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Oils moving in Edmonton

Well after another disappointing season the Edmonton Oilers are looking up for next year. With New Management and cap room the Edmonton Sun has compiled notable trade opportunities .

First off the prospect pool has a couple of upcoming notable players
Rob Schremp, Jordan Eberle, Gilbert brule, Ryan Stone,and Devin Dubnik

Who would you keep?

A lot of hockey fans out there think that the Pens will have to trade one of their 2 elite center in order to stay competitive and trading either Crosby or Malkin would bring much needed depth to the Pens. Myself I would keep Malkin, as he’s bigger, less injury prone, better at faceoffs and also scores more often than Crosby.

Easy Move To Top 5 for Leafs?

TSN released an article that was focused on Atlanta’s offseason plan. There was a quote from Ilya Kovalchuk about wanting to get good now to be contenders for the Stanley Cup and not only the playoffs. In order to keep Kovalchuk signed past this year the ownership would want to make him happy to kepp their franchise player and not lose the majority of their talent.

Bring in the Leafs.

I call it the Koivu Kurse

Don’t get me wrong, I am and will always remain a Montreal Canadiens fan and for the past several years I have been one of these fans who wants a competitive team on the ice, a top 10 scorer in the NHL and award nominated players.

The Stanley Cup is the ultimate prize but I would be satisfied if the team would at least go past the second round in the playoffs, something that hasn’t happened since 1993.

Trots Scratches Avery, Proves to backfire.

The worst move Tortorella could have made was to scratch Sean Avery for the tonights game. I can understand benching him for 1 period at the start of tonights game at most.

Tortorella may have lost the team with breaking up the locker room in benching Avery.
Voros in his place? seeing him on the powerplay way another joke.

And with the way Zherdev plays, I’m in shock he hasn’t been booed by the home crowd.

Mark my words. The Rangers lose this series 7.

Perfect Timing For Montreal Makeover

What was to be a historic season for the Montreal Canadiens turned into one many would like to forget. Lots of promise gave way to pressure, which ultimately was something the team could not handle.

As a result, major changes this off-season are to be expected for the Habs as they clean out a roster that got it’s clock cleaned by the Boston Bruins.

An Open Letter to Habs fans

To whom it may concern,

The actions of the fans in attendance at the Bell Center on April 22, 2009 has caused me some very real concern -I would like to thank each and every one of you for potentially running a very talented goalie out of town, sealing the exit of one of the hardest working players in the organization, showing your true “class” by pelting players with garbage from the stands, jeering a Habs legend and surprisingly enough not burning down half the city of Montreal last night – great job on that one.

Simply Embarassing

Hab fans seem to be in shock. And I suppose when you are expecting perfection in a centennial season, proper judgment and reality can be lost.

Realistic Leaf Draft Day.

Ok first off let me say. We trade Stajan and our 4th round pick in 2010 for Tavares.

Alright that was a joke. I’m just done hearing about all these Tavares and first overall pick and that junk. I’m here to post a realistic opinion on what the Leafs should attempt to do this summer.

Wild Goalie Niklas Backstrom top have surgery

The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting that Wild Goalie Niklas Backstrom is to soon have surgery and the recovery time is likely about six months. Put differently, the Wild will be without their star goalie when they begin their next season.

Leafs getting Tavares a Reality?

Many fans are skeptical about Burke’s comments on getting Tavares. But when you really think about it the idea is not so far feched. The leafs biggest asset right now is money. The leafs made a bizzare trade with tampa taking about 2.5 million off of tampa’s hands. look for the leafs to do the same on draft day. This is how the draft order works out

Joe Thornton is a playoff dog

Maybe the Bruins knew what they were doing when they sent Thornton to the Sharks. Joe Thornton was run out of town, at the time I thought it wasn’t fair because he was playing hurt. This was the excuse for his lack of playoff production at the time.

Joe you’re healthy now. What’s your excuse this time? I accuse Joe Thornton of having no heart.

Tired of RDS' homerism

I wanted to write this article a long time ago, but I decided to keep it inside. Tonight however, I can’t handle it any longer.

I’m a frenchman, from Montreal, but all of you know I’m no Hab fan. But I’m still listening all of Montreal’s 82 games on RDS, the only french sports network.