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Markus Naslund to retire

Various sources are reporting that New York Rangers veteran Markus Naslund is going to forgo the final year of his contract and is going to retire from hockey.

Caps vs Pens

Well this just might be the most exciting series in this years playoffs. Two power house offensive teams going at only to get to the conference final.

leafs possible moves this off season

this off season weve all heard alot of speculation about what brian burke might have up his sleeve, but lets get some of your opinions.

when i think of the leafs roster i think of a team in need of alot of changes, basicly been in rebuild mode since the late 60s with little to no accomplishment to date,

Things Leaf fans believe that I do not agree with…

1) Seriously, their are many talks about the Leafs going for number one getting John Tavares with the number one talk. Why wouldn’t they be talking about it? He’s the best player in the draft, the hometown boy, and his favorite team are the Leafs. Heck, its similar to when everyone believed Sydney Crosby should play for the Habs a few years back.

How to fix the Sharks?

With the Sharks ending another terrific regular season with another extremely disappointing playoffs, the topic of “whats wrong with the Sharks” has been a pretty popular one amongst the hockey community. Everyone has a different opinion as to what the reason is, whether its no heart, Joe Thornton, coaching etc.

So what I thought might be fun is, what would you do to fix the Sharks? What trades would rectify their playoff failure? Or is it something else.

The amount of crap Joe Thornton takes is ridiculous

He led his team in playoff scoring, had as many points as the 2nd and 3rd highest paid forwards on his team combined in the post season, and finished with 5 points in 6 games playing against a team whose defense led them to a Stanley Cup win two years ago. If this is any player but Joe Thornton, this isn’t even a story.

2nd round predictions

Okay, first round is over, let’s get all of your opinions and picks for our 2nd round matchups.

Flyers change between the pipes

The Philadelphia Flyers are apparently looking at Kari Lehtonen as they’re upgrade in goaltending and may make a move this summer for him.


For all those who want to act rashly!!

I have read so many times from many fans who post here that want to include P.K. Subban in trades. Even when they comment on how hard i is to get UFA’s to sign in Mtl and that we need an offensive dman. Some fans have made the point that you need to give value to get value, which is true, but there are other defence prospects that would also be considered value, but who don’t appear to bleed red white and blue like Subban.

My Toronto Project

The Toronto Project
Having watched the leafs play my entire life and generally feeling more disappointment then optimism, I must say I think the notion of the leafs acquiring the first overall pick feels like it is yet another disappointment waiting to happen. We simply do not have the assets necessary to pry the caliber of player that the top two picks command and in the economics of today’s game, both New York and Tampa would be crazy to part with their picks.

First Pick Is First Step To The Future

Now that it is official and the NY Islanders have won the 1st overall pick in the 2009 draft, the rebuilding process of the franchise can begin in earnest. The team began the process a bit last season adding numerous draft picks to the cupboard, its here, with the chance to select a potential young franchise player, that will be the key to take the organization to the next level.

Donald Brashear proves to be a WASTE OF SPACE

If his open Ice high elbow hit to maybe the best Penalty Killer in the league didn’t prove to show what a waste of a hockey player this guy really is…. then nothing will.

Donald Brashear has not 1 ounce of hockey talent out there on the ice, what so ever. this guy has 4 points… 4… 12 in his last 2 season with Washington. He’s a -6 and perhapses slightly retarded hockey player. People talk about Sean Avery… and how there is no room in hockey for a guy like him…. but somehow Donald Brashear gets a pass? The guy is not even worth talking about because he is such a bad hockey player. he does nothing, has no skill, and should be put in the WWE as a light weight because he’d be sure to get knocked out if he was in the AFC.

What a joke, they guy should be spit on when he is seen on the rink because he has no class whatsoever and no skill that can even be seen at the slightest. Brashear is a joke.

Oils moving in Edmonton

Well after another disappointing season the Edmonton Oilers are looking up for next year. With New Management and cap room the Edmonton Sun has compiled notable trade opportunities .

First off the prospect pool has a couple of upcoming notable players
Rob Schremp, Jordan Eberle, Gilbert brule, Ryan Stone,and Devin Dubnik