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Harstburg Fired is reporting that the Senators are going to call a news conference at 11am to announce that Craig Hartsburg has been let go. Speculation is that Quinn may be his replacement.
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Canucks Defending Mats Sundin

The Globe and Mail is reporting that that Vancouver Canucks are defending their free agent signing Mats Sundin who states that there “is nothing wrong with his motivation or Shape.”

Rumors from the Toronto Sun – Scroll Down

Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun is reporting that the LA Kings are willing to part with Alexander Frolov and that the Thrashers are heavily shopping Colby Armstrong and Marty Reasoner, along with defenceman Mathieu Schneider.

The Latest on the Penguins

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that Shero is ready to make deals however he is a little concerned about what he will have to give up.

Hawks to hold onto Havlat + other news

Bruce Garrioch of the Toronto Sun is reporting that the Black Hawks may be working on a contract extension with Martin Havlat. It is reported in the article that the Montreal Canadiens were planning on making a strong pitch for him at the trade deadline or in the offseason as a unrestricted free agent.

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Sutter Quiet about his future in New Jersey

The New York Post is reporting that Brent Sutter is staying very hush, hush with regards to is future as head coach in New Jersey.

Boumeester to stay in Florida this season?

The Gazette is reporting that people who have been hoping to bee Bouwmeester in a Canadiens uniform (any team for that matter) shouldn’t hold their breath.

Schenn Next Leaf Captain?

The leafs are rebuilding their team. Luke Schenn has already shown he belongs in the NHL. It has already been publicly said on various sports stations that in the future schenn will likely be the next captain. That is likely to happen in a couple years. Howerver with Kaberle, Kubina, Antropov, Ponikarovsky likely to be moved by the trade deadline that would leave Schenn a spot at possibly an Alternate Captain role. Should the leafs trade those four player that would leave only Moore and Mayers of the 5 current captains. Schenn has been a solid defenceman for the leafs this year. If kaberle and kubina are traded that would leave him as the leafs top D-man, as Ron Wilson himself said schenn was top 3 as far as the leafs defence this year. With Schenn continuing to play the way he is and the leafs trading their current veterans, Schenn just could be an alternate captain next year.

Leafs Kaberle out a month.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Toronto Leafs defenseman Thomas Kaberle will be out at least a month with a broken bone in his hand. HTR feels that put differently, this could be a major blow to the Leafs and Brian Burke who was/is working quite hard to deal his top defenseman before the March 4th deadline.

Is Marty Biron on the trade block? is reporting that the strong play of goalie Antero Niittymaki is making it so Marty Biron is expendable, especially considering he is a pending UFA at the conclusion of this season.

Vancouver Canucks….ARG!?! What are they going to do??

With Vancouver dropping 9 of their last 10 games, a major change is needed. Vigneault’s name has been mentioned endlessly, and could easily find himself out of a job if Vancouver doesn’t turn it around A.S.A.P. But management has said that it’s the players that need to turn it around. On paper the Canucks should be better than they are. They have arguably the best goalie in the NHL, they have a great defense corp (when healthy), and with the addition of Sundin they should have a decent forwards group. So what can be done to change things around?

Trade Deadline Specualtion

As the trade deadline gets closer speculation always ramps up in the rumor world. Players are linked to one team, in exchange for another. Anything from incredibly lopsided deals and fantasy rumors to really good and fair trades get tossed around. Now many will say that rumors are pointless and almost 99% of the time are wrong (which is true, rarely have i ever seen a single rumor that comes true with the exception of the lucky person who guesses that Boumeester is going wherever he goes) but I see the deadline in a different light. It is Christmas for fans everywhere and rumors make things that more exciting. Today im not here to suggest that Montreal is gonna get Vinny or Kaberle is going to bring back a first, a prospect and a good RFA, or to suggest that the Penguins are going to grab a first line winger (like Havlat) to play with Crosby but rather to suggest players that could be moved or teams that will likely make trades to shore up issues they have. Speculation or correction that comes from this article would be great but this article is not rumor but rather an educated look at possible moves.