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Crawford to the Kings????

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (AP) – Marc Crawford will reportedly be introduced as the new coach of the Los Angeles Kings on Monday. The Kings had scheduled a news conference and said on friday that they would be announcing a new coach as early as monday. A source told The Canadian Press that the Kings are expected to hire former Vancouver and Colorado coach Marc Crawford as the replacement for John Torchetti.

Which Canadian team will be the most active this summer?

As the playoffs wind down with only 4 teams left, the other 26 teams are already busy trying to decide what changes need to be done this off season. I am wondering which one of the 6 Canadian Teams will make the most significant changes. Each team is in a very different situation heading into the summer.

Possibilities for The Leafs this summer…

I am not here to tell you what the leafs are going to do this summer because pretty much no one out there can predict what such an unpredictable organization is going to do over a summer coming off a disappointing year. I am going to tell you in this article some of the more likely possibilities that actually make sense unlike the ones other people like to ramble on about but have no chance of happening in a life time.

Disgrace in San Jose

Anyone who has ever been to a sporting event, not just a hockey game, but any sporting event at all, knows that there is a certain rule; a certain code of conduct. You stand for the national anthems,remove your hat and you DO NOT boo. Well, as I was getting ready to watch game 5 of the Edmonton/San Jose series the other night I found myself able to sit down a little early and watch the anthems being sung, and what do I hear? The San Jose home crowd booing the singing of the Canadian national anthem. This is a complete disgrace. This should never happen and anyone who was taking part in this should be ashamed of themselves.

Should the Sens trade Alfredsson?

I am really wondering why this still hasn’t been talked about alot, given the conversation over a Sundin departure.

Elias plans to explore free-agent market

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) – Patrik Elias will explore the free agency market if the Devils fail to come up with a contract that makes the high-scoring left wing want to stay in New Jersey. Elias earned $4.1 million US last season, a year in which he missed the first three months because of hepatitis. His return in January sparked a nine-game winning streak that got New Jersey back into playoff contention and an 11-game run at the end of the season that led the Devils to the Atlantic Division

Steroids in Sports

There is an on going problem in pro sports, and that is the use of performance enhancing drugs, and I think it’s time to stop sugar coating it for some, and it’s time to take the “Hazard” label off for others.

Defending The ''New NHL''

Some fans are worried about the NHL and the sport of hockey because small market teams that apparently “nobody cares about” as some might say, are having success this season. TV ratings for playoff games haven’t been very good because teams in larger markets aren’t involved. They say if a big market city isn’t playing hardly anyone is watching, and hardly anyone cares. These fans argue that if a big market team isn’t successful we won’t see hockey on TV because no one is going to watch. In a way this argument has its merit, but why is this view wrong?

Sabres Rattling

Written by Darryl Dobbsfrom

Those of you in keeper leagues remember that in the late nineties and early in the new millennium a Colorado or Detroit player could not be had for any price. It seemed that the only way one could acquire one is by drafting one (perhaps earlier than they deserved) or if a player on your team was traded to the Red Wings or Avs. The reason? Not only did the two teams have eight or nine real solid offensive players, but it also seemed like every year one or the other was in the Stanley Cup final. Those players help both your regular season and your playoff pool.

Setting the record straight – Sundin vs. Alfredsson

Over the last few years, I have heard many Leaf and non-Leaf fans criticize Mats Sundin as a captain of the Leafs. At the same time, I have debated with many people who felt that Alfredsson was a good or even GREAT captain for the Senators.

summer deals for leafs?

A couple of weeks ago the leafs had fired Quinn as the head coach. Now Ferguson decided that the leafs wanted Maurice to be the coach and now he is. This was the right move and I think Paul Maurice would be a great coach. Now the leafs had been struggling with injury problems and players being retards and losing.

Phoenix Far From Winning

It is almost hard to believe but the Phoenix Coyotes (dating back to the days as the Jets) have not won a playoff series in almost 20 years. This is during an era where there have been only 3 repeat champions, 5 teams that have played in back to back finals and 9 expansion teams added where 6 have won a playoff series, 3 have gone to the final and 1 has won a cup. In fact, the Yotes have as many series wins in their 26 season history as the 02/03 Minnesota Wild. Suffice to say the Coyotes are due.

But the wait is far from over as the current Coyotes are nowhere near a position to compete.

Maurice to be Leafs head coach

According to the Globe and Mail, Paul Maurice will be named the next head coach of the Maple Leafs as early as Friday.

Plan For Next Year

This past season was a bust, but the Leafs did find

out some good things from this. The first is that a

teammust go with speed not power. The second is money can’t buy a team, they must develop their

own players.

The Finalists

The nhlpa has recently announced the finalists for all of the remaining 8 awards and the finalists are…

Home Ice Advantage

Written by Darryl Dobbsfrom

There is always much ado about home ice advantage when entering a playoff series, be it for hockey, baseball, basketball, or football. Indications are quite clear that there is, indeed, an advantage when playing at home, however slim. By extension, this theory holds true for fantasy hockey players – if a team wins more, it needs to score more than the opposition, therefore the players on the home team will put up more points generally speaking. That is IF this theory holds true. After Anaheim beat the Colorado Avalanche today, the home team is 24 and 24 so far in the 2006 playoffs.

Paul Maurice not the next Leafs coach?

Well, I’ll keep this short and to the point, for those who may not yet know…

Some people just aren't getting it…

Some people just aren’t getting the biggest ingredient in a championship win…

Long Island Mess

The New York Islanders are a complete and utter mess. And of course the team has no one to blame but Mike Milbury. Even stepping down as GM has meant nothing as the organization still looks like it is in a state of madness.

goaltending in the playoffs

There have been many great games played in the playoffs thus far. In my eyes, any remaining team from both the East and the West can win it all. But it all depends on goaltending. Goaltending is the key to winning in the playoffs. And it isnt always the goalie that is expected to succeed who gets the job done. This is a look at the goaltending that has been seen in the playoffs.