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Time to rebuild

The Maple Leafs are clearly not going to win the cup this year, unless they pull a miracle out of their arse.

Canucks make a deal?

A radio station in Phoenix (Xtra sports 910AM) is reporting that the Canucks have traded for Mike Ricci, Denis Gauthier and Sean O’Donnell in exchange for Ryan Kesler, the rights to Kiril Koltsov and a second round pick.

Lindros is almost a Guarenteed for Tuesday Vs. Washington

The Leafs-Breakfast with Bill Waters on the Fan 590 is reporting that Lindros has had a successful FULL CONTACT practice with the rest of the Team and baring any last minute cancellations from the team doctor is Good to Go Tonight on his 33RD Birthday.

Shane Doan to the Flyers? + Primeau Update

There’s a rumor floating about, that involves the Phoenix Coyates sending Shane Doan and a D-man to the Flyers for R.J. Umberger and Matt Ellison, 1st round pick and two 2nd round picks. But Keith Primeau might hold up this trade.

Cujo, staying or leaving? Opinions?

Well, I was currently browsing the internet when I came upon this little site…. >

Interview with Code

Here’s the second hockey writer interview, this time from ‘s the code.

Lindros Set to Return

It seems as though Eric Lindros is finally ready to return to the line-up in Toronto according to TSN.

What Do The Leafs Do?

There has been a rush of these type of articles, some of them credible some of them idiotic, this one will look to set them straight.

Toskala Re-signed


Interesting Canuck Stats

The Canucks are, in fantasy, in big trouble.

Bertuzzi still has the Steve Moore incident in his head and is having an average season. He did pass 500 career points this year though. He has 53 pts in 59 games.

For Debatable Fan Interest – Belfour for M-A. Poulit (EDM)

This one is mere specualtion on my part. And has no foundation whatsoever.

In the Event that the Toronto Maple Leafs (or Laughs) should tank the season and presumably rebuild, who should we acquire from a “prospect” basis.

Think this through before submitting.

Who is the Greater Euro player in the NHL Forsberg vs Jagr

While they are both unreal hockey players and will leave a mark in the NHL history books as one of the greatest players ever.

Break Over, Deadline Looms

Written by Darryl Dobbsfrom

The Olympic break is over, and the trade deadline is March 9th. Here are some available commodities and rumors – from a fantasy perspective of course.

ranger poll

rangers poll

Team Sweden Finally Captures Gold

Today Team Sweden of the Olympics beat Team

Finland to capture the men’s hockey gold medal.

In a shocker there were many Canadian fans cheering on Team Sweden. As we look forward to

Vancouver 2010 can Sweden repeat?

Pat Quinn and his coaching ways

Now that the Olympics, I wonder if the Leafs will make a coaching move either soon or after the season. As a Leaf and Canadian hockey fan, coaching has been a huge issue with both teams due to Pat Quinn’s coaching decisions.

Another Lindros-Blockbuster ?

From Eklund’s Blog:

There is something very interesting brewing. With Malkin`s stock rising exponentially as a result of his Olympic play, I talked to a person on the inside of that situation that confirmed there are whispers, just whispers at this point, that Pittsburgh may get “A Lindros-esque bidding war going for Malkin at the deadline.”

Interview with the Insider

I’ve conducted an interview with “The Insider” at, I have a couple more interviews with top hockey bloggers/writers to do, that I will try to conduct soon, and there are a few more people I have yet to get, but here’s “The Insider” who had some interesting things to say.

Remembering the 2002 Olympics

The 2002 Winter Olympics were special, and it was the one year where the Olympic results really showed how good a hockey country you were… ok with the exception of Belarus… and you could prolly switch places for the USA, and Russia, but does everyone remember what a fun tournament that was?

Looks like Sweden and Finland for Gold

I was pretty shocked today when i got home that Sweden blow out the Czech Republic 7-3 today.

Now the Finn’s and beating the Russia’s 4-0 now and they are all over the Russia’s to.