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Too Much Depth?

With a month to go before decision time which players will be able to play their way onto the team, which ones will play their way off of it and who`s a lock? Injuries are as of yet not a major problem, but a month could change that. Long story short, who`s going to make up Team Canada for the 2006 Games?

Early Season Vezina

So far this season, goal scoring is way up; save %’s are way down, but there as also been a changing of the guard in nets!


Ranger fans are talking. Every time that the Power Play fails for the Rangers (who are 16th overall on the Power Play) It becomes more and more clear the hole that’s left for the Rangers to fill… and that is a Power Play Quarterback… and for the Rangers.. The only one who would be accepted to take that roll is none other then the man who last filled it.

Brian Leetch! Come home.

Could the Oilers actually be better than Detroit?

last nights Oiler win got me thinking about this…I really don’t know. I’d say they have a slight advantage, but before you give an answer, consider this:

TexCan's Weekly Rink RoundUp – New

Well, the end is near…

1. McDonald’s in California are now offering the “bucket” of French fries. Seriously, a bucket. What’s next? You just stick your head in the fryer? An I.V. of Spicy Ketchup?

2. Harry Potter books now come with Cliff Notes. These are for the people that had a hard time following the deep complex plots of “TV Guide.”

3. Somewhere, somehow, a certain NHL team is about to receive a change of venue…

Inside the numbers

Also posted on wowhockey…

I have been trying to think of an interesting topic to discuss by delving into the numbers…

With the unbalanced schedule, it is very difficult to tell who really is the best team, by points alone. So, out of curiosity, I decided to try to figure it out considering who had the toughest opponents.

Marc Andre-Fleury Sent to Wilkes Barre

The Penguins reassigned goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton just hours after he helped Pittsburgh beat Philadelphia.

Fleury made 45 saves in the Penguins’ 3-2 overtime win over the Flyers in Philadelphia on Wednesday night. He started the game after Jocelyn Thibault was hit in the throat with a puck during warmups.

Fleury is 1-1-1 with the Penguins this season with a 3.40 goals-against average and a .913 save percentage.

He had been called up to replace Sebastien Caron, who strained a quadriceps muscle last week. Caron is expected to come off the injured list in time for Saturday’s game against the Flyers at Mellon Arena.

No Takers

As most of you already know Todd Marchant has been placed on waivers. According to there were no takers. The main reason why he wasn’t picked up was because of this 3 years remaining on his contract which will pay him 2.5 million a season. Look like MacLean will have 3 choices…Send him to the minors which will not count against the cap. Send him down to the minors and then recall him but that would be costly as Columbus would have to pay half his salary for the 3 years remaining or make a trade. There has been some interest in Marchant and the best solution would be to trade him but then again Marchant has a no-trade clause…Look very interesting down in Columbus

Something is Bruin.

The past week has been dismal to say the least for the Boston Bruins. The team has hit the wall following a strong showing in Philly last Tuesday. The game, however, has continued their trend of blowing leads and not playing a complete 60 minutes. Following that 4-3 OT loss (which they led 3-1 with four minutes to go) they have been blown out by the Sens and Isle by 5-2 scores.

Team Canada in Turin, Italy 2006

The 2006 Winter Olympics are coming up in February and I know the excitement is starting to settle in with fans all over the world.

Living in Canada we expect to ice the best team possible and take home the Gold and I thought it’d be fun for all of us to be Wayne himself…

Why I Like the Devils Chances

So far, the Devils are 8-7-2…pretty good record for a team that is playing “like absolute crap.”

Why haven’t I lost confidence in my Devils?

Player Profile: Bryan McCabe Edition

I liked the response to my first new feature, and the comparison of the Sens to the Oilers of the 80′s is great, but I don’t think they’ll ever be that dominant…also the Sens are a few years older then the Oilers were when they won in 84… not that much, but old enough that it wouldn’t be a bunch of kids dominating the NHL like the Oilers were.

So here it is… the player profile… for Bryan McCabe…

Team Report: What it will take to stop the dominant Senators…

I do not believe the Sens will win the cup, I have my money on Philadelphia for the time being… But there is one thing that can stop the Sens from ever becomming my cup favorites, and that can’t happen until December the 17th…

Note: This is a new feature I’ll be doing regularly, team reports will come every couple days when there is a big story on a team, I’ll also be doing player profiles likely starting with Bryan McCabe.

Blues On The Move?

Andy Strickland who covers the St. Louis Blues and blogs on Hockeybuzz is reporting that the sale of the team to Dave Checketts has hit a significant snag and may no longer be a certainty. Earlier this weekend he wrote in the same space that if the Checketts did not purchase the team it was possible the Blues would leave St. Louis. That got me wondering, where would the team end up?

Niinimaa showcased in NY last night

Here’s an excerpt from Newsday today covering last nights Islanders/Bruins game:

“Niinimaa, who has another year on his contract at $2.5 million, is being showcased. The press box was filled with scouts again last night, with representatives of Minnesota and Detroit. The Edmonton Oilers are also believed to be interested.”

Colorado A Better Team?

Following the Forsberg signing in Philly and the Foote signing in Columbus, many predictions for the Avs were down for the year even as far as saying they wouldnt make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Who Says The Leafs Have No Kids?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have been branded an old, aging, over-the-hill team for years. They have also been a team that has been stereotyped as one that drafts poorly and one that never keeps it’s own. But that is certainly not the case this season. In an excellent development, their most recent game against the Washington Capitals boasted a lineup with 10 players drafted by the Leafs. Granted one of them was veteran Tie Domi but the rest certainly give much hope for this Leaf franchise in a state of transition. In the lineup, and drafted by the Leafs were:

Another Jacket Down

The Columbus Blue Jackets have placed injured defenseman Rostislav Klesla on injured reserve.



What about the good side of it all?

It’s time to talk about the good side of this “new NHL” and I would say that even though there are negatives, there is just as much, if not more, positives.