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It is NOT the time to rebuild

People are saying that the Leafs should blow it up, and start again. Total bull shit. If the Leafs don’t win the Stanley Cup this year, which is just about impossible, it will be the third longest droubt in NHL history, and if Chicago wins before 2017 and we don’t, it will be the longest.

Could Bertuzzi be heading to the Flyers?

A report in the Courier Post is claiming another Flyers rumor, and this one involves Todd Bertuzzi.

Tributes to Al MacInnis

I just read on St.Louis website that they are

hanging up one the jersey of the best d-man ever to play the game of hockey on April 9th Al Maclnnis.

Burtuzzi and Brashear

In light of the suspention of Donald Brashear for his hit on Darius Kasparaitis it got me very steamed over people reactions to that incedent. What Brashear did was as brutal in action and even less motivated than the Burtuzzi hit on Moore.

Leafs must seiz the Oppurtunity

The Toronto Maple Leafs go into tonights game knowing they are in 11th, they’re only a point back from nineth, and they’ve got a game in hand on the teams in 9th and 10th, but 5 points back of Montreal, who has a game in hand. My belief, tonights game will be great.

Time To Make a Choice!

The Leafs have fallen to eleventh place in the Eastern conference and are 5 points out of the last and final playoff spot (note: I am writing this article the night of the loss to the Sabers). The Leafs haven’t won a cup since 1967, and at the rate their going it’ll remain that way for the next few decades.

Boucher Re-signed for 3 years

According to, Philippe Boucher was re-signed today to a 3-year contract extension, at $2.5 million a year.

Oilers Will Be Active!

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that Oilers GM, Kevin Lowe will 100% pull of a few trades before or at the deadline. He is not saying any names but he has said the Oil are in the market for a goaltender, good second line scoring, and a veteran who can help the fourth line.

The CH still looking at Bertuzzi ?

The online web site of the french newspaper La presse is currently running the story that the Montreal Canadiens are still looking to grab Todd Bertuzzi from the Vancouver Canucks.

Owen Nolan Not Coming Back!

I have just learned that Owen Nolan will not be coming back to the NHL this year! He underwent knee surgery a few months ago and has recovered to about 99%. When he comes back he wants to make sure he will be at 100%, so he won’t get injured again.

L:eaf survety

Leafs Getting Ready to Trade McCabe?

The Toronto Star today brings up (yet again) the possibility that McCabe will be traded before the March 9th trade deadline.

Assessing JFJ now

This summer, JFJ had a lot of work to do and decisions to make. He could not afford to sign the FA’s out there for big bucks and long term contracts. So, he did the only thing he could. He took some chances with some big upside and tried to keep the comm

In the long run would the Leafs be better off missing the playoff this year?

I feel if that the Leafs were not to make the playoffs, major changes would be made to the organization. Some of those changes would be a new coach, different player personnel and a different attitude.

Deadline Predictions – or Facts?

I’ll never claim to have Eklund-like ‘connections’. But, I have some, (and more than the newspaper) lol.

None of these are SURE things. They’re just ‘interior buzz’.

Ducks Get A Goalie!

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim acquired goaltender Jani Hurme from the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for forward Joel Stepp. Listed on TSN. Could this be a precursor to the ducks getting rid of Giguere

Unsettling Times for Leafs

With a full lineup last night the Leafs did not look impressive. What needs to be done? Is this a playoff bound team? Is making the playoffs and probably being defeated in the first round of prime importance or is positioning yourself for next year and beyond the proper focus?

Why are the Leafs under pressure to make the Playoffs?

Why? Well, the first reason is that the playoffs for the most part is free money. Thats right, FREE.

Pat Quinn You Gotta Go

You can question the selections up and down, use the excuse that Canada should have used youth, but it boils down to one thing. System. That has Pat Quinn written all over it. It was hard to watch this team play just like the Leafs. I don’t understand how elite players are caught cycling the puck down low, stifling their offensive creativity, as if they were average NHL plumbers, looking lost doing so. That’s not players, that’s system, and that’s Pat Quinn.

Its Only a Matter of Time…

Washington Capitals defenseman Brendan Witt

knows his days in Washington are coming to an

end soon, reports the Washington Post.