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Leafs will spend big this summer: Burke

And still trying to land a higher 1st round pick

The Toronto Star is reporting that Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke will open the vault this summer and spend big money.

Burke also added he is not any closer to landing a higher draft pick, but indicated that if something were to happen, it would probably occur on the floor during draft day.

With Burke’s revelation that the Leafs will spend heavily, several intriguing options are out there.

A plan to build a strong team and a good future

The Canucks are going to make some changes this summer. The Sedin’s will be resigned though. Roberto Luongo will likely be extended. The Canucks want to get faster though. They would like to get younger on defense and add another puck moving defender.

Coyotes update: New deadline

Its down to this: Do or Die time

Jim Balsillie has given a deadline, after which he will decline his offer to buy the Coyotes…. Arizona legal system alters old ruling to accomodate him.

Roy Turns Down Coaching Offer is reporting that late Tuesday night, Patrick Roy phoned Colorado Avalanche president Pierre Lacroix to say he was turning down the coaching offer due to “family reasons”. “All I can say is that the Avalanche’s offer was more than interesting,”

JS Giguere to Toronto or Philly

JS Giguere has run out of time with the Ducks and is being pushed out by Hillar. Looks like Philly and Toronto are the possible destinations….

The things that the Flyers should

These are the trades that the Flyers should make in the offseason so that they can fix the mess that they have.

Leafs offseason 2009

Trade: Toronto/Tampa

– Thomas Kaberle, Luke Schenn, 2009 first rounder


– Ryan Malone, 2nd overall pick, 2009 2nd rounder


Steroids on the Captials?

The Tampa Tribune and Washington Times report that law enforcement officials in Lakeland, Fla., arrested two people Tuesday on charges of steroid possession, and that the individuals claimed to have sold them to players on the Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals. At a Tuesday news conference, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said officers arrested Richard and Sandra Thomas on 10 counts of steroid possession with intent to distribute, 10 counts of importing the drugs and one count of maintaining a residence for drug sales.

Is Kovy the next Captain???

I just read an unconfirmed report that the Habs offered 6.5 million for 1 year to Alex Kovalev. Also the report says that the Habs also promised Alex the Captaincy. The article goes on to say Komisarek was presented a contract worth 4 million a year and he said no!

Leafs Have Options And May Act Quickly On Them

For the first time in a while, the Toronto Maple Leafs have some options.
After a few seasons mired in mediocrity, little depth and little to be excited about, the team now finally has a good young building block and some intriguing young players. While the work is far from over, this upgrade should allow the Leafs some options previously not available to them.

Cap Restrictions: New York Rangers

I’m back with Cap Restrictions, and this time I’ve done my homework. No rambling to start off, I’m just getting straight to the point here.
Now, with the Rangers out of the playoffs, the questions for their fans is clear. What is going to happen? Well, here we go.

Federov to Russia? has reported that Sergei Federov may be leaving the NHL after 18 years to play in the KHL. the longtime red wing, duck, blue jacket and most recently capital is set to be an UFA in july.

Former Leaf Peter Zezel Passes away today.

Former Toronto Maple Leaf Peter Zezel died on Wednesday, after a more than 10-year battle with a rare blood disorder. He was 44. A Toronto native, Zezel played 16 years in the NHL and was one of the most popular Maple Leafs when the team enjoyed a resurgence during the early 1990s. He retired from the NHL in 1999, but for the past 11 years he ran the Peter Zezel Hockey and Sports Camp, and also coached minor hockey with the Don Mills Flyers.