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Are the Rangers really playoff bound

Well, with the season halfway over, some more accurate predictions can be made as to who is gonna make the playoffs and who once again will just have to wait another year.

Leetch back in Toronto? is reporting today of rumours involving Brian Leetch being dealt back to Toronto due to Bryan McCabe’s groin injury.

Sensational at the Draft

The Ottawa Senators have gone a significantly different route than their provincial rivals. It wasnt as much by choice as it was by necessity. Small Market franchises have had to live and die by the draft as it was the biggest channel to acquire talented players. It was impossible for a team, that neared bankruptcy to go out an spend spend spend. the team had to draft well, nurture it’s talent and build within. The Sens have done that the last 10 years or at least after Randy Sexton left. This year the team hopes to bask in the fruits of their labour by winning the Stanley Cup.

Domi ain't going nowhere.

There are five players I’ve heard the Leafs would like. Leetch, Malone, Recchi, and one of CuJo or Nabakov. I’m gonna focus on the Malone/Recchi-Domi/Czerkawski rumor.

Berard tests positive for banned substance

According to, Brian Berard had a positive test for a banned substance during US Olympic summer evaluations last summer. Apparently, he was tested in December by the NHL, but the test was negative.

In-depth Look at the Habs

How did Montreal get to where they are? How does the future look? This article is an in-depth look at how Montreal became the team they are today.

In recent history at least, Montreal has been a team that has built mainly through drafts and trades. They have left the unrestricted free agent market to the bigger spenders such as Detroit, New York, and Toronto. Montreal has drafted well in recent years, and so has a good crop of young talent waiting to get a crack at the big team. First though, I will have a look at the few players Montreal has acquired through free agency.

Khavanov Injured

Maple Leaf defenseman Alexander Khavanov, left after the first period with a “upper-body” injury. Sure this isn’t a trade rumor, but with McCabe already out, and now Khavanov, John Ferguson Jr. could be forced to make a trade soon.

Building the Leafs a Work in Progress

This year’s version of the Maple Leafs differs greatly from past Pat Quinn teams. This year the team is not top heavy in aging veteran talent. There has been a greater emphasis on youth and giving opportunity to their prospects. It has worked out fairly good as the team is still in the playoff chase. But this team still lacks sufficient depth and it will take a few more years to address that need. And their deficiency is not only in terms of quantity but quality as well. Here is how the current Leafs were built.

Sundin gone before the deadline??

Last night on The Fan 590 “Storm’n Norman” and Darren Dreger were discussing about John Ferguson jr. quietly shopping Mats Sundin. Someone in leafs management said that this information was probably credible…

Palffy to retire due to shoulder injury?

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Pittsburgh Penguins right wing Ziggy Palffy will retire because of a lingering shoulder injury, a Slovak paper reported Wednesday.

Luongo clarifies his comments and the decline of the Panther's last offer

Luongo said Monday he wanted to clarify comments he made Friday about his decision not to sign a five-year, $30 million contract with the Florida Panthers…

Availible Players at Trade Deadline

With the clock ticking toward the March 9 trade deadline, dozens of names will surface as part of potential trades as teams jockey for playoff positioning. Here’s a look at some of those players and the probability they’ll actually change jerseys:

McCabe and Tucker Injuries Worse Than Thought!

On an interview on the Fan590 John Ferguson Jr.

said that Brian McCabe has a slight tear, it will not

recquire surgery but it will definetly keep him out for tonights game and the weekend double-header.

On another note Darcy Tucker isn’t fairing to much better and will not play tonight and the double-header against Ottawa this weekend, still no Eric Lindros.

It's Time To Send A Statement……

This weekend is going to be a huge weekend for hockey fans everywhere.There are few people who will not be watching to see what happens in this huge event……

Owen Nolan Sweepstakes Heating Up!!!

According to, the Owen Nolan sweepstakes are heating up. The often injured winger hasn’t played so far this season, however his presence could of be of huge help to some teams. Accordingly, the teams most interested in his services include San Jose, Ottawa and Montreal.

Atlanta Thrashers Mid Season Report

Atlanta has had what could delicately be called a roller coaster season thus far. Blockbuster trade, goaltending merry-go-round, a spark from unexpected sources, a less than cordial homecoming and giving someone “the finger”.

Clarke Testing the Market over the Olympic Break?

According to this website, Bob Clarke will browse the market for a possible trade if Captain Keith Primeau is not back in action by the Olympic break.

Nedved on his way out of Phoenix?

According to this website, Petr Nedved, who hasn’t scored a goal since Oct. 25th, is possibly on his way out from Phoenix. Comments made by the head coach, Wayne Gretzky, have only strengthened this rumor.

Road Warriors!

Roto-hockey owners take note! Your weekly review of next week’s transactions/reserves/activations should include more than the amount of games upcoming in the next week, or a perusal of the ‘who’s hot and who’s not’ list.

New York Rangers Mid Season Report

New York Rangers


5th Place in Eastern Conference

2nd Place in Atlantic

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