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Sens Could Retool As Quick As The Flyers

How the mighty have fallen. Finalists 2 years ago, the Ottawa Senators are now among the league’s worst teams. Its hard to believe that considering the talent this team still has. But clearly what they have is not enough whatsoever to contend.

Therefore it might be prudent for the Sens to start over, retool, reload and think next year. It worked for the Philadephia Flyers a couple of years ago who were loaded with veterans but failed miserably, fell all the way to a 2nd overall pick but made a few key moves that brought them back from the dead.

Leafs Acquire May

Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs have acquired Brad May from the Anaheim Ducks for a conditional 6th round pick.

Pens Likely Destined For Change

The struggling Pittsburgh Penguins are ripe for change. The Pens sit out of the playoffs currently in the East and are fading badly.

There has been plenty of factors resulting in their slump including injuries, the absence of Sergei Gonchar, a lack of depth up front and subpar goaltending.

World Junior Championship 2009 Breakdown

Here is a list of every team’s players playing in the WJC along with how they acquired them:

The Unbelievable Story of Angelo Esposito

I was going to make this post at the beginning of the tournament, because that’s when I had the idea. But then I decided that it would be a much greater story once he won Gold. Esposito was the kid rejected three times. The kid was “too lazy”. The kid was “not tough enough”.

Buyers and Sellers

With the trade deadline fast approaching i’m going to list buyers and sellers and possible moves

Leafs, Blue Jackets talking trade – from TPF

The Columbus Blue Jackets are actively searching for a right-handed defenseman and a big center and appear to have set their sights on two members of the Maple Leafs.

Buyer beware

The trade deadline is the passion that divides us all. The various NHL clubs are spit into Buyers and sellers. In theory the buyers get a short term jolt into their lineup for a stanely cup run (short term gain) while giving up picks and prospects to the sellers (long term gain).

However, I have always believed that buyers lose much more often then thay win.

what the thrashers need to have a good future

There are many rumors talking about trading Kovalchuk of the Atlanta thrashers, to me that is a mistake. Even though some nights he is on and off, he is still an amazing player who yes could bring back alot with a trade, but there you loose kovalchuk.

The worst of the worst

There are tons of contracts, and trades around the league coming back to haunt teams. Which ones? Let’s discuss.

Why Jay-Bo, I say go cheap

I know Jay Bowmeester is a very very good and complete D-man. But for teams interested, he is going to cost an arm and a leg. You are looking at a 1st round pick, a high end prospect, and a decent roster player. So if the Habs are interested it would cost them a 1st, someone like Pacioretty or Maxwell, and a Higgins or S.Kostitsyn. That is a high price to pay for a guy who could walk at the end of the season. Montreal also has to sign Komisarek long term and he will cost cost between 4-5 million per. To sign Bowmeester long term will cost over 6 million per, and with Markov, Hamrlik, soon to be Komisarek making over 5 million, The habs can’t afford Bowmeester long term.

Something has to be done

The sharks are sitting top the western division by about 5 points but their recent play as been nothing more then pathetic. Ever since JR went down, they’ve been playing mediocre hockey. Therefore something needs to be done. I feel we have 4 main issues. They are

My Evaluation On The Leafs Roster

This is an evaluation that who I think will get traded and who will stay in Toronto:

Vesa Toskala- He gets paid $4M, he’s not showing he’s worth that right now. He’s not a goaltender who can steal games for the Leafs, he will most likely be traded.

Curtis Joseph- Rumors are he could retire, I dont think he will. He will probably play 1 more year with the Leafs and then retire.