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Turco, Ribeiro and the Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars may be surprising many people with their 2 road wins in Anaheim. The reason for their success has been mostly due to the superb play of Marty Turco and Mike Ribeiro, one of the most underrated players in the NHL.
With the series returning to Dallas on Tuesday night, one has to wonder if the defending Stanley Cup Champions can win one, or both, games in Dallas to avoid the sweep.

Reality Sets In for the Islanders

After making an improbable playoff appearance last season, the NY Islanders fell back to earth and rejoined their place among the NHL’s worst teams. This marks the 10th time in the last 15 years the Isles will have a top 10 pick in the draft.

Canucks fire Nonis.

The Score sports network up here in Canada is reporting that the Canucks have fired GM Dave Nonis. My only question is, what took so long?

Sean Avery's move last night….How bush league?

As a Devils fan I have to say that it did work at messing with Marty. As a hockey fan I see it as the biggest minor league move I’ve ever seen. When Chris Drury as to come over and tell him to stop you can tell no one liked it. What you guys feel about it?

On a personal note: What I wouldn’t have done for Scott Stevens in front of that net….

Stanley Cup the focus in major motion picture!

Well hockey fans, there have been many great movies about baseball teams who have won the world series, and various Golf movies, and Super Bowl movies, but now finally a Stanley Cup movie!

According to this article on the Stanley Cup makes its “first starring turn in a feature film” in the Paramount feature film “The Love Guru” written by Mike Myers and starring Jessica Alba and Justin Timberlake.

A War To Look Foward To!

Montreal & Boston just finished playing 3 games in 4 nights and despite the players being bumped, bruised and exhausted they still managed to put on a show.

Montreal leads the series 2-1 but haven’t been dominating like everyone thought…..

Canucks close to signing Fabian Brunnstrm is reporting that the Vancouver Canucks are close to signing 23 year old Fabian Brunnström. Brunnström’s agent JP Barry and the Canucks hope to have the deal done some time in the next week. However, it still remains a possibility that the Detroit Redwings do have a chance at the 23 year old swede.
In 54 games with Farjestads BK Karlstad he had 9 goals, 28 assists, 36 points and 16 pim.

Playoff Predictions

Now that we no forsure who is in the playoffs and what the playoff matches will be for the 1st round lets make some predictions!

Rebuilding Blues Have A Long Way To Go

If proof is required to show that rebuilding takes years of dedication and commitment before a team can reap rewards, you need not look any further than the St Louis Blues.

Oilers Re-sign Gilbert

The Oilers have announced that they have locked up rookie defencemen Tom Gilbert. Gilbert, who had a great rookie season in Edmonton has signed a 6 year deal that pays him about 4 million a season.

Thrashers Need To Show Patience

One year ago the Atlanta Thrashers were in the middle of being humiliated and swept by the NY Rangers in the first round of the playoffs. Today, they are licking their wounds after an absolutely horrible season that has resulted in the team’s 3rd to last finish. It really hasn’t been a great 12 months for the Thrashers.

Time to shed the label

If you’re a Hab fan, you know there’s a myth out there that the Habs are a soft team. It is fair to say that this team carried the label for the past 15 years and rightfully so, they were often the push-around team for the Bruins and Flyers of that world. The problem is, a lot of non-Hab fans and even some hab fans still maintain they are a “soft” team.

The Playoff beard

Maybe one of the best playoff traditions known to all hockey fans is the playoff beard – nobody can really trace it’s origin but the speculation is that it started with the New York Islanders – and of course it’s the time of season that you’ll finally see someone from the New Jersey Devils sporting a chin mullet.