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Kadri speeds back

Ron Wilson has been caught off-guard by Nazem Kadri’s speed.

His recovery speed, that is.

“The little bastard is back faster than I was led to believe,” Wilson said lightheartedly after watching Kadri work out with the team on Monday.

Are there any interesting players out there for the Stars to add?

As we referenced earlier, the Stars are in jeopardy of slipping beneath the salary cap floor when healthy, and are looking for a player to add who could help the team and boost the payroll.

So who could be available?

It appears that for a new player to help the floor situation, he would have to make $1.2 million or more a year. Young winger Tomas Vincour is on a two-way contract, so he would be the candidate to move to the AHL to make way for a more expensive player. Because Vincour makes $800,000 a year and because the Stars could fall about $300,000 under the floor (it’s a complicated formula in which that number changes daily, but that’s pretty close), the Stars need to add a pretty healthy paycheck.

New York Rangers' demotion of Sean Avery could force Dallas Stars to acquir

The Stars are studying moves to add a player because of the sudden possibility that they could drop below the NHL-mandated salary floor of $48.3 million.

The Stars have been paying half of Sean Avery’s salary to the New York Rangers since losing him on recall waivers in 2009, and that $1.9 million has also counted against the salary cap for the Stars.

However, the Rangers last week assigned Avery to the their minor league team in Connecticut , and the NHL notified the Stars that they could not count Avery’s cap hit while he is in the minors, even though they still must pay the salary.

That puts the Stars perilously close to the cap floor.

Kessel hat trick, Phaneuf hit key Leafs’ win over Senators

The argument could be made ht that Dion Phaneuf played his best game as a Maple Leaf on Saturday night.

Ditto for Phil Kessel.

For sure, Phaneuf had a powerful outing against Ottawa — as did Phil Kessel, with his first hat trick in a Toronto uniform — as the Leafs swamped a hapless Senators side 6-5 at the Air Canada Centre.

Strange turn for Turris

I haven’t met one NHL manager or scout who isn’t dumbfounded by Kyle Turris digging in his heels with the Coyotes and trying for $3 million or $4 million a year when he’s done little to justify it. The Coyotes just gave Martin Hanzal $3.1 million a year. They’re not giving it to Turris.