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They Aren't Done Yet

The coyotes made a huge splash in the free agent market with the signing of Ed Jovonaski, however reports out of Glendale say the Coyotes arent done yet

Roberts will be in Toronto, either way

According to, Florida Panthers winger Gary Roberts plans to be in Toronto next season, whether or not the team trades him.

Poti in MTL????

Bob MacKenzie announced on TSN that « Tom Poti and the Montreal Canadien could have signed a deal. Sources told that should be a contract of 4 years for 15 millions »

The draft system — time for a change

As I read with dismay the news Pronger will be stuck on a pond in Califonia (albeit on what’s shaping up to be a great team — but we’ll never see him in the East) I am reminded of my pet peeve about North American sporting rules.

Leafs Survey

Oilers Poll

Canadiens Poll

Canucks survey

Brendan Shanahan wants in on Bruins

Would be an interesting journeyman player (for the right price) that may help take our team from the O’Connell carnage along with our other pickups.

Shanahan in Montreal??

Acording to Renaud Lavoie (from RDS) Brendan Shanahan might be interested to come in Montreal

Unrestricted Free Agency Begins! What it Means to Your Pool

I like a lot of things that some teams were doing yesterday, and I am more than a little surprised at the amount of action in Day 1 of the UFA season. In fact, this action will pressure the quiet teams to get moving and scoop up what remains out there before someone else does, so it will be a while yet before things calm down. Here are the some of the signings with impact, from a fantasy perspective…

Possible Solution For Leafs

After the signings of Pavel Kubina and Hal Gill the

Leafs are in quite a pickle, here is my solution:

What's Left for Gainey

For many habs fans out there, Arnott was the answer. However he signed in Nashville. It was also speculated that Gainey offered Elias a contract but Elias elected to stay in New Jersey.

In Bob We Trust

Now I noticed that the Habs have not done anything yet in the free agency market and I have heard it from the Leafs fans but they don’t understand the Canadiens.

Vancouver Canucks Assistant Coaching Job

The Vancouver Canucks need two quality assistant in 2 months ! Possibities are: Kevin Dinees & Rick

Ley .

Numbers on Toronto

after 2 big signings, the leafs may not have eough cap room, to improve their offence.

So what's next for JFJ

Last year, I was not upset at any Leafs moves (except maybe not buying out Belfour). Frankly, it was a transition year, and I knew it would be painful. JFJ went out there and took some risks to try to ice a competitive team. For the most part he succeeded.

Tellqvist and Tucker Offered In Deal? is reporting that the Leafs offered

Darcy Tucker and Mikael Tellqvist to the Oilers in

exchange for Chris Pronger, here is the link:

Rangers re-sign Straka

The New York Rangers have re-signed free agent forward Martin Straka. Terms were not disclosed.


Domi is on waivers, No option for Belfour and Roberts is coming back!

The “Fan 590″ has announced that Domi has been put on waivers and if he is not picked up he will be bought out.

Belfour’s option will not be picked up so he will also be bought out.