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A Year of Surprises

This year has most undoubtedly been a year of surprises. Players, teams, coaches, general managers, and owners have all had some surprises. Players have evolved out of no where or finally come to life while others just plain old stunk out the joint. Coaches have come out of the blue to lead their team to success while others have been surprisingly dumped in favour of a new bench boss. General Managers have made surprising moves that have paid of and some general manager firings have been a total shock. Owners have been coming and going more than ever.

It's Official, Mad Mike Needs to go to a Mental Institute

The New York Islanders have fired Head Coach Peter Laviolette. Laviolette took the Islanders to the playoffs two times in a row after the franchise has missed the post-season for seven straight years.

Kings Looking For a New Center

Since the Kings traded two of their top players and highest salaries, they are looking for a knew center to fill smolinki’s spot. They are in rebuild mode so I think a good center will be coming to LA soon.

Hasek to come out of retirement?

According to the Fan 960 in Calgary, there is word that Dominik Hasek will come out of retirement to join the Colorado Avalanche for the upcoming season.

This comes as a surprise considering Pierre Lacroix has already stated that they will go with what they have in David Abeischer and the young prospect they have playing in Hershey.

Another problem i see is that the Detroit Red Wings still hold Haseks rights, according to Bob Mckenzie from TSN, and the Avalanche would have to obtain his rights from the Red Wings. Would the Red Wings be dumb enough to do this, or would it be smart for them to give them the rights to Hasek in return for something that would help out there team. Does Hasek have what it takes to lead the Avs to the cup?

Hasek is 38 years old and has been out of the NHL for a year now. If this report becomes true, does it make the Avs the number one contender next year, or do they need more?

What do you guys think? Can this actually be true? or is it just another rumor thats flying around?

Lemieux denies report he wants to play elsewhere. reports:

If Mario Lemieux returns to the ice for 2003-04 season, he’ll do so in a Pittsburgh Penguins uniform.

If he doesn’t, the team’s owner will be watching the Penguins from his Mellon Arena skybox.

Lemieux quashed a weekend report in the New York Post that claimed he was leaning toward dumping his financial interests in the team in order to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

“I am not considering selling my interest in the Pittsburgh Penguins,” Lemieux said in a statement Monday. “As I said to our season ticket holders last week, I have not decided whether I will play in 2003-04.

“However, if I do play, it will be for the Pittsburgh Penguins.”

The Post cited two “clued-in sources” for the basis of its report. Lemieux recently told confidantes that he wants to play three more seasons — but none with the Penguins — and desired New York as his next career stop, the Post reported.

ITS Official: Gainey returns to Les Habitants!

MONTREAL (AP) – Bob Gainey was hired as general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, rejoining the team he once captained and helped lead to five Stanley Cups.

Defense wins championships .. or does it?

We need to look no further than last year’s Stanley Cup winners to challenge the theory that defense wins championships. At first glance, Hasek’s name jumps out at you and your first thought is, this is a no brainer. Hall of fame goalie = championship correct? Wrong.

SAVARD OUT, GAINEY IN???|||Savard #2 On The Move

According to tha analyst of WWW.TSN.CA , Bob Mckenzie, it seems that the Montreal Canadiens wants some fresh air in the organization. Andre Savard, the dg of the club, could be one of those who can lose his job, but he would still stay in the team as the scout director or something like that…. Bob Gainey would be the man the HABS are trying to convince to take the job….

FA SIGNING ALERT! ‘Jackets Sign Brathwaite

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, unrestricted free agent, Fred Brathwaite, signed Friday with the Columbus Blue Jackets. A formal announcement is expected early this week.

When asked about the signing, Brathwaite, 30, said, “I am very excited. I think this is going to be a chance for me to play a little bit more, be in a situation where I’ll see more ice time . . . and show that I can still play at this level.”

Brathwaite, who was very popular in the Blues’ locker room, was 21-20-8 during his two seasons there. This past season he went 12-9-4 and guided the Blues through an early-season nine-game winning streak. However, later in the season Brathwaite saw little playing time as Brent Johnson took up most of the starts.

The First Pick Goes to…Dallas?

The Palm Beach Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel,, and Spector’s have all alluded to discussions between the Stars and the Panthers regarding the fate of Richard Matvichuk.