen Daaz into their carts showing a little “cleavage” with their low riders. Yep. Should I pass you one or two flaming sticks to poke out your eyes with.

2. The calorie count of a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Have you seen these things. they’re like jelly filled orgasms. Of course too many of them and you may explode. They should serve those things with a defibulator or a syringe of insulin.

3. The NHL TV Ratings.

Entry Draft Discussions

This is the kind of draft that teams build their future on, as many scouts and staff members of teams’ player personelles have said. This is a deep draft, a lot of talent with future players that will help teams succeed in the future. You have any clue on this year’s drafees? Do not worry, we have so many great fans here that know enough about this year’s prospects who can fill you in with good information.

Here are three articles sent in various members, regarding the Entry Draft. Please, do post a question on here if you need some feedback on a certain prospect that interests you. Or, comment on what your team, and/or others as well, needs to pick in this year’s draft. A mock draft has been published by CNN-Sports Illustrated, which should give you a good idea on some prospects. And, there is a pretty interesting draft article sent it, the kind that will make some fans look up information.

LeClair's Four Teams List, Larry Brooks was RIGHT!

Flyers LW John LeClair has agreed to waive his no trade clause, and he has also given the 4 teams of where he’d like to play.

It's All About The Benjamins

KKFN (AM950 “The Fan”) in Denver is reporting that, in the event of a lockout in 2004, both Joe Sakic and Rob Blake will still receive paychecks in excess of two million dollars apiece.

Apparently, both players have clauses written into their contracts guaranteeing that they will still receive pro-rated signing bonuses and payments of that ilk, even in the event of a work stoppage.

Makes you wonder how many other agents thought that far ahead, eh?

Striaghtforward hockey reporting – how’d I do, coach?


Devils Win

For their 3rd time in their history, the New Jersey Devils won the Finals of the Lucky Bounce, also known as the Stanley Cup. Jean-Sebastien Giguere, who was booed by the classless Devils fans, won the Conn Smyth Trophy. A former Mike Milbury pick in Mike Rupp (drafted 1st round by Milbury, left unsigned, re-entered draft and picked by the Devils in a 3rd round) scored the Cup winner with a nice deflection. Congratulations to the New Jersey Devils and their future parade which will be held at the Continental Airlines Arena parking lot surrounded by highways, near the airport where fans will smell the fresh air.

It is now official, however, that the 2002-2003 season is over. No more skating, no more goals, saves, and nothing to watch on TV. It is time to move on to the off-season rumors. During the Entry Draft we will have special coverage working with McKeen’ Coaching rumors, more trade rumors come draft day, and the “where will they sign?” rumors will continue, so stay tuned!

Is this a two-team website?

As I write this, it’s 10 hours until Game 7 of the Cup-deciding game. Yet there’s scarcely a mention of it to be found here. As was pointed out to me once, this is, after all, “”. But I think some people take this appelation WAY too literally.

Isles to radically slash payroll?

Yes, the source of this is Larry Brooks who in my opinion hates the Islanders organization for their success and the Rangers failures, but I think he actually might be on to something with this tidbit. Other sources including Alan Hahn of Newsday have talked about player movement this summer and the possibility of trading Peca. As a season ticket holder of the Isles, if what Larry Brooks says is true, I will not be renewing my plan. It is an obvious attempt to see what Milbury can do on a limited budget compared to Ottawa and Minnesota who went further into the playoffs with less $$$ given. Once again, the Isles might be stuck with ownership who is tired of losing games and money and decides to dump salary to at least break even. It doesn’t help that the price of Computer Associate shares have dropped making the 2 Isles owners a lot less rich then they were when they bought the team 3 years ago. Here is the article.

Svehla's retirement update

Very interesting Article, take a look:

It probably may take an extra million dollars — US of course — and the consent of two young children to bring star defenceman Robert Svehla back to the Maple Leafs for the 2003-04 NHL season.

Rangers making a last ditch effort before 2004 armageddon?

Kovalev, Bure, Nedved, Leetch, Messier, Carter, Holik and now possibly Leclair, Jagr, and Bowman? All this with one year before the much prophesized “Armageddon” in relation to the end of the current CBA? Are the Rangers making a late last ditch effort to win the cup with their current team before the CBA expires?

Rumored trades and signings

Toronto is talking to Steve Tambelini of Vancouver. They have been granted permission to talk to Tambelini, and they have been given until August 1 to complete a deal if they want. Additonally, the Maple Leafs have a very good chance of signing Joe Nieuwendyk this offseason. He wants to finish his career in Toronto alongside his friend Gary Roberts from thier stint in Calgary. Toronto has also been rumored to having a very good chance of signing Greg De Vries, and that Calle Johansson is also a good possibility.