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Eddie what should they do

With the Leafs seating in 9th should it be time for a goalie change.??

Eddie isn’t a starter no more let’s face it he did have a good run but the run is over. Leafs could use him as a backup or let him go out as a starter that cannt carry a team anymore.

Who is Stempniak, and where did he come from?

Written by Darryl Dobbs from

The St. Louis Blues are forced into a corner where they have Keith Tkachuk, Petr Cajanek, and a group of players that would be hard-pressed to make the top three lines of any NHL team. Granted, they forced themselves into that corner when they decided to hang onto the massive contracts of Doug Weight and Tkachuk, and then even more so upon trading Weight and Mike Sillinger, but the situation is what it is. Think about it – Scott Young is 39 and coming off of a 16 point season. Dean McAmmond has been a healthy scratch on occasion for the Blues, so imagine how he would do on another team? Jamal Mayers and Dallas Drake are tied for fifth on the team in scoring?

McCabe Next On List?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that after the Leafs have signed defenseman Tomas Kaberle to a 5-year, 21.25 million dollar deal, one defenseman is on the Ferguson’s mind right now and that is Bryan McCabe.

Jokinen To Ottawa… Soon?

The Senators missed out on Doug Weight but the

Ottawa Sun is reporting that the Sens are looking

into acquiring Olli Jokinen right after the Olympic Break ends!

2006 Olympic Hockey Preview Part 3: Team Canada

Here is Part 3 of the 3 part preview of the 2006 Olympics. This part is All Canada and is pretty much all you need to know about the gold medal favorites.

Trade Mccabe and all his stupid penalities…The guy is making me sick

Now that the Leafs have signed Kaberle to a 5 year $21.25 million contract, I’ve heard that Mccabe is next in line to get a big contract.

2006 Olympic Hockey Preview Part 2: Group B

Here is part 2 of a 3 part series previewing the upcoming Olympics. This part is dedicated to Group B.

The Fans Or The Coach And GM, Take Your Pick

The Leafs are heading into the olympic break with two brutal losses to the Rangers and are currently out of the playoff picture.

Canada Wins 16-0 over Italy on Saturday.

Yes 16-0 for Canada’s womens team should it count as a blowout. Just remember they Italy are ranked 17th in the world and olny reason there there is because they are hosting the Torino Olympics.

So to count this a blowout isnt really far,We all know Canada was going to walk all over them beause they are really young and are in the divison D.

Leafy NHL Update: Olympic Trade Freeze Edition

There is bound to be at least a little activity today. I have plans, so I won’t be home to hear about it, which kinda sucks, but the movie starts at three, I’ll bring a radio.

The good old days

I’d like to be back in the days where there were no trade rumors, and most players spent they’re entire career on one club.

Can The Isles Be Saved? (Just a long-winded opinion)

Since I moved to SC 3 yrs. ago, I’ve been out of the loop somewhat on the NHL since there is little to no coverage down here. I’ve tried like hell to follow my team this year and what little I’ve seen has made me sick to my stomach. Where can I begin?

2006 Olympic Hockey Preview Part 1: Group A

The Olympics are fast approaching and the beginning of the Men’s Tournament is less than a week away. Here is part 1 of a 3 part preview of the games. In this part, we preview Group A, excluding Canada as they will be previewed in Part 3.

Leaf rumors finally pleasing me…

Every deadline there are at least a few hundred Leaf rumors floating around. The thing that scared me is that most of them were for soft players like Kovalev. My preference in players is a Canadian who can hit, an American ain’t so bad either, but I like the North American game.

Was Wayne Involved?

The Score ticker is reporting that New Jersey Law Enforcement had a wire tap on Wayne Gretzky’s telephone. During a conversation, Wayne was heard refering to “Operation Slapshot” before the police had officialy made it public Monday.

Is Bill Watters floating, or is there something to this?

Last night on Leafs TV, Bill Watters was quoted as saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to cut about 3 million dollars or so from their payroll, possibly by trading a player or two for no return, just to make a deal offered to them earlier this week by the Colorado Avalanche.

Arnason to Toronto?

The Daily Herald speculates about a possible trade between Chicago and Toronto:

Please pay attention. What the Leafs should do!

Here is what the Leafs should do to improve their team for a chance to win the cup. They have to admit that this year they aren’t a Stanley Cup contender and trade some of their assets for prospects and then sign some free agents in the offseason.

Boston and Tampa Swap Players…..

Sources from NHL world are reporting that Tampa and Boston have swapped players in a minor deal on February 8th. Tampa sending Goalie Brian Eklund to Boston for LW Zdenek Blatny.

Wild Ready To Deal?

There have been many rumors circulating the Minnesota Wild will soon deal Dwayne Rolosn but
today the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported that the
Wild are looking to deal these 4 defenseman, Willie Mitchell, Filip Kuba, Andrei Zyuzin, and Daniel Tjarnqvst.