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Coach Therrien is safe for now ?

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette is reporting that Penguins coach Michel Therrien is safe for the time being.

Sub or Flub Maple Leafs Solpisism Contest

After reading the eventy billionth Leafs trade rumor, I figured everyone has their own idea of how the team should move forward. So, rather than dissect the minutia of the particulars, we could each post our own plan of how to right the ship and then declare a ‘best’ plan.

2009 UFA Free Agent List

HTR has updated our 2009 listing of soon to be unrestricted free agents. Please note that the listing is unsourced. If any one has a link to add for a reference please add it to this news article.

The 2009 UFA List can be found here

Shanahan Signs with the Devils

Various sources are reporting that the Brendan Shanahan has agreed to play for the New Jersey Devils for the remainder of this season.

Burke's team

While GM of the Anaheim Ducks, Brian Burke acquired Morrison, Bertuzzi, May, and hired Dave Nonis to be his assistant GM.

While GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Brian Burke has acquired May, and hired Dave Nonis as assistant GM.

This tells you that Brian likes certain players, and likes to get players he’s had before. This would mean very little, if not for the fact that the Anaheim Ducks will have 13 unrestricted free agents on July 1, 2009.

Bruins to make a move?

The Bruins season to date has been somewhat magical. As a loyal Bruins fan, it is incredible to see this team come together. The chemistry really started last playoffs when they were down 3 games to 1 to Montreal and fought back to force game 7. I think this made a believer out of quite a few Bruins fans and most importantly the players themselves.

Fantasy Hockey: Eastern Conference Scene

Written by Frank Mazzola, Staff Writer

January 8, 2009

Frank Mazzola takes a look at the NHL’s Eastern Conference and keeps you up to date on the latest developments.

Is Tampa ready to part ways with superstar Vincent Lecavailer.

Tampa Bay Online is denying speculation that the Lightning may be willing to trade superstar Vincent Lecavailer.

Problems: The Good The Bad

If you are not a Habs fan I would quit reading now as it will likely save you a lot of time and pointless comments at the bottom of the page. Or just skip to the last paragraph of the article for the side topic. I do somewhat repeat myself as I wrote this on two separate days, like most of my articles it is lengthy.

Hawks may trade some big names before the deadline

The Chicago Daily Herald is reporting that the Hawks should trade two of their big name players before the deadline in order to get a return for them rather than risk loosing them for nothing in return come this summers UFA sweepstakes on July the first.

How the Leafs can get it done

OK, I know that everyone is throwing their predictions and suggestions into the hat but I’ve really tried to look at things objectively with these ideas. I specifically tried to look at the teams that I am suggesting that the Leafs should be talking too in order to identify who would be likely trading partners.

Let me know what you think

Kaberle would waive his no trade clause?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Thomas Kaberle may be willing to waive his no trade clause if he was asked to do so.

Quinn to coach the Senators?

According to a bunch of sources it is highly speculated that Pat Quinn could be on his way to coach the Ottawa Senators. While in Vancouver and Toronto Quinn had a great deal of success turning slumping teams around.