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How to Land a Star

I’ve always wondered what it would take to acquire those “untouchable” players in the NHL. Act as the GM of your favourite team (or of any team I guess) and try to land the game’s biggest stars. I’ll be Peter Chiarelli of the Bruins trying to land Sidney Crosby. NTC’s and realism do not apply.

Second NHL team in Toronto?

The Toronto Star’s Kevin McGran is reporting that a news conference will be held today (June 5th, 2009) to unveil plans of building a new arena and getting an NHL expansion team in Toronto by 2012.

Flyers to sign Emery

Tim Panachio of is reporting that the signing of Ray Emery is imminent. J.P. Barry, Emery`s agent, stated that he is confident that a deal will get done soon. The Flyers GM, Paul Holmgren has confirmed that discussions have been held between the two camps as of late, but has refused to comment on what exactly has been discussed.

What If?….

What if the salary cap didn’t exist and you were the GM of you favorite team? What would you do with your team? I’ve got a wild spin on the Bruins here, and while it certainly is 100% guaranteed to not happen, it still looks pretty good.

Hossa to be locked up by Detroit after Cup Final

According to Micahel Farber of CNNSI, Marian Hossa will likely be signing a long-term deal with the Red Wings once the Stanley Cup Finals are over. Farber is speculating that it will be around 7 years.

Chris Neil to Toronto Maple Leafs?

The Maple Leafs are reportedly one team interested in unrestricted free agent Chris Neil who the Ottawa Sun has reported will not likely return to the Senators next year.

Centers situation in Montreal?

It is known or most likely that Saku Koivu won’t be back next season and that the Habs will need help at center since Robert Lang will also be leaving as he said he wanted to play for a stronger team. So who will be Montreal’s 4 center next year? Personnaly “I” think Thomas Plekanec will get back on track and become our new #1 center “UNTIL” we find a better condidat, Cause “I” doubt we will find a better center than Thomas Plekanec on the UFAs, Unless the Habs make a trade to get that big 1st line center they’ve been looking for desperately.
But then again I don’t see how the habs could trade for a center better than Plekanec without dismantling the whole team. Lets see who has been mentioned in the past few weeks.

Inconsistent Calls

Watching last nights game became more and more frustrating as the clock wound down. It never ceases to amaze me how the refereeing changes from the first three rounds into the Stanley Cup Finals. I’m a believer that the game should be called the same way throughout the playoffs but that’s not even the biggest issue here.

Bruins Re-Sign Krejci….Kessel next?

The Boston Bruins signed forward David Krejci to a multi-year contract extension on Tuesday.
The contract is a three year deal at $3.5, $3.75 and $4 million per year, respectively.

Possible Deals During the Offseason

While this may be a Leaf Centered Article, i am trying to include other possible deals involving players who have be named in rumors recently to try and involve all fans on the site. I may toss in some signings here or their and even draft picks that could possibly go down. I am truly trying to be objective here, although i know that I may evaluate some players a little higher or lower than some other fans would. I would like feedback as long as it is positive (like good/bad and an explanation why or why not using hockey logic) and corrective and not a response that has skewed views because this or that player is a leaf he must be crappy (an example that happens often on this site for players on all teams). Thanks and hopefully you enjoy.

10 Reasons Why the Pens Will Win in 6

Here are 10 reasons why the Pens will win the Stanley Cup in 6 games:

10: They are down 2-0 already, even though they have not played bad enough to deserve a loss they also haven’t played good enough to get a win. Their game will be much improved on Tuesday.

9: The refs will be on the Pens side going back into Pittsburgh. I feel that the play that completely changed the outcome of the game was when Hossa got away with absolute murder on Dupuis by hooking him and slashing him to break his stick, thus leading to Hossa gaining control of the puck and the Wings going on to score from there. They owe the Pens some calls, look for a few more power plays for the Pens.

Detroit? New Dynasty or Overrated Oldies

This is in response to an earlier article put out by another member. While many people on this site vary in their view of the Wings, i tend to side with the people that dont like them. But i do not deny they are good. In fact they are freaking good. The talent they have is off the charts, but they get overrated as many cup winning teams do.

Senators sign free agent Ryan Keller

Tsn reports that the Ottawa Senators have signed free agent forward Ryan Kellar to a one year, two way deal. Ryan Kellar has played north American hockey in the juniors and in the AHL, but decided to get more experience in the KHL and now that he has 2 years of KHL experience under his belt, he is ready to play in the NHL he thinks.

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