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Possible Outcomes for the Habs

Hello Everyone,

Well I got an interesting response to my posting.
Most of my ideas have already come from various media sources as being probable outcomes for the habs. To begn with I read about all issues concerning the Habs from such media outlets as RDS, TQS-110% Rue Frontenac, CKAC, TSN, the NHL Network on Tv, the 4th period and Hockey Trade rumours. That being said, most of the trades I have mentioned or FA signings are not impossible to imagine.

Trade Idea To Get Jordan Staal

Ever since Jordan Staal broke into the league, I have wanted him to become a Leaf somehow. With his size and skill, he is being wasted on the 3rd line with the Pens, imo. $4M/yr. is also a lot of money to be paying a player you have centering your 3rd line. With the very real potential of the cap shrinking considerably in a year or two, that $4/yr. would be better utilized in other areas, imo.

First in Line

There is no question that Winnipeg is full of intense hockey fans. There is also no denying that the city has been teased a number of times with the return of an NHL franchise, and have since become cynical and disillusioned about the issue. Almost any good news at all on this front is met with a flurry of pessimism.

Habs Need Changes

I think the Habs need to get rid of their team Euro image.

If the team is sold promptly and Bob Gainey keeps his position I would do the following if I were him.

Canucks Off-Season Trades?

At first I thought the talks of trading Luongo were ridiculous over-reaction. But it could possibly work.

Roy to caoch the Avs? is reporting that the Colorado Avalanche have offered Patrick Roy the head coach position in Colorado. What is a little odd about the situation is that the Avalanche have yet to fire Tony Granato who still has 2 years left on his present contract.

The Ultimate Team

Make your ultimate team: 13 forwards, 7 defenseman, 3 goalies from players that are currently in the league. I’m also including football, basketball, and baseball because, well, i want to…even if this is a hockey site.


On draft day the leafs are going for a higher pick but who wll they trade to get it? Well there are a few they need to move like, Nik Hagman With a 3 Million dollars a season should be traded, Boyd Devereaux could go due to the fact the leafs are set in the Center Spot, Pavel Kubin can with they big money contract isn’t playing at the level he should, Tomas Kaberle can go if there is a trade for a pick but he is still good.

Would you defect?????

Calling all GTA and Golden horseshoe Leafs fans!… would you defect? Would you become a Hamilton fan?

Trade Luongo?

It might seem stupid, but its actually very possible. It only makes sense for the Canucks in the long term…. see why

To keep, or not to keep..that is the question!

There are still two rounds of the playoffs to go and both rounds should produce some great moments! We have already had some great series and it should be even better this round! But, even though we should be sitting back and enjoying the hockey, we all still love to throw out our opinions as to what our favorite teams should do.

Return of the Winnipeg Jets? is reporting that Gary Bettman has announced that if a 7th NHL team is to come to Canada, it will be to Winnipeg.

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Oiler to Change Jerseys Next Year….Again

According to Patrick LaForge, Oilers President and CEO, the Oilers will switch their current home jersey with their throwback alternate jersey for the 2009-2010 season.. “The dark blue will become our third jersey, as was Todd McFarlane’s former design (blue and silver with the gears on the sweater),” said LaForge. “The road whites will stay the same.”