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Leafs Offseason

Here is a Leafs offseason plan. This is meant to be viewed as objectively as possible and i am looking for your thoughts but i don’t want any skewed views from a leaf hater or from leaf fans. I would like to get your hockey thoughts on this and personal preference, but not horribly skewed views. All draft positions are done with the help of the Hockey News Draft Preview for any who wonder. Cap Hits are in Brackets and are from

Burke Quashes recent rumors

Terry Koshan of the Toronto Sun is reporting that Maple Leafs G.M. Brian Burke is calling the recent trade rumors between the Leafs and the Lightning regarding a possible trade up to acquire the second overall pick.

Could Roberto Luongo actually be traded?

Could Roberto Luongo actually be traded? That’s the question everyone has been wondering the past few days after the Canucks were eliminated from the playoffs. Let’s look at a few possible scenarios.

Proposed Blueprints For Glen Sather

As EVERYONE knows, the rangers are in a ton of trouble when it comes to the salary cap situation with the team they have, the restricted free agents they have to resign, and the lack of success the team had in 08-09. I’ll get right to the point. This is my plan to clear the room needed to resign the players that have actual worth to the franchise and address the teams needs.

Toronto getting to Burkes Head

Soooo, it didn’t take long for the center of the universe to get to Brian Burkes head. Not only is he walking a very thin ethical and legal line by talking about players under contract, he is shaming the future Leafs Captain and the most solid building block the Leafs have had since Sundin in Luke Schenn, not to mention setting himslef up for a huge faceplant at the draft table and upstaging the greatest playoff round of hockey in memory.

Leafs Lightning trade talks heating up!

According to, sources say that there are rumors including the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Toronto Maple Leafs. This rumor includes the Leafs trading up to acquire the Lightnings second overall pick in this upcoming NHL Entry Draft.

Is Tavares the right way to go for Toronto

With draft day getting closer there is even more rumors about the leafs trading to get Tavares. As great as Tavares is and as much as i like him i honestly think it might be the wrong thing for the leafs to do. Would it not seem more reasonable to trade Kabaerle and Kubina to teams and stock up for more first rounders? The ideal Targets would be Atlanta, Los Angeles and Phoenix. I know Phoenix might not want to take on any big contracts with the whole bankrupt thing, so go after the other 2. LA needs leadership and skill to make the playoffs. For their first rounder give them Kubina or Kaberle and have them through in Hickey/Teubert and a roster player.

Mike Modano to return next season is reporting that Mike Modano has decided that he will return to the Dallas Stars next season which will be his twentieth season.

Offseason Fun

With the free agent class as talented as the one we have, we should be in for a crzy up and down offseason.  Now, we allknow the free agents, so I’ll skip those, but here are some trades I thought up.

Showing Respect To Paul Maurice

Hey just wanted to bring up the fact that Paul Maurice’s Hurricanes are beating Boston 3-1 in that series. I was prompted to write this article when someone on TV mentioned today that in that series its really a case of Maurice out coaching Julien.

A lot of people have said terrible things about Maurice and a lot of you were wrong. Now apologize!

Roy to take a position with the Avalanche?

Various newspapers are reporting that Patrick Roy met with Lacroix about joining the Colorado Avalanche organization in some manner.

The Latest on Chris Neil

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that there is still a big gap in the negotiations between the Senators and Chris Neil and that it does not sound too hopeful that a deal will get worked out.

Can the NHL survive in the deep south??

With the continuing saga of the Gary Bettman/Jim Balsillie feud unfolding before our very eyes, there have been many people posting on this forum in support of another NHL team coming up to the Great White North. As awesome and tantalizing as this prospect is and the potential for awesome team name competitions that come with it (the Niagara Falls Tsunamis, London Blues (they did it in the CFL), the Vaughn Roadrunners, the Kitchener Sinks etc.) there has also been a great deal of commentary about how the NHL cannot work in the southern US markets. Many of these seem more resentful and based on envy, rather than fact. Here, I am going to outline an argument that few – for whatever reason- people have made: fans don’t follow NHL teams in the south because it’s the south, no, the reason fans don’t follow southern NHL teams is because, normally, their teams SUCK!!!!!