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Leafs Acquire Kessel and Sign to a 5 Year Deal

The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded their 1st round pick in 20102nd round pick in 2010 and their 1st round pick in 2011 to the Boston Bruins for Phil Kessel.

The leafs have also signed kessel to a five year, 27 million dollar deal for a cap hit of 5.4 million a year.

Report says Preds in hunt for Kessel

STEVE BUFFERY, SUN MEDIA is reporting that the Maple Leafs and Nashville Predators might begin a bidding war for Phil Kessel.

Let the post-Heatley era begin!

The Ottawa Senators were set to enter the 2009-10 season with more question marks on their jerseys than numbers. How would they respond to an intensified media circus? Would they be able to move their top sniper? These questions were mostly resolved with last weekend’s trade, and it appears the sens are on their way back to respectability with a new starting goalie, three new top six forwards, a group of players who all seem to be focused on a team first concept, and a great selection of prospects to choose from if the rookie tournament in Kitchener this year is anything to go on. The question now is what does Bryan Murray still need to address, and are there options out there for him to pursue?

Is Subban ready for NHL?

A lot of great rookies will make their debut in NHL this Season, one of them could be PK Subban, the only question is, is there any space for Subban on the Habs roster? With the addition of Gill, Spacek and Mara it doesn’t look very promising for the Habs prospect.

Phil Kessel Trade Rumors + Another tidbit

Phil Kessel trade likely

Sharks on verge of signing veteran Malhotra

Predators pursue Bruins’ Phil Kessel

Hard Times Ahead For Avs

The Colorado Avalanche have gone from perennial contenders to potentially perennial losers, at least for the near future. Drained by retirements, defections and years of trading for the present the Avs now are basically starting again from the ground up.

They’ve gotten off on the right foot with the selection of Matt Duchene. But there is so much work to be done with needs at almost every position but possibly centre.

With a likely very young team on the ice, and a rookie coach and GM leading the way, there may be lots of long nights on Colorado.

Patience Pays Off For Blues

After making 25 straight playoff appearances the St Louis Blues missed out for 3 straight years before returning this past spring to the post season. In that time, there was lots of growth, lots of work done and lots of patience shown which paid off last year with a mildly surprising playoff appearance.

Whether they can duplicate what they’ve done or even build on it remains to be seen in the tough West. But, the way they’ve gone about rebuilding their roster should be applauded.

Phil in the future?


The Maple Leafs’ pursuit of Phil Kessel continues, but in the meantime there are nine National Hockey League exhibition games to play, including four in a row beginning tonight.

Torts may need vet to beef up blue line

Larry Brooks

John Tortorella entered training camp hoping that two young defensemen would emerge and be able to make the Rangers’ regular-season roster.

Potential Trade Scenarios This Season : Maple Leafs

This article might be a little premature, with the fate of Phil Kessel still undecided, but I’m going to proceed as if the Kessel situation will not be finalized until he is ready to return to action. Even with the acquisition of Kessel, the Leafs will play the first 30 games of the season or so with a mediocre forward group that will, in all likelhood, struggle to get a combination of offense from veterans (Blake, Poni) and youngsters (Bozak, Tlusty). If Kessel actually does arrive, his impact isn’t likely to be significant enough to transform that group from mediocre, to top-notch.


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