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Devils Sign Lachance

The issue of a 7th defenceman for NJ has been seemingly resolved. With Matvichuk out and Malakhov all but retired the 5 shoe-ins for NJ right now is Rafalski, White, Lukowich and RFA’s Hale and Martin (will be signed somehow).

Dvorak not Leetch, back on broadway???

In Ranger news today the NY post is reporting that Dvorak one time 30 goal scorer for the Rangers may make his return.

According to

Dvorak has been talking to St. Louis, and Detroit as well….

Philly interested in Allison?

According to This is an Eklund like site so I wouldnt take this to the bank. However, it goes on to say that Allison has talked to 2-3 teams and one of them is Philly because of the primeau situation along with forsberg’s injury issues.

Top 25 Fantasy Keepers

For those of you who don’t already know, a keeper league is a pool where you keep a certain number of your players (sometimes a whole team) over consecutive seasons. The challenge here is very similar to the problem real NHL GMs face: having a great team this year as well as a great team down the road. I will let everyone know up front, I do not claim to be an amazing keeper league manager, but I put together this list and might update it a couple times during the year. Please don’t flame me too much, these lists are pretty tough (especially keeper lists).

A Real Fantasy Guide to Sleeper picks from each team

I’m sick of all these unrealistic posts of who they think will do amazing this year and take the cup and so on. I’m gonna go through each team briefly and talk about their playoff chances and players on their team that can blossom this year…

110% Think Daze deserves a shot

After watching 110% last night, I cannot believe that Bob Gainey would not at the very least give Eric Daze a crack at making the Habs roster this year. Michel Bergeron or perhaps it was Enrico Ciccone said that this guy was the fastest player on the ice practicing with other NHL players at a local rink. Daze says his back is 100%,his conditioning around 80 and is ready for training camp.Now,I know this guy is injury prone,but with his size and skill,how can the Habs lose with an incentive laiden contract?.

Red Wings to retire Yzerman's jersey

Steve Yzerman, who led the Detroit Red Wings to three Stanley Cups, will have his No. 19 jersey retired Jan. 2. His jersey will be hoisted in Joe Louis Arena to hang among Gordie Howe’s No. 9, Terry Sawchuk’s No. 1, Ted Lindsay’s No. 7, Alex Delvecchio’s No. 10 and Sid Abel’s No. 12. The Red Wings will honor The Captain before playing Anaheim.

Playoff Bound? Only if Crosby clones himself!

All these people are writing articles about how awesome the Penguins will be this year. With Crosby on the first line and Malkin on the second, they have to be in the playoffs. Really? Have you looked at the rest of the team?

Next Leafs Captain?

With Mats Sundin turning 36 and the last year of his contract approaching fast it raises the question, who will done the legendary “C” of the Toronto Maple Leafs after

Mats is gone.

Bad and Good Rumours

Since the rumours and player movement have been slow lately i’ve been looking in different sites and blogs to see if anybody else had something more that could be interesting to discuss when i came across a rumour posted on involving My Wings, the Fyers and Montreal. The rumour ( probably started on some message board but is said to be from someone with a “bond” with a member of the Habs organization ) went like this:

The mistakes, and the jack pots of the leafs

I wanted to bring to everyones attention, the deadly mistakes the leafs management has made over the years. First i would like to point out Luca Cereda, where did this clown go? Martin Havlat was drafted 2 spots after him, that was a mistake. Nik Antropov was another one, Alex Tanguay was drafted 2 spots after Antropov. And(this one kills me)trading Brad Boyes, and Alyn McCauley for Owen “injury magnet” Nolan. Brad Boyes was 4-5 in rookie scoring this year! And last but not least, lets not forget about the Brian Leetch trade, Jarkko Imonnen one of NYR’s top prospects could have been a leaf by now, on our 1-2 lines, if it wasn’t for that trade, and lets not forget about maxim kondratiev, yep another rip off.

Honourable mentions: signing Gill, Antropov, Belak, and Ondrus. And Aquiring Andrew Raycroft, JFJ could have traded Rask for a winger for Sundin.

Isbister signs with Canes

Brad Isbister has signed a 2-way, $600k contract with the carolina huricanes.

Sabres Sign Dmitri Kalinin is reporting that the Sabres re-signed Kalinin to a two-year contract worth $4 million. Kalinin will earn $1.75 million this year and $2.25 million next year.


Boy oh Boy, I’ve been sending in post’s every week about Brian Leetch and the hope of him making his a return to the show lights…. His home, and where he deserves to finish his career is right here on Broadway.

ACCORDING TO THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS… His Return is very possible.

Ribeiro nearly a Blackhawk last Season?

Matthias Brunet reports Mike Ribeiro was nearly part of a major trade last winter involving the Canadiens and Chicago Blackhawks. The deal supposedly would’ve seen Ribeiro, Jose Theodore and Pierre Dagenais shipped to Chicago in exchange for Nikolai Khabibulin and Adrian Aucoin, but was nullified when Theodore broke his ankle. I think that this would have been a great trade but then again if that had happened Huet probably would never have gotten the chance to become the star he is at the moment so I guess it all worked out, especially since Khabibulin was just as bad as Theo last season it would of been a struggling star goalie for another struggling star goalie, maybe they were hoping the change of scenery would change that. Who knows but even though Aucoin had a sub-par year last season i think he would have been a great addition to give us more blueline depth.

2007 Outlook, Part 3

Here’s a list of all the players who will be restricted free agents next July 1st if qualified. They all, according to have one year remaining on their contract and are under age 28 without 7 accrued seasons on June 30th, 2007. That means they are born on July 1st, 1979 or later.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Dilemma

Inspired by TSN’s Darren Dreger’s NHL: Insider, I have written this article to provoke discussion between hockey and Maple Leaf fans alike. Over the past years Mats Sundin has not had a proper winger to play aside him, the last proficient winger to be beside Mats was Alexander Mogilney. What can the organization do…..

Should the Habs look at Daze ???

I was thinking maybe the Habs should sign him at a base salary of let’s say 500,000 $, and throw in some incentives like games played, goals and so on.

The Vancouver Canucks sign Lukas Krajicek

Lukas Krajicek has singed has signed a one year deal on tuseday with the Canucks. Krajicek came to Vancouver this past summer in a block buster trade.

He reported 2 goals and 14 assists in 67 games with the Flordia Panthers

Who's going to backup the Canucks?

According to a Vancouver radio station there 4 goalies who could be the Canucks backup goalie this year.

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