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Cap Restrictions: Philadelphia Flyers

Well, the Cap Restrictions series is back. This time, I’ll be working with the Philadelphia Flyers. Right now, the Flyers are saying that they made good progress. Their current plan is to keep progressing deeper and deeper into the playoffs. Yet, their goaltending situation is a mess, by far one of the worst I’ve seen, and they still have UFA’s to sign and possibly new players to sign. Here’s my own personal spin on their offseason ahead.

What Sens could do in offseason

I have posted an article on what I think would be a wise direction for the Sens to look at before making decisions at July 1st

Kennan Canned is reporting that the Calgary Flames have fired Coach Mike Keenan.

Read the story at

Is Gainey the man for the job?

In a market where hockey appears to have reached the status of a religion, nothing goes by unnoticed. A fellow HTR member brought up a question in one of his posts. “Don’t you think we are being too hard on Gainey?” In any hockey city, when things aren’t going well, we need to point the finger at someone to take the fall. Once we have done that we can feel all warm and fuzzy inside since we were able to pinpoint the problem that the person in question couldn’t identify.

Which Sport has the Most Starpower?

Mainly to battle boredom I’m asking the question: which of the four major North American sports has the most starpower? I’ll look at each of the 10 best players (all subjective; dont get mad) from each sport and try to judge. So:

Cap Restrictions: Boston Bruins

With Boston out of the playoffs, the question lingers. What happens next? With Krejci and Kessel RFA’s this offseason, the Bruins have some tough decisions to make. The B’s also have to re-sign Matt Hunwick, Byron Bitz and P.J. Axelsson. So, in light of this situation, I’ve done some thinking. Here’s my offseason plan.

Start negotiations with Krejci early. Get it done and out of the way. Here’s what I would offer David.

Neidermayers to sign in Vancouver? is reporting that both Rob and Scott Neidermayer could be interested in joining the Canucks as unrestricted free agents this summer.

It is reported that their agent was on the Team 1040 radio show in Vancouver and mentioned that the brothers could be interested in playing for Canada’s West Coast club.

Possible Outcomes for the Habs

Hello Everyone,

Well I got an interesting response to my posting.
Most of my ideas have already come from various media sources as being probable outcomes for the habs. To begn with I read about all issues concerning the Habs from such media outlets as RDS, TQS-110% Rue Frontenac, CKAC, TSN, the NHL Network on Tv, the 4th period and Hockey Trade rumours. That being said, most of the trades I have mentioned or FA signings are not impossible to imagine.

Trade Idea To Get Jordan Staal

Ever since Jordan Staal broke into the league, I have wanted him to become a Leaf somehow. With his size and skill, he is being wasted on the 3rd line with the Pens, imo. $4M/yr. is also a lot of money to be paying a player you have centering your 3rd line. With the very real potential of the cap shrinking considerably in a year or two, that $4/yr. would be better utilized in other areas, imo.

First in Line

There is no question that Winnipeg is full of intense hockey fans. There is also no denying that the city has been teased a number of times with the return of an NHL franchise, and have since become cynical and disillusioned about the issue. Almost any good news at all on this front is met with a flurry of pessimism.

Habs Need Changes

I think the Habs need to get rid of their team Euro image.

If the team is sold promptly and Bob Gainey keeps his position I would do the following if I were him.

Canucks Off-Season Trades?

At first I thought the talks of trading Luongo were ridiculous over-reaction. But it could possibly work.

Roy to caoch the Avs? is reporting that the Colorado Avalanche have offered Patrick Roy the head coach position in Colorado. What is a little odd about the situation is that the Avalanche have yet to fire Tony Granato who still has 2 years left on his present contract.