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Havlat and Hasek to return before playoffs?


According to Bob McKenzie, Martin Havlat needs only medical clearance to be back on the ice with the Northeast leading Senators. McKenzie reports that Havlat practised on a line with Danny Heatley and Daniel Alfredsson on Wednesday (March 15) and could be back before April 10th, his original return date.

The Race for #1 Has 3 Horses

With roughly just under 20 games remaining for most Eastern Conference teams the division races are still largely undecided. Carolina is expected to hold their division lead from Tampa, but the Rangers are closely tailed by Philly, and Buffalo is a mere 2 pts behind Ottawa for the Northeast.

Can the Leafs be contenders next season? Sure, why not?

With the regular season winding down, and a post season that barring a very hot Leafs team, won’t include the buds for the first time in 7 years, JFJ has EVERY opportunity to turn this team into a winner in the off season. We’ll start with the players that are under contract past this season, that should be locks heading into next season.

900 For Super Joe

Yes Super Joe is still making his way up in the history books.

He Just got his 900 career assist (while playing the Flames on Sunday) and also came 11 in nhl in points,by passing Stan Mikita.

Maybe missing the playoffs is a blessing in disguise for the Leafs

Leaf fans are getting used to making the playoffs, but never winning the stanely cup, now the Leafs might wake up and realize that a change is needed.

Bert Gets some white stuff?!

According to ESPN, in a letter sent to Todd Bertuzzi contained a white powder that ended up not being Harmful at all but you never know.

Is Eric Lindros a hall of famer?

Eric Lindros looked like he was a lock for the hall of famer before leaving the Flyers, now, while his numbers still support it, not alot of people do.


Alright People so if you remember back right before the New Years I asked who everyone thought would be traded. I asked for your trade deadline predictions and for anyone who would be able to pick the exact deal to perhaps receive his/her own button.

BUTTTT no one got any of their predictions correct so great job everyone.. you suck. hahah. Anyways here are the top players that where put into almost every trade prediction by the HTR fans.

Eddie is the Eagle again

Ed Belfour is doing it. He’s showing “playoff Eddie” and while he hasn’t been spectacular, he’s been playing great, and really playing much better then earlier in the season.

Help is needed in the HTR/Wow Community

Over the past month or so much work has been done to revitalize both Wowfootball and WowBaseball however, and are in need of much help .

Deadline 2006 – Fantasy Fallout Pt.1

Written by Darryl Dobbs from

A high amount of trades on March 8th and 9th, but not so much in terms of fantasy impact. Here is a look at what the deals mean to your hockey pool, by team:

Rangers Report…..

Well, it is that time of year again for the Rangers, there annual seaonal slump. In years past it has cost them the playoffs time and time again, so that begs the question, is it going to be the same again this year?

Playoffs in a month?

The last few games for each team in the NHL will be over in no time and soon it will be the exciting finish.


The most interesting playoff hunt right now is at the bottom of the standings.

Mighty Ducks Report

This weeks Mighty Ducks report is right here:

Just my opinion but…….

Most of us hockey fans take what we have for granted. We dont realized the quality of our sport compared to others.

Bertuzzi to MTL was almost completed subsequent to Theodore deal.

According to the “The Fourth Period” website, the Montreal Canadiens were supposedly very close to obtaining Todd Bertuzzi from the Vancouver Canucks. The deal would have been finalised right after the Theodore deal to Colorado.

Bernard (Boom Boom) Geoffrion passes away

The inventor of the slapshot died today, the day the habs retire his number in the bell center…

Win Win Situation For JFJ.

Its the day after the NHL trade deadline and many members of Leafs Nation (corny term for Leaf fans, hate it) may be ready to serve up John Ferguson Jr.’s head up on a silver platter, but lets look at it from another perspective. In listening to JFJ speak after the deadline passed yesterday I got the feeling that he did want to pull the trigger on a couple of deals, but was unable to do so. Is it possible that Ottawa outbid Toronto for Arnason? Yes. Is it possible that the JFJ laid the ground work for a deal involving Ryan Malone in the off-season? Yes. But most fans are upset at JFJ for either not buying or not selling; when in fact this was possibly the best move the Leafs could make pretty much standing pat, pardon the pun.

Activity Does Mean Progress

It has been the season of inactivity for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It continued today right up to the trade deadline. It really should have not come to such a big surprise that this occurred, but it only provides more fuel to the fire on the direction this team is headed.