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Gonchar set to return and Penguins looking for a winger

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that Sergei Gonchar is set to return to action once again and it is believed that he will play this upcoming Saturday night. Also with the Penguins it is believed that they are interested in finding a winger to play along side Sidney Crosby.

Canadiens looking for a top defenseman

The is reporting that the Montreal Canadiens are stepping up their search for a defenseman. In their report it is noted that some of the players who the Habs may have interest in include Derek Morris, Kaberle and Pronger.

Thrashers say they won't trade Kovalchuk

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Thrashers “say that they will not trade Kovalchuk.” It is noted that the Thrashers have not had any plans to trade their Russian Superstar and that all talk of a possible deal has only been a bad rumor.

New Jersey Devils Rumors is reporting that the Devils may have interest in several big names heading into the trade deadline.

If I were GM

Ok, so I know I’m suggesting alot….but it is time to blow it up, and actually BLOW IT UP! No more tinkering.
No one is safe and most of them will go in my world. With that said, hold on to your hats…cuz here we go.

Oilers to Sign Jagr?

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the Edmonton Oilers are close to signing Jaromir Jagr who has spent this season playing in Russia to a deal.

Possible Leafs Trades

With the trade deadline approaching and the leafs in a rebuilding stage, Brian Burke could find himself very busy on March 4. The leafs have a lot of players they could use as bait to help the team in it’s rebuilding stage. Here are some possible Trades by March 4.

Avery back to New York Part 3

Larry Brooks on the New York Post is anxiously waiting for the possible return of Sean Avery to the New York Rangers who appear to be in desperate need of a kick start … or just a some heart.

Antropov on his way out of town.

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Nik Antropov is on his way out of town. According to the note, it was mentioned on “AM 640 in Toronto that Burke does not think that Antropov has played well enough to warrant another contract.”

The latest on Kaberle and Kubina

The Toronto Sun is reporting that while Kubina and Kaberle may be willing to waive their no trade clause their priority is to remain Maple Leafs. Although it is reported that their priority is to remain Leafs it is also noted that if deals do take place each of the players would like to land in a city that they find to be “favourable.”

Rumors and tid bits from ESPN

The ESPN Sunday roundup reports that the Canucks are believed to be ne of the many teams interested in Mathieu Schneider. Other teams that are noted in this article that are believed to be interested in the aging defender include Montreal, Colorado, New Jersey and Buffalo.

In Bob We Trust? The Long Road into February…

When does a coach lose control of a team?
When does the team stop picking up what he is metaphorically putting down?
No matter how good a coach you have, if he cannot get a team on board. He has to go.

The Deadline Numbers

Teams looking to add will have many options this upcoming deadline. Here’s how the numbers shake down.