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Canadiens not among suitors for Dumont

If you’re going to a spead dumb rumour tied to fantastical trades then you may as well report actaul events too:

Darcy Tucker in Contract Negotiations

Darcy Tucker and his agent are currently in contract talks with the Maple Leafs…

How good IS Malkin?? [Ovechkin vs Malkin]

This is a pure stastical comparison between Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin.

Sources: &

Which team has the largest wealth of prospects? Whose future is the brightest?

List your team’s prospects and youth and explain why they will be the NHL’s next power house.

For example, is there a team with a more promising assortment of youth and prospects than the Rangers?

Kaigorodov joins Ottawa

Russian centre Alexei Kaigorodov gets OK to join the Senators for training camp.

Rangers not giving up on Leetch

So news breaks…Brian Leetch and the Edmonton Oilers will NOT happen! Brian Leetch and his agent put to rest the possibility of Brian Leetch playing in the West. reports:

Speculation still has Rangers a possablity and somewhat chances of Boston.

Let’s List possible homes.

Habs Pass on Dumont

According to and unrestricted free agent winger J.P.Dumont has narrowed down his options to about three or four teams, none of which include the Montreal Canadiens.

Penguins Future Really That Bright?

I have noticed that the media, the internet, and my close personal friends have been talking about the bright future of the Penguins, but is their future

really that bright?

2006 Fun Is Over, but 2007 Is Under A Year Away (Pt. 1)

Almost two months have come and gone since we all got our little dash of summer excitement from the 2006 free agent season. The rumour mill is really slowing down with very little players with value left on the market, and with rosters way more complete than at this point last season. That means it’s time to…start up the 2007 rumour mill :)


(I’ll do the forwards later on today and the RFAs before the weekend hits)

Captain Lidstrom

The Red Wings are set to name Nicklas Lidstrom as their first new captain in 20 years. He is taking over for the recently retired Steve Yzerman.

No formal announcement has been made as of yet.

Pittsburgh and Vancouver Rumor

Heard from a Vancouver radio station…

Micheletti = Davidsons Replacement

Joe Micheletti is replacing John Davidson in the booth for the Rangers. Comments?

Bergeron re-signs with Boston

TSN is reporting Patrice Bergeron has re-signed with the Boston Bruins. The deal is reportedly worth $23.75 Million over 5 years.

Koivu Optimistic About Return!

According to Saku Koivu has been training hard the upcoming season and is optimistic that he will be ready for training camp. The Montreal Canadiens captain has been skating regularly now for the last three weeks after recovering from surgery to repair a torn retina in his left eye. While things have been going well on the ice, Koivu acknowledges there is always the possibility of suffering further injury to his eye. “When I look in a straight line, everything is fine,” he tells La Presse. “But when I look side-to-side… it’s a bit of a problem.” Koivu was struck in the eye by an errant high stick from Justin Williams during Game 3 of the Habs first round playoff series against Carolina. Hopefully he will be ready to start the season and lead the Habs to a playoff berth and possibly a Stanley Cup Championship!:)

surprize players for 06-07 season

There are players who breakout as superstars every year and there are players in the nhl that dont quite get the credit they deserve here are a few that i think fit into that category

Canadian teams

To many, it would be a dream to see all 6 Canadian teams make the playoffs. It almost happened last season, with the Leafs and Cannucks taking 9th in their conferences. Could this year be the year?

The Best of the Best

Today I was pondering, what would make the best lineup in the world? I know there has been many threads made up in a bunch of different sites about the best lines, but one needs to look not at the line, but the player. To put the best line together, you need to know the best players at their position. This is what I plan on doing, analyzing the best players in their position.

Hey Jason, Anson – Getting Lonely?

In one of my keeper leagues, I have the pleasure of owning Jason Allison, of no fixed address. Those poolies that also own him know one thing: it’s a waste of time trying to trade him. The same goes for owners of Anson Carter, Mike Leclerc, Oleg Kvasha, J.P. Dumont, Valeri Bure, Radek Dvorak, Peter Bondra, Yanic Perreault, and Brian Leetch. These guys were not the dregs of the unrestricted free agent lot (heck, Dumont wasn’t even a free agent three weeks ago!), but they are the best of what’s left.

Best and Worst Top Lines in the NHL

With team rosters pretty much set for the upcoming season, the question arises, “Which team’s top line will be the most and the least productive?”

Battling in the Atlantic

This current offseason has certainly changed the look of many teams. These new looks could be viewed both for the good or bad of the team in many’s eyes. However, this season is full of tighter divisional races as well as conference and league wide competetion.

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