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Winnipeg GM’s plate overfull with draft, hiring

Kevin Cheveldayoff popped into his Chicago home over the weekend to say hi to the kids and celebrate part of Father’s Day with them.

Then the gong show that is his life resumed, and he hit the road for Minneapolis, the site of this weekend’s NHL draft.


The Detroit Red Wings announced today that veteran defenceman and team captain Nicklas Lidstrom will return for another year with the team.


How much did the Stanley Cup playoffs cost Tomas Kaberle?

Yes, he will be getting a Cup ring, but at what expense? But you have to wonder how much his indifferent play for the Bruins cost him in the free-agent market, and also whether the Bruins will even consider re-signing him when you take into account how little he contributed to their championship run.

Could the Oilers move Souray to Nashville?

A fan on has actually come up with a fairly legit trade proposal for Sheldon Souray. How about Souray to the Minnesota Wild for fellow defenceman Cam Barker, and the Oilers throw in a draft pick to sweeten the deal?

Predators file for arbitration with Weber

Basically, this buys the Predators time. Another team cannot give Weber — a restricted free agent — an offer sheet. Also, if the Predators and Weber cannot work out a deal before late July, he will go to arbitration and be given either a one- or two-year award. This means that Weber will most likely be a Predator next season.