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Your opinion or ideas for the offseason

No, as a Habs fan I haven’t already given up on the season, I have some faith that an upset can happen but I do realize the odds are stacked against the bleu blanc et rouge.


The day Oilers fans have waited for after 3 disappointing finishes and 3 years of missing the playoffs has arrived.

CRAIG MACTAVISH HAS BEEN FIRED!!! (or relieved of his coaching duties)

Leafs Sign Prospect Plus Seek Top Pick in the Draft

It appears as though Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke has strong interest in moving up in the draft and acquiring one of the top selections.

Top 8 d-corps, playoffs version!


Remember my Top 10 d-corps article a few months ago? Some of ya folks liked it, some others insulted me with the best ones they could find. Nevertheless, I’ve decided to write another one, this time for playoffs teams. Same point system, same incredible knowledge!

Point system : 1 to 5, 5 being the best. 3 points max for the 7th d-man.

Why the Montreal Canadiens are on their way to the second round of the playoffs

I dread writing another article, after hundreds of HTR readers didn’t understand the metaphor in the “Yankees of hockey” post, trying to designate the NHL’s flagship franchise, but it’s time to make Habs fans happy again. So, why exactly is Montreal going to the second round?

Avs Fire Francois Giguere

To no surprise, the Colorado Avalanche have terminated VP and GM Francois Giguere.

The Avs finished 3rd last in the NHL which was a mild surprise considering the organization has been arguably one of the best teams the last 10-15 years.

Playoffs Time

First Round


1. Boston vs. 8 Montreal

I’m absolutely pumped for this one. Nothing better than Habs vs. Bruins. Bruins have been hot lately and the Habs cold plus the Bruins were 5-0-1 against them but just look at last years matchup and you’ll know both teams will come out and give everything. I could see it going 7 but I’ll say:

Possible Trophy WINNERS

AS the playoffs are about to begin, awards also start to come into mind… here are my possible award winners…..

Schenn at Worlds

It has officially been announced that Luke Schenn will be representing Canada at the 2009 World Championships. Schenn was informed Saturday, after the teams win over ottawa, by joe nieuwendyk. The rest of the roster is expected to be announced by tommorrow morning.


It’s that time of year again to have some fun and make some bold playoff predictions. I know that everyone in this site think that THEY are the experts… so here is a challenge going out to all of you: Make your predictions too! To make it interesting, let’s alocate points to every round you get right… Here are the rules:

Gaborik open to a return to the Wild

TwinCities .com is reporting that Marian Gaborik is keeping his mind open about a new contract with the Wild. HTR feels “sure he is … money talks and Lemaire is gone.” Why wouldn’t he think about it.

Leafs and Tampa Swap Picks?

The leafs trade with tampa at the trade deadline left many people wondering what was going on. With Lecavalier’s new contract starting next year the lightning could use some cap space. Rumors are that the leafs took on Kolzig in an attept to land a top 2 pick on draft day. The rumor is that the leafs would agree to take on Malone’s contract in exchange the lightning would give their first rounder (2nd overall) for the leafs first rounder (7th overall and one of their second rounders)

Possible replacements for Lemaire

Now that Jacques Lemaire has officially stepped down as head coach of the Minnesota Wild the Star Tribune is speculating on possible replacements. Some of the names that are mentioned include Kevin Constantine, Guy Carbonneau, Peter Laviolette and others.