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Roy to take a position with the Avalanche?

Various newspapers are reporting that Patrick Roy met with Lacroix about joining the Colorado Avalanche organization in some manner.

The Latest on Chris Neil

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that there is still a big gap in the negotiations between the Senators and Chris Neil and that it does not sound too hopeful that a deal will get worked out.

Can the NHL survive in the deep south??

With the continuing saga of the Gary Bettman/Jim Balsillie feud unfolding before our very eyes, there have been many people posting on this forum in support of another NHL team coming up to the Great White North. As awesome and tantalizing as this prospect is and the potential for awesome team name competitions that come with it (the Niagara Falls Tsunamis, London Blues (they did it in the CFL), the Vaughn Roadrunners, the Kitchener Sinks etc.) there has also been a great deal of commentary about how the NHL cannot work in the southern US markets. Many of these seem more resentful and based on envy, rather than fact. Here, I am going to outline an argument that few – for whatever reason- people have made: fans don’t follow NHL teams in the south because it’s the south, no, the reason fans don’t follow southern NHL teams is because, normally, their teams SUCK!!!!!

Tampa Bay Update

The St. Petersburg Times is reporting that the Lightning may need to find another investor to be able to keep Lecavailer in Tampa.

Balsillie Places Bid to Buy Coyotes

According to, the Phoenix Coyotes filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on tuesday. This filing corresponds with a $212.5 million dollar bid to buy the financially troubled franchise from none other than one Jim Balsillie, with the requirement that the club be relocated to Southern Ontario. Full story can be found here:

Rangers Desperately Need an Offensive Presence

After watching the Rangers first round exit, it seems painfully obvious the Rangers are in need of an offensive force to build around for the next decade – and I’m willing to pay the price to get this done.

UFA Summer Preview

Looking ahead to July 1st we could have a really exciting summer. There are some key UFA’s available and I expect a lot of movement. Here is a preview of some of the bigger names.

I would like to hear which players you would want your team to target and how much you would pay for them.

Leafs May Have A Shot At Tavares

CBC Sports is reporting that the Islanders may be leaning towards hedman. If this happens the Lightning would then trade their pick for Kaberle and Schenn.

Maple Leafs Draft Day Game Plan

There have been countless proposals & wild speculation in regards to the Maple Leafs draft day strategy however, I would like to take a more logical look at the possibilities.

The Leafs currently hold the 7th overall pick in the upcoming entry draft which is speculated to be the deepest in years. The projected top ten NHL hopefulls all show the potential to be a solid building block for their respected NHL clubs.

Possible Coaching replacements if the Flames can Keenan

The Calgary Sun is reporting that if the Flames are not able to pry Brent Sutter out of the Devils a good fit to coach the Flames (who have not fired Keenan) would be Jacques Lemaire.

Some opinions on the Leafs…

1) Seriously, their are many talks about the Leafs going for number one getting John Tavares with the number one talk. Why wouldn’t they be talking about it? He’s the best player in the draft, the hometown boy, and his favorite team are the Leafs. Heck, its similar to when everyone believed Sydney Crosby should play for the Habs a few years back.

Markus Naslund to retire

Various sources are reporting that New York Rangers veteran Markus Naslund is going to forgo the final year of his contract and is going to retire from hockey.

Caps vs Pens

Well this just might be the most exciting series in this years playoffs. Two power house offensive teams going at only to get to the conference final.